I find it funny. Over the past two years the Suns have eliminated the Lakers from the post-season, only to go on and fall short both times in the WCF’s. The Suns head coach said earlier this year that his team will “bust the Lakers up come post season.” Now with Gasol aboard, and our win tonight defeating the Suns on the year 3-1, the coach doesn’t even want us in the playoffs! Too bad D’Antoni won’t get us in the first round, it’ll hurt much less than us knocking them out later in…

P.E.com: The Lakers and Suns have met in the playoffs the past two years, with Phoenix the winner both times. Coach Phil Jackson and Suns coach Mike D’Antoni have exchanged words. This has become a more intense rivalry, and now O’Neal has been added to the mix.

“I don’t know if it can be any more (intense),” D’Antoni said. “It’s pretty good. … Hopefully, we don’t meet them in the playoffs.

  • Kim The pimp MCDaddy

    Nice to hear D’Antoni say that he doesn’t hope to meet us in the playoffs….

    We have a scary team, and we’ll be the best team by far when Bynum and Ariza returns….

    The only team i see as very hard competition is Boston, we have had troubles playing against them the last two times, but hopefully Detroit will beat them in the East PO,

  • Neo-Laker Era

    The only way they’re not going to face us in the playoffs is if they don’t make the playoffs or another team knocks them out first! Bring it on, baby!!!!

  • LakersOnFire

    all will fall.

  • dc20

    i hate to break it to ya, but its spelt definition

  • getgasol

    Ah Ha Ha!

    Bring on the Spurs and Celts. If we play just as well against them as we did the Suns, than I’m not afraid of anyone. I’m not even worried about Dallas.

  • http://www.lakerfan24.com Jayvee

    Hey D’Antoni! What about your statement “busting up the Lakers in the playoffs every year?”

  • daboss1848


  • LakersFirst

    Every team in the NBA is taking notice and how the Lakers continue to get better and better and better. No team in the NBA wants to play us, especially when Bynum and Ariza come back.

  • gugy

    D’antoni is an assh•le.
    He and Nash, Amare and Bell they are all a bunch of arrogant. Now add Shaq, it will be great to beat the crap out of them in the playoffs.

  • http://www.lakers.com Billy Kupchak

    [Comment ID #26990 Will Be Quoted Here]

    *spelled :-D

  • vida24

    haha i am lovin it !

  • Frank

    I like the respect!

  • lalakerfan

    never say never…they may very well fall into the 7th or 8th seed and if we land the 2nd or 1st…then first round sweep is in order

  • lakers4life

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  • Thomas

    He’s afraid of us and knows what we can do now and is afraid of what will happen when Andrew Bynum gets back.

  • KONG!

    Now he’s not talking about beating us in the playoffs like he did earlier in the season. BACK-DOWN punk, LAKERS are in business!

  • kaynam24

    get scared

  • yash

    ya Weve kind of been scared of them before but who scared of us now. Pretty much everyone. Go Lakers. And that shaq trade was pretty stupid