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So it appears, Jason Kidd is on the trade block. One of the greatest point guards in the history of basketball, is suddenly available. The Lakers need to take advantage of this golden opportunity. Who says lightening does not strike twice. It appears the Lakers and the Mavericks are the 2 biggest contenders in the sweepstakes.

Jason Kidd is the answer for the Los Angeles Lakers.

First, to all the devout members in Lakers Nation, that are confused, Jason Kidd is not washed up. This man who averaged a triple double in the ’07 postseason is washed up? The case can be made, that it was in the weak Eastern Conference, however, a triple double is a triple double. Teams never get second chances to acquire big name talent, and this is the Lakers chance, to once again regain the glamour of Showtime.

Last year, the Lakers did have a deal in place with New Jersey to acquire Kidd. The Lakers however backed out, because they did not want to include Bynum. This made a lot of Lakers fans mad, myself included. But seeing the development of Bynum, I mean he is now one of the top prospects in all of basketball, and is starting to thrive as the starting center for the Lakers.

A deal for Kidd, would not cost as much as last year. Bynum is untouchable. He will not be a part of a deal for Kidd, or anyone else not named Dwight Howard. Who can the Lakers offer to exceed the needs of the Nets. The Nets do not want to rebuild, so it would have to take at least one player with some type of star power. Lamar Odom, fit’s this mold, as he would thrive in the Nets scenery, and Lawrence Franks up-tempo offense. Then a pick between Jordan Farmar or Javaris. Farmar would probably be the pick of the Nets, he has proven himself, and is seen by many as a shorter version of Jason Kidd, and would do well in that offense.

A deal based around those two would surely entice the Nets to at least consider it. Maybe throw in Kwame Brown, and take on one of there centers to make the numbers work. This deal would undoubtedly bring glamour back to Los Angeles.

Imagine, how much Kidd would open up the floor for Kobe Bryant and Andrew Bynum and our 3 point shooters. Kidd has never played with a center with the ability of Bynum, and has never had a sidekick the level of Kobe Bryant. This would make Kobe happy, as well as the fans happy. It makes a lot of sense and would not deplete our bench. A Kidd and Kobe back court would once again restore the Lakers franchise.

In every trade, there are risks, but this is one that the Los Angeles Lakers can not afford to pass up on. It is the type of deal, that would give L.A. the star power to potentially push us over the top, maybe not this year, but in the years to come.

Call Thorn Mitch, pull the trigger, we have a second chance at this.


    right on ahmed. I don’t see the downfall in making that trade. farmar is going to be good but critt will be better. we keep our future in critt and bynum and we have a chance to win now too. do it mitch

    kidd and maglore
    lamar,farmar,and brown

  • peteypablo24


  • kgmvp

    The question here is that will the nets accept our offer??? We cannot trade bynum. Maybe trade Lamar for Kidd only problem with that is we will lose a Foward but add another PG. Trade Kwame, Farmar, Radman and Picks for Kidd the question here is will the nets accept that deal? The mavs has the best chance to get Kidd. Rumors are saying that the mavs might make an offer of Terry and Stackhouse. I just hope that if the Lakers make a run for Kidd the lakers will make the right deal.

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  • DoDoBallz

    As much as Lamar is hated you don’t give them that.
    Dallas is only giving up two players for one so….
    Kidd and Maglore for Kwame and Critt throw in some pics its all good
    if not whatever.
    If we could have gotten Shawn Marion and Gerald Wallace for just Odom
    then why would we give them Odom a prospect and an expiring contract in
    Kwame just to get an old Pg.
    Kidd is good but you don’t have to give up alot to get him.
    I Like wear the team is going and the only players that should be touchable is Critt,Sasha,Kwame and couple of pics thats it you do need
    some sort of chemistry and these guys wont be missed(except Critt)but the way Farmer is playing Im totally cool with loosing him.

