L.A.’s loss in the NBA Finals may hurt, but the team has a lot going for it. On the off-season to-do list: Look for experienced help up front and in the backcourt.

L.A. Times: Once the sting from losing to Boston in this year’s NBA Finals fades, the Lakers will appreciate the success they had over the 2007-08 season.

For the first time since Shaquille O’Neal was traded to Miami in 2004, the Lakers won the Western Conference championship, and they did it with one of the league’s youngest rosters.

And the best thing? The Lakers reached the Finals without promising 21-year-old center Andrew Bynum, who missed the playoffs because of a midseason knee injury.

So in many ways, the Lakers have to be considered a year ahead of schedule in their quest for a 15th NBA championship.

But hold on. Don’t dust off the trophy case yet, because titles are not won that easily and in competitive sports nothing is guaranteed.

That’s why for 2008-09, the Lakers need to aggressively address a few cracks in their game exposed by the Celtics in this year’s Finals.

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  • lakerschamps08

    yes we do.. gonna be a fun year… but we need some tweaks..

  • lakersforlife77

    Watching Bynum last season in the beginning was euphoria! So many memories, the games he played in were the best imo, even better than the playoffs.I can’t even imagine how great it’s gonna be when he teams up with gasol. We need to get a defensive minded 3 with an outside shot. We should really shop Lamar around and see what we can get for him.

  • http://myspace.com/thaonlyrhom RD
  • http://myspace.com/thaonlyrhom RD

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  • Lakers 24 7

    Bynum is gonna be an All-Star next season

  • CD3

    I’ll look forward to the future. We will definitely surpass the 17 titles of the celtics. We will reign 2009 and years to come. LA – the beast in the league.

  • dave n

    bynum healthy next season,gasol with some strength conditioning,possibly shopping lamar for a point guard or a sign and trade for shawn marion in miami a good scorer and defender 3 point shooter more consistent than lamar, or even sign a defensive maniac like ron artest sit l. walton down bad contract and were stuck with vlad rad too, lakers will be back for a title run again just some tweeking here and there.

  • Lakers 24 7

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    Indeed, Bynum doesn’t wear #17 for nothing lollll

  • Sako


  • CD3

    BYNUM most improved … let Kobe gets his 2nd mvp.

  • ab4sure
  • Smush Walton

    It is absolutely IMPERATIVE that we get rid of Smush Walton and VladRad. Trade these worthless rags for two peanut vendors and a parking lot attendant if you have to, but get them OFF of the roster.

    Also, after four years, we’ve seen Lamar’s clown show long enough. His late night clubbing before a crucial game is the last straw. This guy is in his ninth season, yet he has the common sense of a high school freshman. He does not have the heart, determination, dedication, basketball IQ, work ethic, professionalism, or consistency necessary to be a big time player in this league. The time has come to pull the plug on this half brain and end this failed four year experiment. Waiting for Lamar to realize his “potential” is like leaving the porch light on for Jimmy Hoffa.

    Since he is so “versatile” we should be able to get something for him. He would fit in better on a team where expectations are lower and going through the motions is good enough, but this is the Lakers and that sort of pathetic effort and attitude is not going to cut it here.

  • sirtoken

    With Bynum coming back, all the Laker’s need is a defensive stopper and scorer like Artest at SF. If they can get him for the MLE, I think all will be good.

  • CD3

    What’s the link about that Lamar going clubbin?

  • west213


    B. DAVIS

    Fisher……srry vlad, mihm, turiaf and farmar r out

  • west213

    srry the starters are b. davis

  • jay

    i wish we had a rick fox on our team he would have shut down pierce. or i hate to say it a doug christie. All we need is more defense the offense is there. GET RID OF VLAD RAD. at least walton can pass and hee needs to drive and make his lay-ups cuz the guy is over 6’5 and cant dunk. Artest might be hard to get. we need to pick up a banger like Scola, rasheed wallace type of player. and gasol please lift weights or learn to use your speed when big men are guarding you. i have faith cuz bynum didnt dunk in the beginning and now he’s a beast. gasol vs.bynum in practice should wake him up. also maybe gasol will play at the 4 spot if we get another center. Lets see what the summer brings 4 our lakers. KOBE keep your head up u will win another title.

  • lalakerfan1980

    Dear Laker fans, lets reflect on the season, who would of predicted the Lakers being 2 wins from a championship, for sure i didn’t and i love my Lakers. So lets stop pointing fingers we have a preaty good team it is just very young. Next year it will be different the Lakers will have 1 more key free agent ,plus that rookie from china , and add Bynum and we will be set. Remember that game 1 of the series should of been ours and also game 4 we would of have already been celebrading a new championship. As far as Boston goes I will enjoy next year when they get their butts woped by us, I hope they enjoy their one championship because after this it will be another 21 years before they celebrate another.
    With Kobe,Bynum,Odom,ariza,fisher starting five I really think thats a for sure championship. So lets enjoy the summer and wait 2 1/2 months till the begining of our championship season begins.

  • xtro


  • awaker85

    Forget Artest, Maggettee, JO, the BEST offseason move the lakers could possibly do: TRADE ODOM TO HOUSTON FOR SHANE BATTIER AND lUIS SCOLA.

  • awaker85

    OH, and add Steve Fransic and the numbers work, I just ran in through a trade machine.

    Lamar Odom to Houston for Shane Battier, Luis Scola, and Steve Francis. We get one of the best defensive SF in the league who can hit the open 3, a tough player at PF (God knows we need one) and Steve Francis who either becomes a decent player or we just buy him out. Houston gets the 3rd option they desperately need behind Yao and McGrady. Win-win for both teams.


    Udonis Haslem(toughness),Mickael Pietrus,Tayshun Prince….uhm….Richard Jefferson(a Byron Scott type guy),Gerald Wallace(Kobe and Wallace,OMG),Kelenna Azubuike(You seen what Rondo did in game 6,this guy does the whole season),Corey Maggette(Kobe wanted to be a Clipper,Role reversal?).

  • lakersdynasty09

    I think we got this next year..with the return of andrew..don’t worry guys..we will get back to the finals..but this time we will finish!
    2009, start of the 5peat!!

  • http://golakers golakers

    The Lakers did better than anyone had predicted. Instead of looking to change a group of players that really did get along well, the Laker nation needs to excercise a little patience. To bring in “problem players” may create problems in the locker room and affect the Lakers chances of getting deep into next years play-offs. With Bynum at Center, Gasol at strong forward, Lamar at small forward, Kobe at shooting guard, and Derick at the point, the Lakers will be ready to finish the job next year. The bench will gain yet another year of valuable experience and have learned a valuable lesson by being overwhelmed in the Finals. By replacing too many players the Lakers will put themselves in the “learning mode” again.