Lamar Odom joined the Lakers in 2004, and sitting here in 2009 he is still the most perplexing individual on this roster.

Why do I say that? Well we still can’t put a finger on Lamar. A player that some people call a walking mismatch, others call him Lamar O-dumb.

You love him then you hate him, you want to trade him but when the rumors get thick you cringe at the thought.

Regardless, you got to have deep respect for a man that has given his all to this organization. Playing with a torn labrum in the 2007 Playoffs, coming back strong mentally after the devastating and tragic death of his infant son, and a guy that has said multiple times that he wants to retire a Laker.

One of Odom’s biggest fans is hall of fame coach Pat Riley, who gave him a second chance with the Heat, after the Clippers said Lamar had, “issues of character, and other risks involved.” Riley signed him to a 63 million dollar contract, and called him “one of the most unique players that he has ever seen.”

Not a bad statement from a man that had coached players such as James Worthy, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and of course Magic Johnson.

Speaking of Magic Johnson, Riley then said this about Odom.

“He is the only player to come into this league, who had the ability to play like Earvin (Magic) Johnson.”

A player that was once known for his Marijuana habit, was now being compared to the best point guard in NBA history.

Lamar revived his career in Miami, on the court he averaged 17.1 points, and 9.7 rebounds a game. But what was most important was what he did off the court. He said, “For the first time in my life I felt like a grown man, How I think. How I act. My relationships with people were changing and evolving.”

Lamar finally got the big picture. It wasn’t about the lavish lifestyle, partying, and doing whatever you wanted to do. It was about being a professional and taking your profession seriously.

Lamar was then tied to one of the most controversial and covered trades in recent time when the Lakers shipped out the “most dominant center in NBA history” Shaquille O’Neal to Miami in exchange for Brian Grant, Caron Butler, and of course Lamar Odom.

He was now a Laker and now instead of being compared to Magic Johnson, he was now the Scottie Pippen, to Kobe’s Michael Jordan.

As we all know that never worked out. But when Pau Gasol came to town last February, Lamar said, “Were like a rock and roll group” and that he wouldn’t mind being the third option on this team.

Andrew Bynum then came back from injury this year, and a lot of people were now saying Lamar is the 4th option.

In this years training camp, Phil Jackson decided that Lamar would be better suited off the bench. Becoming that Manu Ginobli sixth man type, and be the first option of the second unit.

However with the superb play of Trevor Ariza, and Jordan Farmar, people can argue Lamar may be the 6th or 7th best player on this team.

Sound kind of weird? Here is a question if the Lakers could only keep Ariza or Lamar who would you pick? How about Jordan Farmar or Lamar?

Kind of tricky, fans may be on both sides, but the fact is, Lamar is no longer asked to be the Scottie, or compared to Magic. He is just a talented piece to the Lakers championship puzzle.

At 29 years old, Lamar has gave us a body of work that we can judge him on. He is a unbelievably gifted athlete who has the ability any given night to score 35, or grab 20 boards, or dish out 18 assists. He also can produce a stat line of zero points, one board, and one assist in 20 minutes of play.

All that being said, Lamar will be an important piece in this years championship run. I also see a few games during the playoffs where he has a coming out party, and helps lift this team to the promise land.

Inconsistent may be a great word when describing Lamar. But he has made great strides in his life, and made a lot of sacrifices in order to compete for the city of Los Angeles.

You may not get Lamar Odom, you may think he failed at being all he can be. But I’ll tell you on thing, you got to respect the man.

Here’s to Lamar Joseph Odom in helping us get that ring that we all know is ours, because we all know one thing you can’t question an NBA champion.

  • Kristian

    excellent excellent article. fantastic! thank you!

    Lamar is the backbone of the 2nd unit’s offense, he is the only guy on the team besides Pau and Kobe who has the ability to create his own shot on any given possession. that’s absolutely huge for this team.

  • LakersFirst

    Full disclosure – I’m not a huge LO fan. He’s just too inconsistent. However, I have noticed this year that he is more active defensively and he seems quicker. At most LO is a player that should make $5M – $8M per year, not the double digit millions he has been getting from his current contract (people can thank Pat Riley for LO’s huge contract).

  • gugy

    I really like Lamar at times, he seems so great. But unfortunately most of the times he seems lost and make dumb mistakes.

