toohotLakers Examiner: The link between the Los Angeles Lakers and the film industry has existed since the Lakers moved to sunny California 48 years ago.

With the 81st annual Academy Awards just around the corner, I thought it only fitting to introduce my own set of Academy Awards for the Lakers.

Best Laker in a leading role- Kobe Bryant

This is more of a slam dunk than Mickey Rourke‘s performance in The Wrestler. Kobe has been the driving force on a Laker team that has risen above the NBA’s elite to become the favorite to win it all. He’s learned to get his (improved) teammates involved, but can still drop 61 points and a 360 dunk if you’re not careful.

Runner-up: Pau Gasol, who has been more consistent than anyone imagined, putting his diverse skill-set on display every single game. And earning an All-Star nod in the process.

Best Laker in a supporting roleLuke Walton

The Lakers provide such an exciting atmosphere, sometimes it’s easy to overlook what Walton does out there. He’s a smart player that provides a stabilizing force on a team that can get out of control. Oh yeah, and he’s also one of the few guys on the Lakers that actually WANTS to pass. Luke embraced his role as a benchwarmer early in the year, only to earn back his place in the starting lineup through hard work and perseverance. When Luke plays 19+ minutes, the Lakers are 15-0. Coincidence?

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  • DWinsRings

    wow did they just say walton is supporting cast award instead of Ariza, and Ariza was runner up and ti was a toss up coin, NO that is tottaly wrong, by the way when Ariza scores 10+ points nad has 2 steals we are 20-0(I MADE IT UP)

  • ignard

    Luke Walton over Trev, Pau ,Drew and Lamar……..shows how STUPID that article was/is.

  • imfasterthanur

    This just in:

    When Pau Gasol starts, we’re on top of the West with a 44-10 record.