Bynum?As depressing as last week was by losing out on the KG sweepstakes, Lakers fans are buzzing with the new s this morning about Jermaine O’Neal and his desire to play in LA alongside Kobe Bryant. So far, it has seemed as if the Lakers lost a lot of leverage with Kobe’s trade demands, but it looks like the pendulum is finally starting to swing back in our direction. Obviously, if the Lakers are somehow able to land JO without giving up Odom, it would be an ideal trade.

The question is, does management see it that way?

Well my fellow purple and gold friends, we will soon see. Since last season’s trade deadline where the trigger was not pulled for Jason Kidd, Lakers fans have really began to understand just how untouchable baby Bynum is. Well, with this JO talk now surfacing, Lakers fans will finally know whether or not the team is going to build for the present around Bryant or build for the future around Bynum. It is decision time for Lakers management, and though a trio of KB/LO/JO doesn’t win you a championship alone, the foundation to be put in a championship position would be in place.

So, if Odom is not in the deal, what would the deal be? Would you deal Bynum, Kwame, Cook & Crittendon for JO and possibly Harrison? Obviously, the fillers can change, but if it meant keeping Lamar Odom, do you pull the trigger??

My opinion: SHIP HIM OUT!

  • shortdiezel

    IF THE PACERS ARE REBUILDING.. GIVE THEM BYNUM and FARMAR.. not Crittenton.. I THINK HE HAS TOO MUCH POTENTIAL AS A BIG GUARD.. AND THEN OBVIOUSLY WE WOULD HAVE TO INCLUDE MO EVANS, COOK, RADMON, SASHA (is he still on the team) or LUKE (I’d hate to let him go, but that would be the key piece in any trade)

  • Shane Bien

    Obviously sending Farmar out would be the first choice, but the idea was overpaying without Odom. That’s why I put Critter in there

  • mr47

    I agree that we need to send Bynum if the opportunity comes (leave LO).

    I would have to say that “Ship his f****** a$$ out is a bit harsh. I would say, “bynum, we know you’re good, but this is for the good of the team. Can you kindly leave…….right now…..please.”

  • lakerfan81

    Why does everyone want to trade Farmar?? right now he is out starting PG. He already has a year of experience. he was our best PG last year. Yes Crittenton has more potential. But he is a rook and will not get many minutes. Fisher won’t start, he will come off the bench and play limited minutes so that he can be fresh for the playoffs. So do people really want Crittenton to start?

  • DeepFrost


  • RedlandsLakerfan

    If the pacers are asking for Odom and Bynum then give it to them. The lakers should pull the trigger on this one. Boston sent all their young talent to have a title shot now. The Lakers are not the Oakland Athletics or Twins which are small market clubs that can’t afford superstar talent. The owner should stop being cheap and try to win now. Bynum might turn out to be a good center but that is just a maybe. Kobe is one of the best ever and his talent only comes around every twenty years.Phil Jackson’s book had a comment made by Dr Buss That he wanted two more titles to catch up with Boston. Dr Buss you are nearing your 80’s make the move now or watch Boston move to 17. titles

  • Faith

    Just a quick question…does Jermaine make you think of “happy days ahead”? I know, I know the whole KG thing has passed :-( Can’t help but be sad about it still. But Jermaine and Kobe with us keeping LO would make me happy lol.

  • Michael_23


    Farmar idolizes Steve Nash. He said so in the Laker preseason last year. He ran the fast break well when he was in UCLA and we saw glimpses of that this season. If Farmar can be half of what Steve Nash is today then I like his future with the Lakers.

    The media says that Farmar is a true point guard. And that is rare to have in today’s game.

    It’ll be interesting who will come off the bench. Fish, Farm, or Critt?

  • as1084

    im really depressed that we didnt get KG but it might have been better for the lakers. the lakers are better with a KB/LO/JO combo than just KB/KG. I am hoping we aquire JO without giving up LO more than I was hoping for KG because the team wont be gutted and the lakers are better of with JO.

  • lakerfan81

    Faith I agree. Someone told me that Indiana originally wanted a package of Bynum, a PG, fillers for JO. but the lakers were unwilling to part with Bynum. Not sure if that is true but i would guess that if they could get O’neill without losing Odom that it would be a trade they would have to consider (for about 1 second then say OK).