  • CJ

    Farmar is our bench. He is untouchable–IMO. I’d rather give up Critt over Farmar. I’m tellin you, Farmar gots heart. And he gots the hunger. Don’t trade Farmar

  • hellbydante

    I can only guess kidd’s only got a couple more years left playing at this level.. not too sure whether lakers would be able to pull off a championship within those years… lakers are quite loaded at the pg position… i’d rather keep Dfish who is already very experienced with the triangle, has a consistant fg % and sees the floor reasonably well… for the lakers to be a contender if they do bring kidd in, depends how fast kidd picks up the phil’s system…. trading for kidd would probably cost us to be quite thin at the front and maybe lose a good shooter in vlad or a fiesty pg in farmar.

  • JoJoEnglish94Bulls4ever

    You guys would have to give up Bynum.

  • Ignard

    I agree with CJ. I don’t see why you guys think J-Critt will be better than Jordan. The kid has been killin ‘em while Java has been worming the bench, sure he’ll get better but so will Jordan. Personally I think the Lakers need a power forward we’re good at point guard.

  • sirtoken

    Don’t do it, unless you can get Kidd on the cheap. All you guys that want to give the house away for a 35yo PG. You need to realize that Kidd’s window is probably 2years. So, you would need a complete balanced team to compete for a championship. That means that you cannot trade your inside game of Bynum and Odom and you can’t trade your 3pt stretcher of Rad. You need at least one excellent backup PG with speed. So you can only trade Brown, Walton, and one PG, preferrably Sasha. Even with this best senario, we would be weak at small forward. I doubt NJ would take my suggested trade, but i can’t see giving too much for Kidd.

  • n8

    jojoEnglish94Bulls4ever – Trust me, the Lakers wouldn’t give up Bynum. We’d only make a trade if it made our team better and that wouldn’t help us at all (just like we wouldn’t trade Kobe for the Bulls crappy 2-4 players).

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    i dunno
    kwame, farmar and lo for a 34 years old at 20 mil a year, it looks a little bit too much… too risky
    even though his name is kidd, one of the greatest all time
    at that point who will be our second scoring option?
    no more lo, no more farmar… just vlad?
    not enough
    that trade would drain us too much
    we should try a 3 team deal

  • CJ

    one more thing to think about kidd… he’s a streaky shooter. all he can do is pass. the triangle calls for players to make open jump shots too. i can’t see kidd making a lot of those. all i can see him doing is passing the ball and kicking it out to someone. i agree that we should at least trading for a good solid PF at the expense of LO. two more weeks, and i’m giving up on LO for good

  • blackmamba

    we are set at point guard! even though kidd is definitely an all-star stud, he only has a few years left in his tank + a huge contract that may end up as a liability if he gets injured or his production drops with old age.

    we need a powerful big man presence. we need a strong pf.

    if jason kidd is on a firesale, imagine what the pacers, kings, clippers, suns will do when the february trade deadline nears. we should be able to pull off a favorable deal with one of said teams. jermaine o’neal, ron artest, elton brand, shawn marion. all are about 28-29!!!! not 35!

  • drake hunter

    The only players we can give up are Kwame, Crittenton, Vujacic, Mihm, and either Walton or Ariza. Of those five players I’m sure we are able to work something out to get someone available. Don’t forget we can also throw in draft picks and cash . JO or KIDD as long as we only give up the following players because anyone else would be a step back! I only see giving up LO if we get both JO and KIDD or JO and Artest or Artest and KIDD!

  • LakersFirst (Change) (Close)

    I can see the argument for going after Kidd (I think Kidd’s experience would be valuable during the playoffs), but there is also an argument to say no and move on.

    HOWEVER, to think NJ would take anything less than LO and Farmar is just unrealistic. They would demand LO because he does have potential star power and his $14M contract gets us closer to Kidd’s 20M contract. We would also have to throw in Farmar, because NJ will want a point guard in return.

    With LO gone, that would deplete us even further at the power forward position (LO is playing the 4 right now because the Lakers really only have one true power forward and that is Turiaf).

    I think Kidd would make the Lakers slightly better, but the Lakers would be outgunned by other teams at the power forward position. Turiaf can’t be our only power forward and I know Phil has said that he would play Mihm at the 4, but Mihm’s ankles still aren’t all there.

    I also think Dallas has a slightly better offer with Jason Terry and Jerry Stackhouse (they would probably also throw in Devean George), although why Dallas would throw away Jason Terry is beyond me (he’s gives you 20 points off the bench).

