We all originally came to this site for one reason: to “GetGarnett.” Now the time has come to get back at Garnett. Though we have two more games before the big finale this week, we can certainly discuss how we might stack up against the most hyped team in the NBA.

It has been roughly 15 years since a game against the Celtics actually mattered as much as it does this coming Friday. Some of us had grown apathetic towards the Celtics until this past summer when former Celtics Kevin McHale, Danny Ainge, and even Larry Bird himself gave the Lakers Nation a collective “screw you.”

Just in case we need some reminders of why this upcoming game is important, consider the fact that the Lakers and Celtics have competed against each other ten times in the NBA finals. Of those ten meetings for the title, the Lakers have only defeated the Celtics twice, and those were the last two meetings in the 80’s. Of the eight times that the Celtics crushed our hopes, half of those times were devastating game 7 defeats.

If you thought losing to Phoenix two seasons ago in game seven was horrible, just imagine what it was like when we lost eight times to the Celtics in a row and four of those were heart crushing game 7 losses.

Larry Bird, at one point in the off season, had to finally tell Mitch Kupchak to quit calling unless he was willing to send over Lamar and Bynum plus filler for Jermaine. Larry Bird didn’t think getting a package such as Jordan Farmar and Lamar Odom plus salaries to match were even worth discussing.

Just think about how some of the Lakers must think about Larry Bird’s opinions. In a way, Bynum, Farmar, and Lamar were all deemed unworthy of Larry Bird’s attention. Of course, we know he didn’t have the option of getting all of these players, but he could have had at least two of them.

Our Lakers must feel somewhat insulted, especially with the paltry numbers Jermaine has been putting up lately. Now picture in your mind what it will be like for Larry Bird as he watches the game. Sure, he was laughing over the summer thinking that he humiliated us, but now he will be forced to wonder what could have been, because the Lakers will get even with Larry for once and for all beginning with the tip off.

And once our Lakers face Indiana and Milwaukee, they must face the ultimate mental challenge. Think of the arrogant fans in Boston. After breezing through the MLB World Series, their football team is on the cusp of being the first team in 30 years to go undefeated. Meanwhile in the NBA, the hype is at an all-time high for the “Big Three.”

We wanted Garnett, and Boston beat us just as they have numerous times in the past. You can visualize the three Celtic GM’s sitting around and lighting cigars while they laugh at our despair. Likewise, when we show up on Friday, the Celtics fans will hold insulting signs, will taunt our beloved players, and will expect to send us home crying.

I promise you, the Lakers Nation will cry.

The question is, will we shed tears of pain or tears of joy?

The Boston Celtics are currently the top defensive team in the NBA. They only allow 0.93 points per possession. To contrast, the Lakers currently give up 1.04 points per possession. As tough as our defense has been, the Celtics appear to be better according to this metric. The Lakers are the top rebounding team in the NBA with an average of 46 rebounds per game. However, the Celtics are the number one team in the NBA for rebounds allowed (36 RPG allowed). Finally, the Boston offense has put up more than 102 points per game while we have scored 104. When you look at the point differential, or the average margin of victory, the Celtics are the number 1 team in the NBA at just more than 13 points per game and the Lakers are ranked 8th with a differential of less than half that, even after the Bulls blow out!

While the Celtics haven’t faced the type of schedule that the Lakers have, those metrics tell us there’s still plenty of reasons to see this upcoming game as an accurate measure of where our team stands.

In the mind’s of the players, this game is as important as they used to be prior to 1992.

Don’t let the rhetoric fool you, the players will tell you that it’s just another game, but you can bet your bottom dollar that our Lakers desperately want to face the NBA’s “#1″ team. In addition, the Boston Celtics, fresh off their loss to the hot Orlando Magic, want to prove to themselves and the entire Lakers nation that they are the top team.

The Boston fans want to feel superior to us once again. The Boston players want to make a statement.

The Lakers players want to show up, in Boston, and dethrone the top team. The Lakers franchise wants to make a statement to Kevin Garnett that he made a huge mistake in choosing Boston over Los Angeles. Kobe Bryant wants to prove that he is the MVP, even in Boston.

As for The Lakers Nation, we want revenge.

  • steve

    Tim-4-show…..Thank you for getting my blood boiling for this game….
    This road trip is huge and the player that needs to let the nba know he is an allstar is LAMAR ODOM…If he plays lights out we win….I know the team needs to play well together but Odom needs burn against the Celtics

  • drake hunter

    drake hunter
    Nov 19th, 2007 at 10:49 pm
    Can anyone explain the Lakers early season success??
    Is it Phil Jackson’s best coaching job thus far? Kobe Bryants tenacious defensive presence? I don’t think so!
    Its because Kobe doesn’t care since his trade demands. Ironically its Kobes selfishness that has led to their success. How’s that?? The fact that he wasn’t playing his ball hog style is due to him trying to prove to management the Lakers are nothing w/o him! That very reason has freed up other players to play looser and more successfully. Without the pressure of impressing Kobe and playing the way Kobe expects, these group of Lakers are looking and playing more like a team. Everyone knows Kobe has a voice in the Laker organization so can you imagine playing for 2 coaches?? Yes, TWO coaches. Phil & Kobe. Having 2 opinions & demands on how to play basketball. Now the Lakers look as if they are stepping it up and creating their own mark. They are coming out of Kobes shadows to give the Lakers a fighting & consistent chance to win daily. So far so good. So Kobe, just go on thinking the Lakers won’t succeed w/o you taking over so that we can prove your big head wrong!!!