    Not sure if the Lakers should continue with the LO experiment past this season.
    If Lamar was as consistent as Pau, he would be an All Star for many years.

  • kobe8

    he just has to be consistent thats all.

  • http://www.thelakersnation.com Ricky Dieffenbacher

    this is the first article i read in my life that actally is nice to Lamar…i mean the guys been through alot…and he still keeps trying

  • KONG!

    at least he’s not as bad as vlad “space cadet” radmanovichasdsdf..aghk

  • Paul

    [Comment ID #60071 Will Be Quoted Here]


    I like the guy regardless though. Cause I know he does his job defensively, he just gets lots of questionable fouls like when he blocks layups.

  • imfasterthanur

    There’s no doubt that he is a physically gifted athlete. There is not doubt that he has matured into a really likable person (according to teammates).

    But none of this changes the mental lapses he has from time to time. Since day-1 I have always wanted Lamar on the Lakers and do not regret feeling that way. But I think I can speak for everyone when I say that he has so much more potential that he can reach, but its up to HIM and him alone.

    This is a nice article and all, but he plays for the LA Laker. Not only does that mean he currently plays with one of the most intense and talented shooting gaurds to ever play the game in Kobe Bryant, but he plays for a team rich in history and stardom and wearing the uniform is a F**king blessing in itself.

    Odom’s mistakes are mental. But that does NOT mean that they are not fixable, or un-trainable. The question is whether or not HE is dedicated to reaching a new level of mental focus that can take his game to the level that we all know he is PHYSICALLY capable of.

    Like the new Kobe Bryant commercial, “If you really want it”. and THAT is the reason fans like me get pissed off when he makes bone headed mental mistakes – I can live with a missed jumpshot or an understandable turnover, but the focus is what bothers me. I like Odom as an LA Laker, but I would love it if the light bulb finally flashed on…and stayed on.

  • Michael

    You definetely have to give the guy respect after all hes been through..but his attitude and mentality on the court is what prevents him from living up to his potential. If you guys watched the lost to the bobcats, everytime they would show him, he would have a wierd smile on his face; even after missing a critical free throw down the stretch. He just doesn’t have the killer instinct or competitiveness that it takes to win it all. His attitude just doesnt fit the team’s current agenda which is winning the championship.

    Given the fact that the trade deadline is coming up, I feel that we should try to shop him around. He brings so much to the table: versatility, size, depth to our bench and frontcourt, but you never know what he is going to bring day in and day out. His inconsistency was exploited against the Celtics in the Finals and we just can’t gamble on him this year.

    What we desperately need is to fill the void in our starting line up. We need a small forward that can defend Pierce and Lebron. Someone that can be a threat on the offensive side of the ball as well. Ariza is a great fit but he is very valuable to our second team. Vlad and Luke just can’t cut it. If I had a choice I would still try to pick up Marion. He brings quickness on the defensive end and a threat on offense.

    Hopefully, Odom proves me wrong, but year after year he has shown to be consistently inconsistent. His expiring contract also gives us motivation to move him.

  • Greg

    I would love to trade him for Steven Jackson or Ron Artest. He is talented but frustrating….

  • Odom the worst player

    This guy cannot create his shot. He does the same thing every time, drives left and misses the layup. This guy sucks plain and simple.

  • laballer24

    Amen to Odom suckin’.

  • L.G.Fuad411

    he’s had the potential to be the best nba player in the league all his career. he is just inconsistent, and doesn’t have the drive to do that.

  • G-Small

    Lamar O-DUMB

  • YellowPurpleFever

    [Comment ID #60064 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Amen Brother! Mitch can sign him for 6 mil to 7 mil max/3 years to lead the second units. Or wait til the summer to pick up a solid PF with LO’s $. I do like him as a person(mumbling)yeah, yeah

  • http://www.myspace.com/dbricks David Brickley

    [Comment ID #60091 Will Be Quoted Here]

    The Lamar O-dumb line was a direct quote from G-Small in the article. lol

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    sorry he has to go!
    tired of his inconsistency!
    we already saw it…it does not work!
    we need someone that can defend consistently and that can make 2 damn free throws in a row!!!!!