    The Lakers really need another power forward to make them more balanced than another point guard.

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    Drake i agree, except i would not trade Ariza, which is the only real good defender besides Kobe
    which we need plenty!!!!

  • tdoom15

    well let’s sort this out…

    Java will be better than farmar, farmar is a GREAT bench player, high energy, can knock down shots, however he can not run a team. Java, if you pay close attention, has all the makings of a great point guard to come, swagger, great passer, good handles, sees the court a lot better than farmar, a true PG…and if nothing else, physically he is more gifted than farmar.

    Kidd would not take long to pick up the trianlge…considering he’s already ran that offense and is extremely familiar with it.

    However, Kidd is not the answer. If he can be had for brown, farmar, vladman…by all means, trade away. Net’s have a future PG prospect in Williams, farmar would be a nice addition. Kwame’s expiring contract could help in the rebuilding process if that is the way NJ decides to lean. Vladman, well he is spacy at best, but played well thus far, so his stock is up.

    That being said, I wouldn’t make that trade til I’ve exhausted all trade talks for JO. Likeliness of us getting both, slim to none (yet keep reading), simply bc we wouldnt have to pieces to make both trades works, talent or numbers wise. Pacer’s are causing some ruckess in the east, much controversy here in Indy has Indiana saying JO doesn’t exactly fit in well here with the Pacer’s new uptempo offense. That and the fact JO for the most part, wants out, and Odom/Ariza would be a perfect fit here in Indy.

    The basis of my proposal…3 way trade between, NJ, Ind, LAL.

    Lakers get: JO, Kidd, collins
    Nets get: Tinsley, Brown, Radman, LAL 1st rd pick
    Pacers get: Odom, Ariza, Farmar, LAL 2nd rd pick

    Lakers get: obviously a happy Kidd and JO, a chance to win now as well as keep their future intact with Java and Bynum.

    Nets get: Seasoned and talented PG in Tinsley while Williams develops (only his contract is somewhat unattractive). Expiring contract of Brown, and Radman who could be a consistant 3pt threat and some size in NJ. They also get rid of Kidd’s large contract and headaches, as well as a future first rd pick.

    Pacers get: Odom, that has size as well as speed and the ability to hit the 3 ball which Jim Obrien has been wanting. Ariza, freakish athlete who slashes and also is a PERFECT fit for the Pacers (besides you’ve got to think LA traded for Ariza to use primarily as trade bait, that was my first impression). They also get rid of Tinsley’s antics and contract, get a solid over-achieving player in Farmar, as well as a future 2nd rd pick.

    Obviously, that would be the main components for a 3-way deal, give or take a minor player or draft pick here or there, but in my opinion it seems to be a win-win situation for all teams. This is ofcourse assuming NJ doesnt get a much better offer for Kidd, which given the situation, he should be a buy cheap type of trade prospect…and as sexy as Terry and Stack (exp contract) sounds, Terry has a bad contract, and you dont get the draft pick.

  • artpolo5

    men, i’ve been telling everyone i know, its time to trade Odom. He’s a nice guy and all but hes not a star and i think the only way he will be an all-star is if hes in the east, he has no shot in the west. As for Kwame the guy has bricks for hands and always seems to get injured, in my opinion the worst number one pick in the history of NBA. If we can put these two together along with Farmar, even though hes a good player, i think we have a damn good shot at getting Kidd.

    Wow, just the thought of Kidd and Kobe on the same team along with the 3 point sharpshooter Radmanovich and the upcoming all-star Bynum gives me a stiff one. I mean i really don’t see any other team beating that lineup, maybe Boston and SA, just maybe, but even then the Lakers got Kobe and that always gives them an edge. Plus you can’t forget about that bench, and instead of Farmar coming off the bench we’ll have Fish, who’ll give that bench a whole lot of experience.

    I think if the Lakers make that offer Kidd will push for the trade cuz he’ll want to play alongside Kobe and a center like Bynum. Just being on the Lakers is going to get him like at least 5 more assists. You got Bynum for the alley, Radmanovich for the three, or a dish to Kobe for a shot.

