A bunch of new and interesting news came out tonight while Lamar Odom was at the Lakers Championship DVD screening.

The Video

And here’s a small piece from the O.C. Register. Gives me a little more hope, than the above clip.

The Tweets

From Ramona Shelburne’s Twitter account…

Odom said he’s still “hopeful” he’ll be back with the Lakers.

Odom: “It’s business. It takes a little bit of the fun out of the game, but it’s part of it.”

I joked, “When you said you’d take a pay cut, did you realize how big a pay cut it’d be?” He said, “Um, no.”


Some very interesting quotes coming from the mouth of our GM. What are your thoughts, Lakers Nation? Sound-off!

Inside The Lakers: Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak said tonight he was “not as hopeful” of re-signing unrestricted free agent Lamar Odom “as I was Friday.” Asked why, Kupchak said, “It’s just a feeling you get. You have conversations with the player’s representative and, right now, I’m not sure we’re on the same page.”

Asked during halftime of the Lakers-Clippers summer league game, if he was the point of throwing up his hands in frustration, Kupchak said, “Perhaps.”

Kupchak said he had no further plans to talk with Odom’s agent, Jeff Schwartz.

“I understand it’s a process. I am surprised it’s taken us so long to get to this point.”

It’s believed the Lakers have offered Odom a deal of more than $8 million per season. It’s also believed that there are no other teams currently courting Odom, who made $11.4 million last season in the final year of a six-season deal he signed with Miami.

  • mihailicious

    sign that contract lamar

  • John

    LO we need you… i love how the interviewer came back at lamar when he was trying to use the analogy of writing a story.. well if its only that much and its a pulitzer winner.. so take that money the lakers are offering you and we will shower you with love and rings LO!!

  • starchild

    c’mon lamar, sign it. it’s good money. you’re rich enough to send your grandkids to college. even magic johnson said he’d still play for the nba with no salary or something like that. lamar, please, take a minute to ask yourself, what would magic do?

  • RoWyN

    If LO and lakers won’t agree, I want Lakers to start dealing with the following free agents:

    OPTION 1:
    Gerald Green
    Matt Barnes
    Rodney Carney
    Marquis Daniels
    Al Harrington
    Hakim Warrick
    Marvin Williams

    OPTION 2:
    Drew Gooden
    Joey Graham
    Stephen Graham
    Dahntay Jones
    Solomon Jones
    Joe Smith
    Stromile Swift

    OPTION 3:
    Damien Wilkins
    James Singleton

  • Starchild

    LO will stay, but plan B for me would be.. oh my, i don’t like any of those guys. all of OPTION A would not be sufficient to fill up a huge loss like lamar. we need you lamar!

  • domz

    there is no plan b. thats for sure. thats why lamar and his agent are taking it as opportunity. However, other teams see him as odumb enough to ignore. we’ll have him. book that.

  • CJ in Los Angeles


    You are now an NBA Champion, which noone can take from you. But you have the opportunity with this team to really skyrocket. What other teams are you able to go to, and have the same opportunities you do now? Don’t let anyone talk you into doing something you’ll really regret for the rest of your career.

  • kobewankenobi

    LO is gone
    bye bye
    lets try to sign and trade for amare

  • xtro

    Adios Lamar. Hello Amare.

  • gvan

    LO you deserve what is best for you. Do not mistake the process as personal issue. The economy is terrible. You are loved respected and wanted back.

  • kobe

    Damn LAmar Ive been Waitin for 2 weeks already for you to sign with da lakers and u still havent signed it damn ima be pissed if he goes to another team

  • WifeThinksLukeIsABitch

    That motha fukker is high in the video….

  • RoWyN

    [Comment ID #79456 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I’m not saying any of those in the lists are as good as Lamar or can replace or simulate things that he do in he court. LO is my fave laker right now so don’t get me mistaken about wanting to ship him out.

    I was just saying that if wer dealing with another david lee and if $$ not enough for LO and his family, maybe we should start looking at other options. Players from the list are some unrestricted and restricted free agents that as far as I know are available at this moment.

    I dont think having Lamar back is not as big of a deal anymore than when we didnt have RonRon. Again, dont get me wrong I want him back! I’m just saying RonRon is filling out on some of Lamar and Ariza’s previous roles that players in my option 1 might be able to fill some of the gaps that we’d miss (mostly quickness issues.)

  • RoWyN

    [Comment ID #79458 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I think there is no plan B for either party. As much as the Lakers would rather not have anyone else, LO doesn’t have any real good options right now. If only Cleveland and Orlando held out a bit, they could’ve offered LO sumthin he can’t refuse.

  • Portman

    [Comment ID #79475 Will Be Quoted Here]

    no more big names, i’m getting that 2004 feeling all over again. and another thing, of all people, amare? really? amare would deliver the 16th? wouldn’t trade luke walton for that sucka.

  • http://lakers.com lamar_greed

    MONEYYYYYYYYY!!!!! all NBA players are so greedy…dont u understand u guys make millions and out of 1 millions u can invest and make trillions…dam use sum knowledge….

    if we trade odom…get cARLOS BOOZER!!

