O.C. Register: The way to play the Lakers has been unveiled, and it has left the Lakers with largely the same not-so-hot defense that failed them at the end of last season.

Andrew Bynum, injured and conspicuously absent during Boston’s layup line in the NBA Finals, was supposed to be the answer for the Lakers’ defense this season: a 7-foot, 285-pound goalie to protect the paint and deny the rim to all opposing players.

So what happens to the Lakers’ defense if the opposing team forces the Lakers to pull their goalie?

Well, to put it simply: more goals. You’ve seen it in recent Lakers games. Now let’s explain it.

Even before he wound up going to his great-grandmother’s funeral, Shaquille O’Neal wasn’t going to play against the Lakers on Wednesday night. The Suns are only using O’Neal in one game in back-to-back sets, yet they broke from their tradition of playing him against the tougher team when they decided to rest him against the Lakers instead of against Milwaukee.


The Suns got drilled by the Lakers in Phoenix last month playing the usual post-up game, so they wanted to try the only thing that has worked for everyone else against the Lakers: spreading the floor, drawing Bynum and Pau Gasol out and making the paint a nice little driveway.

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  • Geloman

    The Phoenix game last night was a defensive joke on the part of the Lakers. I saw consistently watched Suns guards and forwards driving past their defenders as if the Lakers welcomed them in, and other laker players would not help out on defense. Also, when the Lakers tried to play D, they were very soft at it just standing there with hands up without even trying to intimidate or contest shots.

    The Lakers are still “soft” and they’re soft at the most crucial aspect of their game Defense.

  • LakersFirst

    Teams have seen the tapes of the Laker games from earlier this season and have made the adjustments. The Lakers now need to make theirs.

  • ShortDiezel

    GREAT ARTICLE.. Can someone send it to Phil so he can do his job please?

  • e

    bynum needs to play defense…he’s not getting his minutes, so he takes more shots, our offense is now stag…more offense from him means less defense from him…we pay bynum to play defense..we pay others to play offense..when bynum stops taking 12-15 shots a game and focuses back to defense, he’ll get his minutes and we’ll get our proper victories

  • Freshh

    It’s one thing to have a blueprint for stopping us,
    but it’s a different story for executing it.

    We’re in a struggle right now, good thing still able to get wins.
    December ball, plenty of games to improve.

  • Lakers 24 7

    There have been quite a few games early in the season where the Lakers shot a poor percentage, but their defense helped them get the win. I understand that playing defense for them is new, but DAMNIT AT LEAST SHOW SOME EFFORT!