An interesting article that has some answers to the Lakers’ recent struggles.

L.A. Times: The Lakers have been banged up for quite a while now.

There was Pau Gasol’s left hamstring injury,Ron Artest’s plantar fasciitis and Lamar Odom’s recent sprain to his right index finger. Of course, there’s also Kobe Bryant’s eight-week-long fractured right index finger and his recently aggravated left ankle, though he will still suit up tonight against Denver.

The Lakers are also tired, coming off an eight-game, 13-day East Coast trip that consisted of stops to Cleveland, New York, Toronto, Washington, Indiana, Philadelphia, Boston and Memphis. When asked whether the Lakers’ fatigue is more mental or physical, Lakers forward Lamar Odom laughed and said, “It’s both.” Therefore, it’s practically an understatement to say the Lakers look forward to some rest.

Said Coach Phil Jackson, “We see that All-Star break and think that will be real good for this team.”

But the Lakers will have to wait. They have four games remaining before All-Star weekend, with contests all featuring playoff-caliber opponents including a back-to-back starting tonight against Denver and Saturday at Portland. The Lakers then return home for a game Monday against San Antonio before traveling for a Wednesday game against Utah. Forward Pau Gasol describes these contests as a “very tough stretch” for reasons beyond the team’s health concerns. That’s because the Lakers have all lost rather handily to the aforementioned opponents this season.

Said Gasol, “We have to prove what kind of team we are and if we want to be champions again.”

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  • http://lakersnation showtime4eva

    played denver twice blown out twice….played clevland twice lost twice…i know we need a trade..but would that be enough,i mean we’re not in the same league as these teams this far..we’re getting beat out right.these teams are much hinrich wouldn’t have helped that much.their point guard killed us in all theses losses.i know we need a point guard.but we need one with the whole package.score,pass,defence,drive.harris wouldn’t be that repeat we’re gonna need a bigger caliber of hinrich and noah for some toughness,we could give morrison,sasha,josh.maybe not that bulls trade but maybe another team..but that type combo.cause we need that “very good”guard and some strenth in the middle.we are weak.and we cant answer noah would provide strength rebound,energy is key!!!we dont have that either!so,energy!but any way that’s what i see.we need a point guard full of fire.and a big guy with energy an strength.cause kobe always provides our confidence.shannon an lamar are pulling their weight.pau and drew are finesse.they need back up!fish is good but can’t put in enough minutes farmar aint too bad.if we could just add that guard an get that big energy guy! i would beleave we would be prepared then.but if we cant get that.i dont beleave we can repeat.we’ll see…….. go lakers!!!

  • Robert

    Wanted to see Denver blog to post, but might as well do it here. Lakers lost in the most difficult of ways tonight. During a break, Karl told the Nuggets to keep running against the Lakers, and they did, and the Lakers slowed down. Perhaps tired from the road trip, don’t know.
    They kept missing layups at the end, and Billups kept hitting 3s. Other Nuggets were scoring at will on the Lakers.
    The sad part is, it looked like they tried hard. Just like they tried hard against the Cavs. I know it’s mid-season, but adding another 40 games onto this, and we’ll have one TIRED season. It needs to get better.
    I was waiting for some nice analysis from others on this site (including perhaps the fact that fouls were called on the Lakers, and not on Nuggets), or some other piece of encouragement.
    It’s a tough loss. Anyone out there? ….