  • Smush Walton

    Lamar is a hopeless case. This is his 10th season but he consistently keeps making the same DUMB mistakes, time and time again. Traveling, clumsy charging fouls, poor defense, ridiculous one-armed play, constantly going up for rebounds with one hand – ridiculous! horrible from the 3 point arc.

    The problem is after 10 years – you get what you get with Lamar. The coaches could keep hammering him one these deficiencies every day for another 10 years but without question he would keep making the same dumb mistakes.

    Why? Simply put, Lamar does not have the drive, passion, or mental ability to focus on his game. Other more dedicated players (like Ariza) come back from the offseason with marked improvement, but not Lamar. After losing a big game or a poor performance, more dedicated players (like Pau) come back with a vengence, but not Lamar. Frankly, he’s just laughing it up and BS-ing all the time and going through the motions, just fun and fancy free! He just doesn’t give a $hit. His level of effort and commitment is more suited to a team like the Clippers, but not to a class organization like the Lakers. The time has come to pull the plug on this flatliner.

  • David “RedSnapper” Stern

    Well, I certainly didn’t expect a puff piece on Lamar the day after his epic failure on the court – one that encapsulated his failure as a player throughout his career.

    I don’t have to respect Lamar the man – in fact I can’t, because I don’t know the man.

    I do know that I also cannot respect Lamar the professional basketball player for a far different reason – I “know” him all too well through his body of work.

    His inconsistency serves as an intermittent reminder of what he could be if he ever really dedicated himself to his craft – something he has never done. His conduct this season alone perfectly illustrates the overriding issue of “character” that has marred his career.

    First, he reports to camp out of shape – a fact made worse not only by the Lakers’ championship aspirations, but also by virtue of this being a “contract year” for Lamar. (I shudder at the concept, but the fact is, most NBA players gain focus and dedication one year in each contract cycle, and you don’t need to be an economist to guess which one.)

    Then, when notified that Phil has plans for him coming off the bench, he spends the first month sulking over the decision, focusing on the fact that this is a contract year for him, while sprinkling in heavy doses of delusion about his personal level of accomplishment as a player to this point.

    In fact, I’ve seen very little in Lamar’s game to indicate that he has seriously focused on improving as a player at any time. His status as a “one-handed wonder” at this level points less to his innate limitations and more to his failure to identify and work on improving his weaknesses.

    Lamar has been an overpaid source of alternating frustration and joy throughout his career, but I for one am looking ahead to his departure with a sense of impending relief.

    At one time, the Lakers were a team whose roster was dominated by “losers” – players who look at their NBA careers as a source of paychecks, and who shrink like wool in hot water when faced with critical moments in games. Players lacking the competitive fire that drives others to work relentlessly on their games, despite their status, because winning and perfection is what motivates them. This team is now down to just 2-3 “losers”, and soon that number will diminish by one.

    I for one can’t wait.

  • xUSCx

    Lamar needs to go. I am so sick of people sticking up for this guy. What has he ever done to merit all the support he gets from his fanboys? Don’t tell me about how great of a guy he is and how much he has given to this organization by playing hurt in the playoffs. Big friggin deal he played with a tear…probably just a move to cover his butt so he wouldn’t get traded that summer…how many rings has odom helped us win? If this was the NFL, his butt would have been gone long ago…Look, he just never worked out. Why? Because Lamar is not 100% dedicated to the game. When have we ever heard of Lamar putting extra time in the gym or the weight room? What does Lamar do during his summers but rehab, work on his music label (which is terrible and has no talent), or smoke mad trees. He just doesn’t have the mentality or the heart of a great player, so he just lives off his natural abilities. I hope we trade him for a starting defensive-minded SF that can hit the three..if we can swing something for T. Prince or C. Butler I say we pull the trigger. Hell, i’d trade him for Captain Kirk and T Thomas/T Sefolosha/noccioni…now if he really wants to resign with us cool but only if he takes 5-7 mil.

