HOOPSWORLD: If imitation truly is the highest form of flattery, then Lakers Basketball Consultant Tex Winter certainly must be the subject of much blandiloquence. As the innovator of basketball’s Triangle Offense, Winter has changed the way thousands of coaches see the game as they utilize his system for their own success.

“I’m pleased to see the Triangle have the impact it’s had over the years,” Winter explained to HOOPSWORLD. “Not only with clubs I’ve been associated with and coached, but also with other coaches that have picked it up through clinics and have been successful with it, college coaches particularly. You see an awful lot of pro teams mimicking part of the offense as well.”

Among those who have implemented the system successfully are legends like Tennessee women’s basketball coach Pat Summit and the Lakers’ very own Phil Jackson, who has become an ardent supporter.

So if some of the game’s greatest coaches have gotten their recognition and achieved so much by using something Winter developed, shouldn’t he be considered a legend in his own right?

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