    Trade Bynum, Brown, Critt (or Farmar but Id rather trade Critt but it wouldn’t be a deal breaker), Sasha and Cook for JO. Then sign Brown if they can, or Brian Skinner or some big body that can play some defense and grab a few rebounds. then the Lakers would have line up of:

    Mihm/Brown or Skinner or someone.

    That would be a pretty good line up. Much better than what he have now.

  • Pedro La Pacas

    Get JO Mitch,
    Pull the trigger unless if you want to be known as one of the worst GMs in NBA history. Ship Bynum out and keep Odom, I believe that a Kobe/JO/LO combination is much better than a KG/Pierce/Allen combination. Do it Mitch save your job!

  • lakerfreak

    giving up odom for Jo would be dumber then trading caron butler for kwame brown or not trading bynum for kidd
    Jermaine O’Neal
    Indiana Pacers
    Position: F-C
    Height: 6-11 Weight: 260
    High School : Eau Claire HS (SC)
    Player file | Team stats

    2006-07 Statistics
    PPG 19.4
    RPG 9.6
    APG 2.4
    SPG 0.7
    BPG 2.6
    FG% 0.436
    FT% 0.767
    3P% 0.000
    MPG 35.6

    Lamar Odom
    Los Angeles Lakers
    Position: F
    Height: 6-10 Weight: 230
    College : Rhode Island
    Player file | Team stats

    2006-07 Statistics
    PPG 15.9
    RPG 9.8
    APG 4.8
    SPG 0.9
    BPG 0.6
    FG% 0.468
    FT% 0.700
    3P% 0.297
    MPG 39.3

    and odom is the second option on a western conference team while JO is the first option on an eastern conference team plus odom is younger

  • rpouncy14

    Damn, ahead & get rid of Andrew Bynum & get Jermaine O’neal!!!

  • keep24

    If Bynum had any heart, we would not be having this conversation. The only KID I ever saw that had any heart was KB. That’s why he is who he is. When he would come off the bench not only he led the league in points off the bench but you see it in his eyes. He wanted it more than anyone else.

    Ship his @$$ out. And, while we’re at it, ship Cook out as well.

  • cyrus


    I agree with you, Farmar is a proven player. Critt. Played well in the Summer League, but that’s all what it is, Summer League. We don’t know how he would perform against Nash, Parker, Wade etc.

    Besides, Phil Jackson doesn’t like coaching rookies it took him all season to get Farmar “started”. Let Critt. go,

  • ONE


  • keep24


    8 plus 2 plus 4 plus 8 plus 1 = 23

  • MacBSlick

    This isnt about “Bynum having potential”. This is about Kobe playing in his 13th season with some vetern help. We will be lucky if we get to see Kobe play another 5 seasons. Most NBA players retire after 13 seasons. Get his Ass some Help and do it now. We cant wait for any developing to take place, L.O. included. L.O. is a waste. he has never truely developed into an allstar and I personally think he never will. Hes been hurt and has had to rehab just about every year hes played in this league. KOBE NEEDS REAL HELP NOW BEFORE HE CANT PLAY ANYMORE. Please ship them out today. Youve already wasted 3 seasons. How much more gambling with Kobes health and Future can we stand. Please get him some Help.

  • Fred A.

    What are you talking about Farmer being a Steve Nash. There
    is another reason to put Farmer in that deal to get JO.
    Steve Nash he can’t even get to the finals with best talent around him in the history of the game. That is the whole problem with the Suns they are still holding on to Nash.
    So I say ship Bynum/Radmonivic/Cook/Farmer/and a Firstrounder for JO (and possible Harrison or Granger).
    Indy is basiclly get almost a good team back in return.
    A good young center that is still learning, two very good shooters that play small forward, and a good point guard that is still young and ready to improve.
    Critt, we should keep him cause I see instant Ron Harper in him. Do you remeber Harper played for us he was amazing and smartt on the court.
    I say a :) Fisher/Bryant/LO/JO/Mihm :) line up will be a
    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :)

  • dark_ice18

    Fred A.

    they would never give up granger along with oneal

  • fred0s

    No, just trade Bynum, Brown and some fillers. We have to do everything we can to keep Crittenton and Farmar. Hell, that is our future backcourt, so I do whatever you can to keep them. As much as I would like to keep Bynum, if he is what is needed to get JO, then we should give him up, But I don’t think we should give up 2/3 of our future away for someone we could probably get for much less next year.

    Ideal solution, lets see how things play out. Once Bird get desperate, he will be able to force his hand. And if not, JO will opt out, and sign with us.