I would say the Lakers can win a few games here and there without Kobe, but not the post season.

Bleacher Report: The Los Angeles Lakers’ recent winning streak in the absence of Kobe Bryant says more about the overall talent of the team than their efficiency without their fallen star.

Any proof needed as to the value of Bryant can be gleaned from the Lakers’ defeat at the hands of the Boston Celtics, where his defense and clutch shooting were sorely missed.

I would be willing to bet few true Laker fans are offering the team as improved without Bryant, because the people saying it have no respect for what he means to the team.

The ability of the Lakers to repeat is contingent solely on Kobe’s ability to return from injury and assume the superstar level of play to which he is accustomed.

It’s not an easy task by any means, but the road becomes impossible if the Lakers are faced with a postseason devoid of one of the greatest players in the history of the franchise.

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  • http://vinginor@aol.com onlyone laker fan in L.A.

    Duh we need Kobe even at 50 per cent he is still better than most players.
    Kobe is the greatest player of the 90 s and 2k

    • papa

      2k yes
      90’s? no sir
      jordan= greatest of the 90’s

      • http://vinginor@aol.com onlyone laker fan in L.A.

        Yeah You are right
        80 S Magic
        90 s Jordan
        2000-2010 KOBE KOBE AND KOBE

  • Ruin818

    A healthy Lakers without Kobe are better than %95 of the teams in the league right now and are just as good as %100 of them… Kobe is what makes us better than them.

  • berkyberks

    winning 4 game straight in a regular season w/out kobe doesn’t testified their good enough! remember what happen with the boston game? come play-off time you gotta need the service of mr. bryant specially on the crucial…and this is the 2nd half of the season so it is more tough than the 3 srtraight win before the all star.

    • Marwan Marzina

      But there aren’t many teams that can play at a high rate like the Lakers do without Kobe Bryant. Teams that don’t have their stars usually go down alot.
      The way the Lakers have been playing really says that they are the best and deepest team.
      Just doesn’t mean that Kobe doesn’t mean anything to the team if they play good. He is every bit valuable to the team as are the 15 championships they have.

  • hello world

    This is Green Flannel: Of course they are, since when does taking away your number one scoring option improve your team. Granted, we have been playing well but that is because if they still want to compete for the best record they’d have to play hard in Kobe’s absence. Knowing that he should be back soon they stepped it up A LOT so that’s good. Hopefully we don’t lose all of that momentum when he returns.

  • Leor_77

    It doesn’t mean anything that suddenly so many of our players are playing great without Kobe. IMHO, the real question should be, is why they weren’t they playing so well (i.e. passion, hustle, focus, etc.) when Kobe WAS in the lineup.

    • daboss1848

      the more relevant question is: was it them or was it KB?

      • lakershow2010

        it was them


      When the basketball is shared good things happen.

  • keepon_keepinon18

    In the short term, it has worked out. Lakers obviously felt the need for Kobe last game against the Celtics. As tough as they played in clawing back from the lead, the couldn’t finish it off. The team is already (playing like they have been playing last 5 games) one of the best in the league; if they played just as hard with Kobe in the lineup, they are clearly the favorite to win the Title.

  • richard

    Face good team you need Kobe, especially on playoff time, team will not be as easy.

  • 5peatlakers!

    Kobe is king!

  • epicwolf

    If any Lakers fans or anybody think the Lakers are a better team without Kobe Bryant, they need to get their brain exam or just put down that bong.

  • Marwan Marzina

    Its been so long since I last watched Kobe play. Its always fun watching him.

  • http://lakersnation showtime4eva

    the whole sport is poorer without getting to watch the great kobe bryant

  • alfred

    how about cavs? do you think their not the poorest team if LBJ is out? he always taking care of business. in filipino term we called it “BAKAW”. just find out what bakaw means. haha

  • http://vinginor@aol.com onlyone laker fan in L.A.

    We need Kobe. The guy is a great talent. Not to mention a leader on the floor. His basketball IQ is unreal. He tells players whats going to happen before it happens.
    Clevland with out queen James is nothing. Look at Boston with out KG they where weak.You need a strong leader.
    There all players in the NBA then there is Kobe that sets the bar for others to compete at a allstar level.
    Dude is bad.Never will there be anything like him MJ
    was good but Magic and Kobe arelakers and great talent.