    Yours Truly,

    Need a new favorite team guy.

  • six45ci

    WOW.great article. i really hope we can beat them. get MVP CHANTS FOR KOBE AGAIN. like last year. which i doubt. but still ! GO LAKERS !

  • domidomdomz

    [Comment ID #17481 Will Be Quoted Here]

    hey drake!!!

    haven’t you even realized why other Laker players are doing extremely well this season? It’s because they want Kobe (the best player in the world today) to stay in L.A..

    Kobe’s trade demands served as motivation for them to play better, especially Andrew Bynum…

    And don’t even bother say to us that we should find another team…


  • SILO




    LETS GET READY TO KICK CELTIC ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hellbydante

    looks like its time to make a lakers vs celtics mix!

  • Laker Lover

    Celtics have the big three. and dats it. hav u seen there bench i rather take seattles bench over there bench. hw many 40+ min games r the big three gna play???? they try to share the big shots around because they dont want to show that theres no 1 super star. hw long is paul pierce gna accept ray allen taking the game winning shot???? from my point of view if bostons going to play gud its jst going to be ths year or the next at most. they have an old team garnett’s going to be like shaq, slow down soon. we have nothng to worry bot i knw we will win this sat(New Zealand Time). Pls we have a better bench players n young players. we have a future brighter/shinyer than garnets polished head

  • KLMonster

    drake…your sick man…go see a doctor…

  • jack

    [Comment ID #17483 Will Be Quoted Here]

    well put domidomdomz. I think Drake’s off on this one. Like A-Rod, Kobe is gonna be in Lakers as A-rod in NY for life. The world of sports is hyped up because of comments star players make. If not for that, ESPN and Fox sports analysts would go jobless. This however doesn’t mean best players don’t like their team. You know what, Drake… if anything Kobe has said things to the front office that every true laker fan wanted to say: make the team better. Why do you think Fisher was here for? I love this year’s team.

    We gonna prove Garnett, who decided to take the easy route from East to playoffs that what so ever, Lakers are the greatest franchise in NBA. I know, we are 2 rings shy, but I don’t remember any year where it was better for the team to lose as many games possible to get No.1 draft pick. To me, Celtics except for their old rusted rings, should be ashmed of themselves. Despite the rivalry, we laker fans have felt sorrily bad for this Boston team. I am joyful for the celtics’. Now we can actually enjoy beating them. :))))))

    Anyways, I think lakersnation, its that time to talk about Lakers-Boston, not Kobe trades. Like A-Rod, Kobe is gonna be in Lakers as A-rod in NY for life. The world of sports is hyped up because of comments star players make. If not for that, ESPN and Fox sports analysts would go jobless. For all those people, who bleed purple and gold when you cut your hand, get your game face on. ITS SHOWTIME!!!!!!!!

  • lakergirl_24

    Friday’s exciting, but the guys better not overlook the Pacers and Bucks. One game at a time.

    That being said, it’s funny how last year Boston was chanting “Kobe! Kobe!” and now the fans have done a total 180. How soon they forget. Lakers need to go in there and show them that HYPE doesn’t equal championships. I’m tired of hearing about the “big three” and it has only been a month.


  • SILO

    [Comment ID #17491 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Yahoooooooooo. Thats the Laker girl i know. Show the Laker pride. ba ba ba ba ba baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I’m lovin it.


  • “mR.24″

    oh man…i cant wait for the game on saturday(manila time)…i really want the lakers to win…kobe should step up like he used to..and lamar should play like a star…and bynum should score more than 15 points and grab more than 15 rebounds…and the bench should score more than 20 points,so the lakers will surely beat boston…and send boston home crying…
    and for drake KLmonster is right,,your sick man…very sick!!


    “-strength and honor-“

  • osm0nd

    drake you are a girl hahahahahahhahahhaha i’m so high

  • Tim-4-Show

    We NEED to take it Larry Bird TONIGHT!

  • Brittnay

    I CAN”T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 187 ON BOSTON


  • lakerfan81

    Im very disappointed because the Celtics game is not nationally televised so I won’t be able to watch it. I don’t think the Celtics are the best team in the NBA. I don’t even think they are the best trio in the NBA. I’d have to give that to Duncan, Ginobili and Manu. Truthfully I would rather have Ginobili over Allen, Parker over Pierce and Duncan over Garnett. All three are proven winners and all three are unselfish and only care about winning. Parker and Ginobili took less money so that the team could stay together. Honestly who would you pick in a 7 game series? Especially after an 82 game season where the 3 from Boston all played 40+ minutes a night, just to come out on top of a, although tougher than last year, weaker eastern conference.