  • bcolbert

    In my opinion Lamar Odom does not play with a sense of urgency all the time and makes mental mistakes . And just like Vladimir Radmanovic you don’t know where to put him at. He can’t defend the small forward that well (he might do better job than Luke Walton or Radmanovic)he also can’t play point guard or power forward. The Los Angeles Lakers need a legitimate small forward who can penetrate and shoot the three a little bit and take pressure off of other players. Trevor is the idea player but he doesn’t want to start. I don’t know why the Lakers have not traded Odom yet. They don’t really need him anymore. There are other players that can fill the void for Odom. When the Lakers played the Charlotte Bobcats the other night Gerald Wallace really penetrated the Lakers defense (before he got fouled by Andrew Bynum)the same thing Paul Pierce did to the Lakers in the finals. The Lakers need a small forward to match other small forwards on the defense end. I think the Lakers should trade Lamar if they want to secure their championship run this year


    Eh “Redsnapper”,
    …Not trying to be offensive, but, I think you’re a bit overstated, especially when it comes to the “respect” part of your shout to Lamar!
    …I’m sure you would give the last piece of solid gold underwear you might have, in return, for only a fraction of Lamar’s salary, or even the biggest so-called “loser” the Lakers have ever known!
    …These dudes are marvelously gifted, and for all intended purposes, Chosen Ones! I for one would love to play this game, under any amount of so-called pressure, while making millions of dollars, having the time of my life!

  • Big Phil

    The CONCLUSION on Lamar is that he’s dumber than a rat. If you put a rat in a maze, it will learn from it’s mistakes. After so many tries, the rat will find the cheese or exit. You put Lamar to the same test, he will get stuck in the same corner after thousands of attempts. Why?! Because he never learns from his mistakes. He can’t learn because he doesn’t have the intelligence. He’s been in the league for 10 years and still consistently makes bonehead plays, doesn’t play with heart and head. Ship him back to the Clippers where he belongs with the rest of mediocrity. There is a very high chance the Lakers will never win the championship as long as Lamar is a Laker, because his extremely high potential for lack of effort, motivation, weak-mindedness, intelligence, and boneheaded plays can single handedly offset the combined gains of Kobe, Pau, Bynum, and Ariza.

  • lakers4life

    So many Odoms haters these days I guess It’s cool to jump on the band wagon.. If feel the need to hate on one of our players, b_tching and complaning all the time then you aren’t even a Lakers fan.. were playing well right now whats the point of crying were going to lose games over the course of a season.

  • Big Phil

    [Comment ID #60127 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Lakers4life, so to you a “lakers fan” blindly follows, praises, and glorifies anything about “lakers”? Can you say “baahhh…bahhh” like a sheep. I suppose that you must’ve loved Smush and Kwame as well. You must be happy with sub-par performances, lack of effort, weak mindedness, lack of intelligence. I think you’re a fan of the wrong team…you should be a fan of the Clippers. Unlike you, a fan like me has high expectations, high goals and wants the Lakers to succeed, and fully recognizes when there are bad apples on the team. With Odom, we’re not talking about just 1 game of bonehead, inconsistent play…we’re talking about his 4+ years as a Laker, not to mention his days back to the Lakers. This is a guy who got a thrill out of grabbing his crotch, hanging on the rim from a dunk…not a very classy move for a classy organization.

  • David “RedSnapper” Stern


    I stand by my statement. It is all relative, of course. My reference to “losers” on the Lakers pertains to the kind of competetive fire that makes some players shrink under pressure, as opposed to others who turn up the intensity and focus (and who also happen to work harder on their games in the off-season.)

    Your primary arguments against the main thrust of my post seem to rest on Odom’s salary, and his raw talent level. I’ve never measured a man by his paycheck, and I never will. I’d give you three Odoms for one Ariza, as one example of that.

    True, Odom is a magnificent talent. So are countless players who’ve never made the league. Talent alone does not win championships, or produce optimum performance in competition. My problem isn’t with the tools, it is with their application, and the lack of dedication to taking maximum advantage of those tools.


    [Comment ID #60130 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Well Said. Odom is spending his last days as a laker this season. It could come sooner even.

  • Smush Walton

    So many excellent posts on this topic! Hopefully, the fog is finally lifting and it will be obvious, at least to all rational and thinking fans, what must be done with Lamar at the end of this year. Unfortunately, there will always be Laker fans out there who are blind4life who mindlessly worship anyone in a Laker uniform and will follow any Laker player off the highest cliff like lemmings. If they had their way they would still be raving about how great the Lakers are with Kwame Brown, Smush Parker, Brian Cook, and Brian Grant. Maybe we should have kept Coby Karl too!