  • ricky

    as much as i like kidd, i dont think he is the answer to making us contenders.

    i really dislike the fact that we will have to sacrifice one of our future point guards for him, considering how well farmar is doing and how much upside and appraisal phil jackson is giving javaris during practice. also, jason kidd will just add to our already large group of pg’s because i would not be happy if fisher, farmar, or javaris were traded to make room for him. considering kidd’s age and weary legs, its not worth compromising farmar and java’s upside in my opinion.

    i just dont see how a lineup of kidd, kobe, walton, turiaf, and bynum will help us win. we will lose a lot of depth by trading away odom, kwame, and farmar. i just dont see it happening, but i do feel that a trade for jermaine o’neal is more likely. i rather trade for a big man, and due to jermaine’s injuries and unhappiness with team management in indiana, his value may come down to the point where the lakers can get him for a fair deal.


    this is the trade that is mentioned in the article, but i see that it is absolutely an unfair deal for the lakers because they are giving up 3 of their better players for 1 player:



    a better trade would be for jermaine o’neal in my opinion. i would choose either one of these trades because they are both good for either side.

    1. http://games.espn.go.com/nba/features/traderesult?players=615~981~617&teams=13~11~11&te=&cash=

    2. http://games.espn.go.com/nba/features/traderesult?players=981~617~250~615&teams=11~11~13~13&te=&cash=

    for the 2nd trade, the lakers should add a 2nd round pick or another filler to further entice indiana to pull the trigger on the deal.

  • drake hunter

    The real problem is that KIDD makes too much money. His salary and age are so high that the reward wouldn’t last very long. Take for example Shaq in Miami. He brought them a championship in two or three seasons and now all they do is talk about how much he sucks now. How quickly they forget which is what could happen in LA if we give up too much for KIDD. I’m not saying don’t trade for him but don’t give so much if you don’t have to. He already wants out. Propose Kwame, Luke or Ariza, Crittenton and draft picks. Either way whatever we have available, we need to have at least a three headed monster core in LA to battle the other teams in order to compete.

  • Flush Odumb

    The problem withKidd is he’s not a kid anymore. How many all star years does he have left? He won’t be able to keep up with the better PGs in the league (Parker, Paul)

    We haven’t had a decent bench for a long time. These are the tradable pieces
    Odumb – we’ve wait long enough for this underachiever . He has been a BUST. The sooner we unload him the sooner we raise above mediocrity.
    Sasha – this guy’s shooting is terrible, he has about one good game a month.
    Walton – not much talent, this year he has been making numerous dumb plays.
    Mihm – very mediocre.
    Kwame – goes through the motions. Trading Butler for this slacker was probably one of the worst Laker trade.

    I would not trade these players
    Bynum – future star
    Kobe – obviously
    Ronny – plays with heart, brings energy, total team player
    Ariza – defender we have been so badly in needed for a long time.
    JCritt – our PG of the future
    Farmar – smart player, great off the bench.
    Vlad – he seems to be coming around, the 3 point shooter Cook never was.

  • Michael_23

    Derek Fisher and J. Farmer are playing the best basketball they’ve ever played this year. and J Critt is a prospect as well. If it was last year I might go with the trade cause we were weak at PG.

    It’s amazing how Kidd is in the starting lineup making Billups, and Deron Williams 2nd and 3rd string PGs. I like Kidd, but we came up over the off-season with D. Fish coming back and Farmar improving.

    SF position is worrying me because of LO’s inconsistency. And Turiof is a good PF against anyone, but with Duncan, Garnett, Boozer, Nowitzki, Brand, it’s a different story.

    Kidd has probably 3 good years left. Farmer and Bynum have over 10 good years left. If Bynum can become 70% of what Kareem was. I’ll be happy. But throw it DOWN more big guy! Throw it DOWN!

  • jack

    kidd is not the answer. we need a forward, small forward. try to get JO. another pg….. commn’ JO PLEASE. we alreayd have fish, a Kidd who can shoot good threes, and a trustable free throw shooter.
    We need either Artest, or JO.