  • http://lakers.com lamar_stay_plz

    didnt he say he will pay for lakers even though money wasnt a big thing???? well i guess im wrong…money is dirty!

  • ac

    Let’s just trust in Jerry Buss. Hasn’t done us wrong in 30 years. Lamar, you know we want you here. Hopefully it gets worked out.

  • http://sex.com King

    sign n trade for Travis Outlaw… (think about it) thats a 23 year old Lamar lol

  • TJ

    I say Shane Battier from the Rockets…

  • showtimelakes

    man Lamar seems really odd in that video.

  • http://am570rado.com phil buss

    [Comment ID #79523 Will Be Quoted Here]

    i second that…

  • proemb

    Nobody is bigger than the Lakers! Shaq ran his mouth, he wasn’t bigger. Ariza’s agent ran his mouth, Trevor wasn’t bigger. Odom is not bigger. These ball players need to watch out with the Laker brass. Those guys don’t play games.

    Random thoughts:

    -Ron Artest took less to play with L.A.

    -The economy is slow, yet Dr. Buss increased his offer.

    -Lamar eats so much candy, the Lakers are taking a risk with him.

    -Lamar is one good blunt away from a 82 game suspension.

    -$10 million per year requires 82+ game consistency.

    -In business, the market determines the asking price. Nobody is offering LO 10 million per. Most suitors are offering the MLE.

    -Lamar has been grossly over-paid, a contract negotiated by the genious that is Pat Riley and his belief that LO would be perennial all-star. $14 mil per should get you a consistent and very solid #2 option, which Lamar is not.

    -We all know LO is not the sharpest tool in the box and his failure to jump on Dr. Buss’ latest offer more than proves it.

    Sign and trade Lakers, get something in return…

  • Logicguy


    LO always showed up in big games when they needed him. Pau, one of the best 7 or 8 best players in the league did not show up every night and noone said anything. He’s tired. Kobe was the only guy that shows up EVERY night. —- LO made the mistake of letting sports parasite media people quote him saying he would take less to stay in LA. Other GM’s saw this and decided they did not want to waste there time being used to get the price up. He was 14 mil last year and asked for 10 for next year. He is a great locker room guy and that is one of Kobe’s few weaknesses.

    LO sat quitely and watched Turkolu, Borganni, Milsap, Gorbat and others get around 10 mil for four or five years. ALL THESE STIFFS GOT MORE TOTAL MONEY THAN LO IS BEING OFFERED. Who would you rather have? Ask Phil and Kobe. LO is one of the top 20 or 25 talents in the league and should be payed like it. LO should forget Miami and Dallas and go to Portland even for less money. He could show those guys how to win. STICK TO YOUR GUNS LO. THEY ARE TRYING TO EXPLOIT YOU. If they wanted to get below the cap get rid of Sasha 5mil, Morrison 5mil, Luke 5mil and Sun Yue. They could be replaced by practice dummies. Why should LO be lowballed to keep Mitches mistakes? In Portland LO could have the pleasure of comming back to beat the machine. Most teams do not try to screw their key erformers. Ariza felt they were running him out of town!!!!

  • Portman

    [Comment ID #79527 Will Be Quoted Here]

    look, man, i love shane battier. but why do we get him for? to do what artest does? we need a bench firepower guy.

  • RoWyN


    As a Lamar Fan –
    I feel that the Lakers are actually taking advantage of Lamar coming out saying he’s willing to take a pay cut to remain a Laker. If your sumone who used to earn 14 mill and all of a sudden they say u’ll get 10 mill for 3 yrs or 9 mill for 4, you’ll be in financial panic as well. Just like a normal employee, salary vs benefits need to be weighed. Maybe if he holds off a bit, there’s an offer somewhere in Portland, Miami, or New York that is better overall. If not, lakers already made their offer. It’s business and life management so it’s his call.

    As a Laker Fan –
    I’m worried about LO and Lakers not coming into terms. But if Lamar signing becomes unlikely, I want to shift focus on some other prospect. Having Lamar is irreplaceable. But losing Lamar is not insurmountable. The luxury of having him is his dynamic advantages to roster management and he fills in a lot of roles normally assigned to different players. But these roles can be filled by proper roster analysis. Having said so, Lamar as an overall basketball player is irreplaceable. But his basketball roles are definitely replaceable.

  • Andrew

    Go look at Lamar Odom’s agent’s list of clients, and it explains everything: Lamar is his cash cow. While Lamar is nowhere near a franchise player, he sure as hell is Jeff Schwartz’ franchise player, and this guy has no allegiances, it’s all about dollars and cents. On the other hand, Jeff Shwartz is the same guy who got L.O. his 14 mill. a year contract with the Heat, so LO is trying to be loyal to the guy. It really comes down to LO standing up and saying that he wants to be a LAKER to his agent, otherwise I expect to see him gone, because clearly, his agent is telling him that he should get at least Marion/Turkoglu money regardless of the Lakers’ distinctive situation. It’s just so frustrating to see Rasheed Wallace go to Boston for peanuts for hte purpose of WINNING, and LO and his agent are playing this “look, we’re real business people too!” routine.