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The Jersey shore seems to be a popular destination for Jackson’ cast-off’s, where Sasha Vujacic will join another ex-Lakers guard, Jordan Farmar, on a 6-19 Nets squad.

According to several ESPN resources, the Lakers will receive veteran forward Joe Smith – who just celebrated his 91st birthday and will be playing for his 43rd NBA team – and the draft rights to Houston’s Sergei Lishchuk (or, as our own Kam Pashai suggests, just ‘Lish’). Additionally, the champs will give New Jersey their 2011, lottery protected, first-rounder and receive a pair of second-rounders in return.

By all indications, the Nets are looking to re-boot the Machine right away.

“We’re gonna need Sasha to play immediately. We need help at the combo guard spot. We’re gonna want him to play on the ball and off the ball and knock down some shots”, said Nets head coach, Avery Johnson.

Upon hearing about the proposed deal on Tuesday, Mr. Sharapova expressed some frustration about his diminished role on this Lakers team.

“It’s terrible. I’m 26 years old. I played a few years [consistently] and the last couple years, playing on and off, it was just killing me. We’ll see, if it happens then I definitely want to double what I did in LA.”

I am not entirely sure how you can double next to nothing, but I am sure that all 700 Nets fans will be anxiously waiting…

  • Gugy

    Well Sasha the only person you can blame is yourself bro.
    You played well in 2008 got a great contract then completely disappeared.
    So screw you bro, go the the Nets and have fun losing for the rest of your career.
    At least you have Sharapova as consolation. She’s damn hot!

    • executor102405

      this just in. Sharapova and Vujacic call off engagement after Masha found out Sasha is no longer a Laker. :))

      • lakersno834

        You know.. It’s Ironic. If you date a Russian Girlfriend, and plan to marry her. You have to first deal with a Russian Owner. Russian fans are rooting for Sasha that’s for sure.


    It’s always hard to get traded or have to be sent somewhere else knowing that your current team didn’t need you. All I can say is thanks for the good times. You were definetly needed last year with your dagger free throws to the celtics. Your tenasity D’ will be missed but not the foul that always came after your D’. What I’m trying to say is congradulations on landing on a team that needs a player and you being a player that needs to play in a team. By the way, be careful w/ showing off your fiancee because she is russian, your owner is russian, she watches the game out of the owner’s suite then no lakers, no sharapova, and ultimately no team. Just giving you heads up.

    • C Ya

      That is a great point:-)

    • Sonny

      LOL Sasha bang bang the ball his owner bang bang his fiance :)

  • laker warrior

    Good Luck your were a warrior when we needed you.
    But as life goes when its time to move on your kicked in the ass .
    It was hard to watch you struggle at times knowing that u
    had game .
    Good luck and keep that hot looking wife close bye.

  • Jack

    Good luck Sasha. Here’s your last chance to prove to the league that you belong in the NBA! :)

  • 3StarAndTheSun

    does this mean we get 2011 second round draft pick from the Nets? if this true thats good news lol

    I’m very dissapointed that Laker gave away their 1st draft pick…………but not anymore lol

    • Ruin818

      Lakers didnt give away their 1st round draft pick.. Its Lottery protected from 1 to 18. Which means that if our pick lands in any one of those, its hours to use… Anything after that.. its NJ’s.

      • 3StarAndTheSun

        ur right but the Lakers will receive Nets veteran power forward Joe Smith, two second-round picks from New Jersey and the draft rights to Sergei Lishchuk from the Rockets.

        • Ruin818

          um… i know that, I was just shedding some light on the draft pick issue… Im glad to see you looked it up for yourself.

    • gameplan

      who cares about the the first round draft pick on 2011? lakers still have kobe, pau and lamar till 2014 I think. and still have 2 rookies. Lakers are not rebuilding so giving up first round through 2013 doesn’t matter at all if you still have kobe and pau. Mitch kcan pick up free agent veteran like what blakes and barnes gives the Lakers. 1st round pick only matters from pick 1-10 co’z there will never be kobe like at no. 13.

      • 3StarAndTheSun

        yeah but Lakers is getting old dawg

  • keeponkeepinon18

    Thanks for the good times Sasha. While most others will likely not admit it, it was momentous in having you along for the journey. Good luck with your future; push Jordy!


    Well you got traded. At least when someone over there gets in your face during practice just say…”I know what I’m doing, I’m the machine….besides, how many rings did you win doing it your way?” Then just put up the peace sign side ways, tap your chest with the peace sign twice, kiss the peace sign, then walk away but still holding out that peace sign.

  • Lakers

    wow…lakers are getting older and older…we might be the oldest team in nba now..

    • Gugy

      after the Celtics and Spurs, maybe. LOL

  • Jorge

    I think we’re the oldest cuz it says Joe Smith celebrated his 91st birthday lol and apparently there’s more than 30 teams in the league lol

  • mike

    yo who cares if we get older, spurs were successful and take a look back at us from 00,01 and 02 besides kobe we were a decently old team, ago>youth

  • lakerman1

    Age and experience always matter gentlemen. The over the hill teams you all seem to mention are 3 of the top 4 teams in the NBA along with Dallas. Don’t be so quick to dismiss Age. There is already too much of that in the USA. I am 61 in Jan and i have a hell of a lot more to give and probably have more knowledge and am healthier and in better shape then some of you younger folks. I am by no means on my way out and i mean for decades. Anyway 19 & 7 sounds good to me. The 3peat is in the horizons.

  • xtro

    is it mitch done trading before the deadline after the sasha/smith trade? walton next perhaps?

    • lakerman1

      Luke’s not going anywhere he would haved been gone by now. He will probably be offered a scouting position once his contract expires. I think the Laker Org likes the guy. Being liked goes a long way, sometimes even more then being good.

  • Michael Burton

    Terrible article. Terribly written.

    Deal makes sense for all teams involved.

    Maybe Sasha can find a groove in New Jersey if he finds some minutes. Not a lot of minutes available with #24 on the court.


    Hahaha! So classic… “I am not entirely sure how you can double next to nothing, but I am sure that all 700 Nets fans will be anxiously waiting…” He was able to offend Sasha the Nets, and their fans all in the same breath!

    I do wish Sasha the very best! I’m so glad that the memory that I’ll be taking with me from Sasha is NOT only the RAY ALLEN DRIVING AROUND HIM FOR A BACK BREAKING LAYUP IN THE FINALS IN 2008, but also the one WHERE HE CAME IN THE WANNING SECONDS OF GAME 7 AND HIT 2 HUMONGOUS FREE THROWS TO ICE THE GAME AND THE CHAMPIONSHIP FOR OUR LAKERS!

    Thanks for the latter memory Sasha, not the former! Good luck Mr Sharapova! I hope that you’ll stay Mr Sharapova after this trade and move!

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