    I am sorry but despite the fact i know how much kobe wants to play with Kidd and Kidd’s ability, I just can’t see Kidd as the final piece in our puzzle.

  • Michael_23

    Kidd should play this season out. Then become a free agent after this season and then sign with the Lakers to a mid-level. I think that’s the best way we can work things out without having to rid of our prospects.

  • Flush Odumb

    The problem with Kidd is he’s not a kid anymore. How many all star years does he have left? He won’t be able to keep up with the better PGs in the league (Parker, Paul)

    We haven’t had a decent bench for a long time. These are the tradable pieces
    Odumb – we’ve wait long enough for this underachiever . He has been a BUST. The sooner we unload him the sooner we raise above mediocrity.
    Sasha – this guy’s shooting is terrible, he has about one good game a month.
    Walton – not much talent, this year he has been making numerous dumb plays.
    Mihm – very mediocre.
    Kwame – goes through the motions. Trading Butler for this slacker was probably one of the worst Laker trade.

    I would not trade these players
    Bynum – future star
    Kobe – obviously
    Ronny – plays with heart, brings energy, total team player
    Ariza – defender we have been so badly needed for a long time.
    JCritt – our PG of the future
    Farmar – smart player, great off the bench. good energy guy.

    If we can unload some of our turkeys and draft picks then make the trade. Don’t gut the team to get an old PG.
    Vlad – he seems to be coming around, the 3 point shooter Cook never was.
    Fisher – he has trouble driving to the basket. I would only trade him for the right opportunity.

  • Rpoc

    Mitch has not resign/dumped the players we don’t need on this team:

    1) Smush — Two years of him starting. My god. Replaced by Fisher and I cannot believe the DIFFERENCE and Fisher isn’t the best of the best.

    2) Cook — Mr. Blackhole, no defense, throwing towel at coach, no hops punk biatch. Dumped him after giving that stupid extension. I’m stunned we actually managed to trade him.

    3) McKie — The hell did we sign him for. No resign.

    4) George — Injury prone dumbass who brings defense sometimes. Rots on the Mavs bench. No resign.

    5) Mo — Good energy guy and a professional but overrated on defense and way fraking too much extremes in shooting. Cold and Hot. Magic fans already mentioned him taking “a bit” too much shots. That’s Mo for you. Got Ariza to do what he was suppose to do: not chuck and play D with high energy.

    The pending list:

    1) Odom — Obviously.

    2) Kwame — Provides Man D and pick-and-roll D. Otherwise an eyesore of an epic failure of a trade aftermath.

    3) Sasha — Ish. He’s like Mo. Ice cold one day, hot the next. Except he can’t do anything else like Mo.

    4) Mihm — Stiff.

    5) Walton — His contract sucks. He isn’t going to be moved anytime soon so he better get his act together and play like last year.

    Time for Mitch to bust out his wand and turn those players on the pending list into something like they did with Cook/Mo.

  • Shaq786

    mods… its time to make a real interesting poll…. J.O or KIDD???

  • Jrich

    The Lakers aren’t thinking about Kidd. The only people doing all the trade talks about Kidd coming to the Lakers is YOU GUYS. The FO is not even considering it.

  • LA Forever

    We dont need Kidd if we can give up Kwame and Critt + Draft Picks and money its all good, but if not THEN FORGET HIM AND GET JO YEA

  • 187 ON BOSTON

    get kidd………….get kidd………………get kidd……………….get kidd…………………get kidd ……………f**k the celtics 187 on boston por vida homes

  • Flush Odumb

    Right on Rpoc!

    I completely agree with your comments!

    The team will be so much better when we dispose of this garbage. Addition by subtraction!

  • http://thelakersnation.com YalalaP the One

    do this trade in order to help bynum in the paint…


    the lakers will be a dominant force in the west after doing this trade…..i think indiana would love this trade they will have 5 young talents..

  • lakerfan81

    No way NJ accepts an offer of Farmar, Kwame and Vlad. Its just a stupid trade. If Kidd was in LA would you accept an offer of Farmar, Kwame and Vlad even if he was asking for a trade. And just because his agent asks for a trade does not mean he is going to get one, just ask Kobe’s agent.

