Kobe truly is a Laker for life! Cool little exerpt from S.I…

SportsIllustraded.com: In a closet in the house the Bryants still own near Philadelphia is the little Lakers jacket that Kobe wore as a baby. Later he graduated to a Lakers letter jacket with leather sleeves. In his room in Italy was a life-sized poster of Magic Johnson.

The Lakers were based more than 6,000 miles away, but that only deepened Kobe’s appreciation of the way they played. Because the games he saw were on videotape, he didn’t see them just once. He memorized them. “He would watch those games like they were a movie, and he knew what the actors were going to say next,” says Shaya Bryant, now 20.

  • Michael_23

    Where’s the pic?

  • lakerschamps08

    yeeaaa??? but wow he was a lakers since he was a baby how bout that….