    Thankfully, management eventually realized that the team had reached the point of diminishing returns with these folks and made a change. Hopefully, the same is true with Lamar in the very near future. And what a winfall it would be if we could unload Luke and Vlad with him!


    My point regarding your post was the seemingly lack of recognition of an NBA gifted talent.
    …Odom obviously is not the smartest individual in the NBA, this is one of his shortcomings, but he is NBA talented, and being compensated accordingly! …This is the correlation I make, to what an “NBA Talent” commands, in a paycheck, in the NBA!
    …Very Chosen and Very Prestigious! …Not the “Loser” that many posters on this site wish to equate them to!
    …A real live “Loser” is more akin to the poster that commented on your reply to my post! …Believe me, this dude is no Leader, and not one that you would want to be associated with! lol
    …Now, with respect to Ariza, he has proven to be a great role player, but has not earned a Super Contract as of yet! …As an NBA starter he has yet to prove anything! …But still, he is what I refer to as a Chosen One, earning a living, playing a game, for mega bucks!
    …My main thrust at your post; is that all of these people should be referred to, at the very least, with an air of recognition to what they a have truly achieved in their lives!
    …Even tho it is difficult, from a die-hard fan’s standpoint, sometimes!


    My reply to your post is THE TRUTH & NOTHING BUTT!

  • xtro

    yes. l.o. is a walking mismatch against other teams. he plays his A game during the playoffs. i’m glas he is a laker. i want to see him achieve redemption by winning a ring as a LAKER.

  • gugy


    These 3 guys are the weak link on the Laker roster. Once we move them, I bet we will see a major improvement on the team as a whole. We are doing great now, but to move to the next level and make a dynasty, we need to move the guys above.

  • Ballin ’09

    Odumb may have made strides…If he would be one of those players that work hard in the offseason he might make a good case for himself…Until then he’s just a lazy player with wasted potential. So many people talk about how great “Odumb” is, but he lacks the desire to take it to the next level…he’s complacent. Slasher Trevor Ariza worked on his shot and know he can shoot a decent three. Farmar and Bynum workout in the offseason. Even Sasha. We r still waiting on “Odumb”. But hasn’t that always been the story…haven’t we always been waiting on Odom…

  • Smush Walton

    [Comment ID #60149 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Hmmm… Didn’t the Lakers play Boston in last year’s finals? Wasn’t the analysis before each and every game that the “key to Laker victory” Lamar? And where was Lamar? Where was Lamar’s “A Game”? It showed up in Quarter 1 of Game 3, but that was it folks! The rest of the time Good Old Varsatile Lamar was a NO SHOW! And as a result the championship banner went to Boston and the Celtics are wearing the Laker’s rings. How soon we forget!

    Yes, the Lamar experiment is OVER. The next Scottie Pippen was a FARCE! Clumsy charging fouls! Stupid traveling turnovers! Horrible outside shooting! Blown layups and dunks! Laughing it up at the free throw line while making at most one of two! Non existant defense! Retarded one-armed play! Yes indeed, the time has come to pull the plug on this FLATLINER!

  • T-Dub

    SOO WHAT!…We’ve all been through or are going through alot. He’s not the only one!. Yet we still have to perform on our jobs or we won’t have one. He can’t create his own shot, going left flipping the ball at rim bricking most of the time. Doesn’t think on the court. Why continue to make the same mistake by giving mediocre players extensions…ie..Puke, Vlad, Zasha. 5 years is enough! Time to go in another direction. Trade him now and get something for him! LO doesn’t want to be a great NBA player or we would have seen the improvement in his game. Any professional athlete who doesn’t want to be the best or great at his sport is a waste of space!!!!!!!!!

  • Smush Walton

    [Comment ID #60152 Will Be Quoted Here]


  • Big Phil

    You’re so right T-Dub. Why does Mitch give top dollar to guys who perform mediocre at best most nights:?! Fluke, Space Cadet, the Machine That Needs a Kick. Unfortunately, every other manager in the league knows their true low value and doesn’t want them on their team.

  • http://TheLakersNation.info Billy Kupchak

    [Comment ID #60086 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Actually, I see him finishing with his right more often these days. Have you NOT been paying attention to the games lately? Even the announcers talk about it!!!