  • http://thelakersnation.com Tyler

    Hey i want kidd bad. but if were gonna trade LO then just give them crittenton farmar has sparked our bench this whole season. Kwame isnt good but he helps keep bynum out of foul trouble and chris mihm is worse in my eyes. My trade for kid would be LO, crit, and, mihm.


  • gmancali

    Love the article, but just one point. If anybody is the sidekick in LA it would be Kidd. Everybody knows Koby is the Man here.

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    JO is a bust!
    no more D (stoudamire only 40 pts game of this season against him – dho 30 15…he would be killed in west)
    he makes way too much money for what he has left
    he shoots less than 50% being a center…
    that is enough said
    he would not resolve much
    ARIZA will be very important 4 lakers, since he is the only one who can defend besides KOBE…u guys r crazy!
    get kidd only if we do not have to give up too much…he is too old an expensive
    otherwise lets get ARTEST!!!!

  • Thomas

    Please Lord, let us acquire Jason Kidd and bring glory back to the Lakers like there was in the 80’s. Amen.

  • http://www.lakers.com Billy Kupchak

    [Comment ID #19155 Will Be Quoted Here]



  • gugy

    We do not need Kidd, we need a PF. That’s what the Lakers need to focus on.
    Only get Kidd if the Nets accept our scrubs. Seriously, we are OK on the PG position.

  • filosofreak

    dodoballz….”the way farmar is playing”???? come again? he’s arguably the most improved Laker this year. What are you talking about? Have you seen his shot? How much has he improved?

    anyway. I’d love to have Kidd. But losing a player like Lamar, it won’t make us better. He’s very vital in the Lakers’ success. K brown and a couple of scrubs such as Sasha for J Kidd would be ideal.


    what you guys dont understand is that kidd plays D. that is where this team is hurting. whether its nash, cp, deron, parker, barron, they all tear our pg up. kidd can stop them fron getting into the lane without a double team. if we give lo, brown, and farmar up for kidd and maglore we are much better of a team. I don’t want to hear anything about brown he is probably the worst player in the league…

  • 24allup inya

    LO Kwame and Critt for J-Kidd sounds about right!Maybe LO Kwame and 2 picks this way we can keep Critt.But you never know what you give away when you are dealing you’re picks…

  • Kriztian

    “It is the type of deal, that would give L.A. the star power to potentially push us over the top, maybe not this year, but in the years to come.”

    Thing is bro…we dont have that many years left to work with. Kidd is 34 and Kobe is about to turn 30. May not be that big a deal for Kobe but if we want Kidd’s good years, we’re not going to get it. I say push for a different trade, cause an aging Kidd wont cut it. Kobe’s body has a lot of miles on it as well as Kidd. Their bodies will begin to not recover as quickly when injury stricken. Keep Farmar. Trade Brown and Odom elsewhere.

  • 24allup inya

    Did anyone notice the’ve changed the Lakers schedule??? They now have them facing Sac in the last game and before they had them facing San an for the last two.

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    phantom, remember this though
    kidd WAS great D, now he is ok, remember last season suns nets?
    nash played best game of season, 42 points and 19 ass (or something close to that)
    so unfortunately kidd can’t play D as he used to
    Kidd is my 2nd fav player, but i do not see it worth it if we have to give away too much, he is 34 and 20MIl a year…!



    kidd will have bad games i give you that… he is far and away much better than what we have at pg. plus with this trade we will keep crit who will be a star in this league. we do not need farmar and his trade value will never be higher than now. put vlad back at the 4 and we’ll just double team when he has to guard good pf but remember they will have to guard him on the 3’s also. lo,kwame,jordon for kidd and maglore make great sense for both teams.

  • T.A.

    YOU people keep saying we dont need a PG we need a PF


    yes we have fish, far, and Critt but none of which are SUPERSTARS (now)

    KIDD will give the lakers 10 more wins in a season

  • Nabil

    [Comment ID #19220 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Maybe that was just correcting a typo or mistake.

