This was an interesting statistic:

Throughout Pau Gasol’s career as a Grizz, his FG% has been at about a 50%.

As a Laker, thus far, his FG% is at 58%.

So I ask, does Kobe make great players better or do people still want to argue this?

  • Phant0M

    People already assume assists make the person better
    but they neglect stats lke these


  • dom

    yes, thats why he deserves the mvp

  • ricky

    the reason why gasol’s FG percentage is up so much is because kobe draws so much attention, whether its double or triple teams, and it gives gasol very good looks at the hoop. the other thing is that, unlike kwame, gasol can actually finish a play and score the points.

  • daboss1848

    20 games dont a % make . . . can we wait b4 we get so defensive about our idol.

  • mikedeezy2k8

    lol back in when he played in memphis he was taking all the shots lol, now he doesnt have to take near as many


    Kobe makes people better by example NOT BY WORDS(that’s for when they’re not performing to THEIR INDIVIDUAL ABILITIES,where’s the camera).

  • MILO


  • ab4sure

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    good point… he is taking less shots and better shots. Same with Kobe… kobe is taking less shots and usually they are better but not always.

    This is not a perfect example LD2k…if a then b… if gasol is shooting better then kobe makes them better…?????? What if I said Bynum makes kobe better???? Without Bynum kobe led his team to about a 500 record but with Bynum the lakers were 17-3…. before he hurt himself. One thing doesn’t exactly cause the other but it does influence it to a certain degree.

    Does kobe make things easier for Gasol and Bynum… Yes much??? Does Gasol and Bynum make things easier for kobe???? yes how much… the how much is what is up for debate. Kobe is shooting better with a Big Man also.

  • BEC

    Its always a two way street. Its not one person that makes someone better, its everyone. Gasols playing better in LA because one Kobe helps spread floor, as well as Gasol having better outside shooters fish, kb, vlad, sasha, really help open up the middle to operate. Obviously Kobes the main focus for the defense to key on, so Gasols not the main focus, but its not just kobe, fish, vlad, and others help make everyone better, its always done as a team.

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    Although I do believe Bynum makes Kobe better somewhat, inside out game a one two punch will make both better, but record doesnt have much to do with that. Its the lack of talent and depth that cause .500 and 17-3 w/AB. AB is a lot of talent. IMO Kobe plays just as good on the offensive end with or without a big man, Kobe just that skilled. What Bynum brings is more of a defensive presence agasint dribble penetration, so teams cant score as much, hence more wins, that doesnt really make Kobe, it just makes the team better so more wins. Gasol brings a more of a consistent one two punch on the offensive, more help, so they score more hence win more. Kobes just really gifted on the offensive end, i dont think you can really make him better on that end, gasol and bynum just bring more help really so Kobe doesnt have to do as much, more weapons just makes things easier to win. If you compare this year where he had Bynum or Gasol for most of the season he shoots 28.6ppg 45.8%, but in 05-06 where he had no help, Kwame starting and all that garbage, he shot 45% 35ppg. I think just bottom line, we just have more talent, and if you have more talent, youre going to win more, just because we won more with Bynum doesnt nesecarily mean Bynum makes Kobe better.

  • Rpoc

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    He only takes 1.9 shots less than he did in Memphis because he’s playing on an average of less than 2.9 minutes than he did there.

    I’m not seeing much significance in this argument.

  • ab4sure

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    Basketball when played right is a very integrated game where one player affects another. Making things easier for other players also makes them better. They get easier shots, open looks, etc… The way teams played kobe the last few yrs is they let him score his points but didn’t want to get others involve. As long as the rest of the team didn’t score, they were satisfied. Now they can’t do that with more weapons on the lakers. Against the grizz… kobe had 53 pts. but i think he played better against the wizards even though he shot a low percentage and scored less.

    If you think a center doesn’t make kobe “better” “easier”.. then I guess you have to say kobe doesn’t make the centers better. I think they both make each other “better”. And if you make each other better….. you get more wins…

  • Billy Kupchak

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