  • lakerfan81

    Thats supposed to be Duncan, Ginobili and Parker.

  • Tim-4-Show

    They’re televising the Rockets vs. Heat instead??

    Craziness! Yeah I’m sure the ratings for that one will be through the roof!!

    I cannot wait to see our disrespected players show up tonight against Larry Bird’s squad. I want to see him squirm because he threw away the chance of a lifetime, ha ha ha.

  • SILO


  • Tim-4-Show

    That’s great Silo, ha ha ha. They’re a bunch of banannas! ha ha

  • TheLAunit

    I hope the lakers run all over the Smeltics. We match up well against them and with the bench playing the way that they are we lakerfans should just sit and watch. I predict that we would win by 7, the score would be 92 to 99 lakers win!!! Players of the game, its out of D-fish and LO. GO LAKERS!!!!!!BENCH MOBB GO TO WORK.

  • sdsuballa

    Celtics ARE SO OVERRATED, they only legit they beat was Denver earlier in the season, but that’s when Denver was in confusion, but other than that they haven’t beat anyone of playoff contender caliber, and WHEN! we beat Boston, we will show them that, they are NOTHING BUT A WANNABE DREAMTEAM!

  • MILO

    This has got to be the most anticipated game of this season.I for one think that the Lakers have what it takes to beat this over-rated team.KG will regret taking the easy way and going to the east.I still dont see them making it to the finals…GO LAKERS!!!

  • gugy

    KG, die KG!

    Sorry, I like KG, but he made a huge mistake not coming to the Lakers. Imagine Kobe and KG with the bench we have. Rings!

    Too bad, well. I look forward to the Lakers beat the Celtics.

  • steve

    This game is alot more dangerous than people think…The Lakers biggest weakness is defending the the 3 point shooters….And the pacers are 3 point happy…They can get going and burn teams from 3 point land

  • lakersfan17

    Man, I’m ready for this I hope the Laker bench kills the Celtics and I hope that Bynum could OWN KG!!!Hope we could win Indiana and Celtics!GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • two0one7

    Let’s get it on! The Celtics arnt’ as invincible as critics make them out to be. They have only played 2 decent teams – Denver, whom they defeated, and Orlando, who they lost to. I’m confident we’ll come out with a W. The NBA will take notice.

  • Michael_23

    Have to get pass the Pacers and Bucks first. Where the TLN Preivew already?

  • boston rules

    not to come here and start a fight but the lakers are gonna get stomped on. you stand no chance whatsoever so just start crying those tears of pain now

  • SILO
  • Tim-4-Show

    No one said tonight’s game was a gimme… but we have almost as much motivation to win tonight as we do on Friday. Lamar & Bynum certainly have something to prove. They know they must get tonight, because tomorrow anything can happen!

  • ryanfu09

    Great Article!…. Got me ready for Friday!!

  • Viva Vegas

    This Friday is going to be exciting to watch. Famar is doing a great job!!! It’s all about the bench.

  • Viva Vegas
  • lakerfan81

    Cook is gone Cook is gone Cook is gone!!! I am tired of seeing his dopey ass out on the court.

    Mo and Cook to Orlando for Ariza!

    he Magic traded swingman Trevor Ariza to the Lakers for PF Brian Cook and G/F Maurice Evans on Friday.
    The Magic got a much needed big man in Cook, and Evans has proven to be an excellent scorer when Kobe Bryant has been out of the lineup. Ariza is a talented youngster who has never gotten a true chance at a starting role, but it’s unlikely it will happen with the Lakers, at least for now. However, Evans could end up playing some major minutes for the Magic at shooting guard, possibly even starting. Nov. 20 – 5:38 pm et


    Lakersnation we WILL have that sweet revenge we’ve wait for so long,you know why? BRIAN COOK is gone and sa hello to TREVOR ARIZA(same as MO Evans but better defensively).This is the same guy who has POSTERIZED,almost,the entire NBA(ask Kobe he found out the hard way).As I type this the Laker fire JUST CAN’T WAIT ‘TIL NOV.23.

  • hZm

    Great article Tim!

    I can’t wait for this game. I’m flying to Boston for this game on Friday. I can’t wait!

  • domidomdomz

    I’m so excited to see this game…It’s time for the rivalry between LAL and BOS to burst up again!!!

    I also hope that our team plays extremely well tomorrow against the Bucks!!!

    GO Lakers!!!

  • MILO

    The Bucks played the Cavs yesterday so hopefully the’re a little tired.Remember they swept the Lakers last year so hopefully the second unit mob will show them that this is a full team effort this year.Im looking foward to seeing Ariza tonight!!!

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