    The funny thing in all this has been the Andrew Bynum situation. I for one was WAY OFF on judging his talent and ability/desire to improve. But hey, we can’t all be Jerry West. Kobe thought the same thing about Bynum (famously), and Jordan was all high on Kwame…just another example of Kobe being like Jordan- their greatness on the court doesn’t translate to judging potential talent.

  • keep24

    Kidd will be asking for an extention at somewhere between $20-24 mil.

    This is where we were with Shaq four years ago. Players of that age shoud be aquired for the MLE – sort of like Malone and Payton 4 years ago.

    DO we really want to be the Miami Heat team? Do we really want a superstar contract for a point guard when what we really need is a power forward?

    KIDD – only if there’s a fire sale and we’re getting him cheap.

  • http://www.thelakersnation.com Fred A.

    Say it again—Go Ricky, Go Ricky, Go Ricky This trade is what I looking for. Championship Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lakersfan17

    Odom/Kwame/Farmar for Kidd.

  • LakerforLife

    I love Jason Kidd and all, maybe one of my favorite point guards in the league, but we already have Javaris and Jordan both growing stars, and Fisher who is already a veteran guard. What needs to happen is trading Walton and Mihm + whatever for a decent small or power forward.

    We don’t need Kidd. We already have one of the best backcourts in the NBA. Fish is a good enough defender, he can score more, and he has just as much playoff experience as Kid…not to mention three more rings.

    We have Jfarmar, JCritt and Dfish.. give it some time..

  • lalakerfan

    no kidd – too old, not a upgrade from fisher since he doesn’t know our offense and isn’t a good shooter

    no jo – injury prone, overrated

    get artest – we need his defense and toughness

    imagine kobe, ariza and artest on the perimeter. talk about a defensive force!

    if we can get artest with kwame, farmar and walton, i’d do it.

  • jagjr10


  • sdsuballa

    I heard on 570 that Kidd already got traded to dallas for like devin harris, jerry stackhouse, and some other dude

  • lakerfan81

    I havent heard anything about kidd being traded to Dallas. In fact I have heard the exact opposite that there have been no talks. I don’t think Kidd is going to get moves this season. He is 34 and makes 20M. Yes he is nearly averaging a triple double but, a lot would have to be given up to match his salary for a chance at 1 maybe 2 championships with him at the 1. NJ is not likely to get any offers that are even 50 cents on the dollar for Kidd. They would be better to just keep him.

    I still think the Lakers should take a risk with Artest. Artest is likely to leave (though he says he likes SAC) after this season, so an expiring contract won’t work. ALso not many teams will be willing to give up anything significant for Artest because of his history of bad behavior. So I think the way to get him is by taking back Abdur-rahim’s or Kenny thommas’ bad contract. Kwame + Critt is about 149,000 short of Artest + Abdur-rahim. I think the Lakers got a injury trade exception from Orlando in the ariza trade, but I am not sure if they can use it here (I don’t think it can). So give them coby Karl. Sac saves a lot of money in the long run by getting rid of Abdur-rahim (Lakers can just buy him out). They get a young player with potential. Plus they can stil move Bibby to get more young talent, so I think they would go for it. A lot of people do not want to move Crittenton since he has a lot of potential, but he is not likely to see much action this year and I think adding Artest makes this team a championship contender.

  • http://www.lakers.com Billy Kupchak

    [Comment ID #19233 Will Be Quoted Here]

    yeah, get off the topic of trading for Kidd. it doesn’t really help the Lakers that much more now if we give up part of our core that’s producing right now, ok? OK!

  • http://www.lakers.com Billy Kupchak

    ..nor does it help our future!

  • fred0s

    Kidd for Odom, Radmanovic and Brown, period. If they don’t take that, then screw them. You remember what Bird was asking for O’Neal, then what happened to him?

  • lakrfan4life

    apparently, only michael_23 and a few other people are smart. if we got kidd last year it woulda been something, but now, we have fisher, and IMO, fisher is just as good as kidd. lets say we got kidd w/o trading bynum/lamar, how are we going to fit the starting line-up?
    v rad/luke
    i mean, poor fish, comes to la so he can not be a starter? i think he needs to start

  • TA

    You all are FREAKING STUPID

    KIDD would make us a contender

    and this SHIT about fish being just as good as KIDD?!?!??

    what are you smoking???

    and FISH didnt start in UTAH so why does he have to start here in LA??

