Very interesting rumor if it is true. Let the speculation begin…

HOOPSWORLD.COM: The Lakers have a plan right? Well according to league sources that plan may be sticking with what they have. The Lakers have been after every major and minor trade in the market, but at the end of the day nothing out there is worth two assets, according to a league source. The Lakers are hopeful that their young guys will come into their own this year and raise some values and allow them to get a larger return if and when they decide to trade. It seems fairly clear from sources close to the team that the desire to make a deal happen before the trade deadline is there. It seems the hold up is the Lakers being opportunistic about what they offer, because they understand full well the cupboard is not as stocked as it once was, and two assets for one will not help them improve.

  • TheLAunit

    Good that two for one stuff wouldn’t make us better. I’m glad they stuck with what they got. Its just time to step up.