gasolcorexAlex McKechnie the Athletic performance coordinator for the Los Angeles Lakers has worked for years to perfect his Core X System.  It’s the total body work out system that the Lakers use before each game and practice.  The Core X System focuses on muscle activation and core stabilization to achieve a professional level work out. Alex’s background as a rehab professional gives him unique insight into how the body responds to certain exercises and movements.  All of this is incorporated into the one of a kind workout program that is the Core X System.

In the 25 years that Alex has worked with professional, Olympic and other top level teams and athletes he has achieved a high success rate on many levels.  Now, Alex has managed to design a system that can work for everyone.  The Core X System is a staple of workout routines everywhere from pro teams and injured superstars to house wife’s looking to lose their love handles.

The Core X System has many uses: total body workout, rehab tool, and warm up muscle activation system that can be combined with your normal work out routine.  The Core X System activates the core and abs, works the upper and lower body as well as an excellent conditioning tool.  So whether you are a weekend warrior, a high school athlete trying to get to the next level in your workouts, or a Professional superstar, the Core X System is the right tool at the right time to go pro with your workout.

Visit,, or click on the banner ad here on The Lakers Nation page and take a look at the many affordable packages to get you started with the same, easy to use work out system your favorite team uses.

  • CK

    how much money do you guys get from this ad?

  • kb24

    really? Interesting

  • Fred

    i’ve been hearing this ad on espn sports radio on the time now…i didn’t believe that the lakers used it or maybe their bench players…but see pau use it definitely changes my mind, maybe…

  • John

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    I was thinking the exact same thing. LOL

  • sketch

    I’m sure that this CORE-X training really works…

  • EL10

    If Lakers win the championship this year, I’ll buy it, whether it works or not lol.

  • the ape

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    hahahaha! i like that. same here!

  • Chase

    This summer is going to be live, I just bought one from their site to get my game ready for the beach!

  • kb24

    wow thats aweomse that you edit my post for me

  • Lakezilla

    I’ve heard about this over the years and I see the banner ad with Luke Walton’s face on it. Ummmmmm……I don’t think Luke screams athleticism so I would probably go with somebody else as a face if I were them. Besides Luke has been using this for a couple years and he’s slower than ever so I think I’ll stick to my resistance/free weight training. My brother-in-law is an Army ranger and he showed me some core workouts that they do…..killer.

  • sketch

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    Yo! why’d you guys censor what i wrote? it was perfectly legit and i didn’t use any cuss words! man, talk about big brother watching! hahaha.

  • Imadogg

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    Hahaha yea, replace Luke’s face with someone else for better results

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  • wheelchair

    this was last month…….no one cares

  • Wilt

    This looks worse than the Shamwow! Na im kiding its probably good.

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  • katduque

    “This looks worse than the Shamwow! ”

    AHAHAHAHA! Loove it

  • Oriba

    I’ll say one thing……I’ve been to a few of the Laker’s open practices, and always see at least one of the players using this. Usually though, it’s those coming back from injury.

  • cjm

    Pau has it attached incorrectly, you are supposed to hook it up to your johnson (I hear)

  • Mirth

    WTH, do you guys just keep bumping this post to the top? If you need to have ads I understand, but don’t try to play this off as if it’s a “story”

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    agreed, its pretty annoying & makes it hard to find real stories.