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    lalaker fan i am with you
    ARTEST is the answer
    fish kobe artest ariza bynum… ridiculous DEFENSE!!!!!!!!
    we r going to kill the suns with that line up

  • Ballin_’08

    For those who say we don’t need a power forward…we need a big man on the boards and as a defensive presence…Have you guys forgotten we’re in the West???? The land of Stoudemire, Tim Duncan, Yao Ming, Boozer, Durant, Chandler,Okur,…I mean you don’t even half to be a dominant force in this league to score in the paint against us…Bynum’s defense is coming along, but it’s not what he’s known for. Turriaf is an active defender, although I wouldn’t call him an agressive threat. He plays decent man to man, but you can easily picture him being beat in a playoff series against, Stoudemire, or Duncan. He is too foul prone. We need someone who can dominate and intimidate the middle the way Shaq use to…Sorry for using the “S” word…Scoring is not our problem…Duh, we can score over 100 whenever we need to, stopping others is our biggest problem. Buss didn’t wanna extend a multi-million salary for an aging Shaq,why would he for an aging Kidd…???

  • Rpoc

    JO > Kidd for this team. Get either one with JO the priority. Kidd can play D on point guards which we get burned most of the time and JO when he’s motivated is a DPOY candidate in the front.

    Btw jojo! I just read the most ridiculous trade proposal by one of your kind:

    Chicago sends PJ and Noah to PHX; Hinrich to LA
    PHX sends Marion to LA
    LA sends Kobe to Chi.

    I thought I seen it all with homer trades but this one is on top of the list!

  • trdsol23

    We should trade luke instead of rad because rad is a shooter. There’s not point with kidd and luke on the same team if kidd passes to luke and he bricks.

  • mplakers




  • Rpoc

    They got no space unless they scrap Odom’s contract for expirings. And that’s NOT gonna happen with this FO. All of them will go for the most money. So forget that.

  • http://sirtoken Stephen Dubin

    Please no more bad trades! Forget JO, is he not what he once was! Forget Kidd , would have to give up too much for a position we our already in very good shape at. I agree with the others who want Artest. This is the need we have with this team. We need a tough defender who can score. Not more low scoring PG’s or PF who just take jump shots and get injured all the time. Both of which cost 20M and on down side of their careers. The only drawn back with Artest is his behavior, and that seems improved. Unfortunately, i don’t see any easy way to get Artest. Sac doesn’t want our expiring contract of Kwame. Maybe would take one of our PG’s and Luke? But i doubt it. ??

  • leo

    luke, farmar(or crit), kwame for artest……

    fish, kobe, artest, odom, bynum CONTENDER

  • getgasol

    Ahmed, you already said that Bynum is now untouchable. I agree. But I would add Farmar to that now. I wouldn’t trade either one of them for anyone. Those two are both future all stars. Anyone who doesn’t believe me, ask me again in 5 years.

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    get gasol, in 5 years kobe is not this kobe anymore…
    i do not give a damn about farmar, there are tons of players like him in every draft
    we have to win asap!!!!!!
    only 2 untradable are kobe and bynum, and i would add ariza too, for defensive purpose, and one of farmar and critt (we do not need 2) 1 has to be scrified to get an all star
    u cant get allstar with garbage
    forget it
    so farmar, is in every trade we request an all star

  • gugy

    We need Artest.
    Do it Mitch, Do it!

  • lakrfan4life

    ok TA, first of all, no profanity
    second of all, we need a pf who can play d and shoot the ball, we dont need kidd, the guy is old (in nba terms), he may have like 2 more years in him, then hes gone, plus he wants too much $$$. we need to get a defender in the pf spot, i would agree that artest is a good fit, but hes a liability with his attitude. we need brand.

  • 24allup inya

    [Comment ID #19249 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Estas pendejo

  • lakrfan4life

    i agree with 24allup inya, some people in thsi world are just…never mind

  • lakrfan4life

    ***this world

  • kb24 4life

    i agree , trade kwame for artest now!!!