  • Smush Walton

    [Comment ID #60162 Will Be Quoted Here]

    How many DUNKS did he miss in the last game? There were at least two. On one, a foul was called and of course old walnut brain was at the line laughing it up, fun and fancy free, not a care in the world, and promptly proceeded to boink both free throws.

    And who can forget his marvelous finish at the end of the first OT? Is there any doubt that the situation was discussed during the timeout – up 3, 30 seconds left, don’t give up a 3-pointer? And surely this exact same situation has been worked on in practice numerous times? Of course with the Versatile One it is always in one ear and out the other. Considering this, is it any wonder why Kobe was FURIOUS? The coaches should have FINED this Lunkhead!

    Yes indeed, the time has come to pull the plug on this FLATLINER!

  • Lakers4life

    LO is one step away from being great if he can only focus on watching film and realized that his layups are always too strong and always bounce off the board. LO should just learn to finish his layups with precision measurements.

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    [Comment ID #60163 Will Be Quoted Here]

    you are the man!
    i agree 1005

    would you guys try matrix for odumb?
    he is playing very bad too…!
    and might bring locker issues…

    not sure

  • Lakersgetalife

    Laker4life you are absolutly correct! I notice the same thing in his drives to the basket. They are shot simply too hard hitting the backboard with not chance of going in without pputting some spin to the layups like Kobie does on his layups.

    Now how simple can that be to measure your layups and stop crashing the boards so hard off of an easy layup.

  • KwamimanSmushman

    LO just do it!

  • Smush Walton

    [Comment ID #60164 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Yeah – he should have learned that in his rookie or second year. This is his 10th season!!! Talk about a slow learner – is he mentally challenged or what?

  • T-Dub

    How do you teach a 10 year NBA vet how to make a lay-up?? For everyone who says “all he has to do is this or that”, WAKE TFU! It ain’t happening. This guy is a “Flatliner” like SmushW. said.

  • Big Phil

    Like what Smush Walton and T-Dub said, 10 years and Odumb still has to learn how to make up layup?! WAKE UP! Odumb DOES NOT HAVE THE ABILITY TO LEARN BECAUSE HIS BRAIN CAPACITY IS THE SIZE OF A PEANUT! He just goes through the motions. Odumb talks about being an all-star every year, but we never see ANY improvement in this guy year after year for his entire career. Have you guys heard him speak at post-game conferences…he always speaks like he’s spaced out. He never takes the blame for any of his mistakes or so often his poor play. If anything, he is the most overrated player in the league. Phil is making big mistakes putting him in the 4th quarter of games when the scores are close. It’s ok to put Odumb in the 4th quarter when we are up by 40.

  • TrueLakersFan09

    This is hilarious because you know that the same people that are talking crap about Odom are posting on different names. It is so obvious because they all sound the same, just repeating the same ol’ crap. Admins please reveal these dumbasses. Lamar Odom will play a vital part in the Lake Show winning the ship this year. Mark my words. He’s already done a terrific job coming off the bench along with trevor.

  • Odom the worst player

    There are people out there who keeps saying this Odumb has gone through a lot. Yes that’s true, but no one is attacking his personal life. The only thing that matters is professional play, and this guy lets his team down time after time and don’t care. Amen Smush Walton there are people who will support this moron no matter what he does or don’t do for that matter. Truelakerfan09 or False lakerfan09 your the DA just because we can see this guy for what he is doesn’t make us dumb. In fact it make us the true laker fans. One thing you’re right about Trevor Ariza has done a Terrific job, but not Odumb. If the Lakers do win the title this year it won’t be because of this moron

  • somuchhaters

    How can you haters say that you’re Laker fans? Odom, and the others are part of this team, and you should respect them. You guys keep hating, why don’t you step on the court in an NBA game, I know I couldn’t. You guys think you’re all better than Lamar Odom, then why can’t you even make the D-League?

    I remember a couple of so-called Laker fans wanting Kobe Bryant as well as Andrew Bynum traded. Now who’s cheering for them?

    If you haters value your self-respect, don’t rejoice and cheer for Lamar Odom when he drops 30 and 20 on opponents.

  • Magic “Big” Johnson

    Wow.. I have been on this site since the ‘Get Garnett days’ and well this post takes the cake… LO is not K.Brown, S Walton.. He is a straight up mis-match to any team he goes against and has great talent. Basketball is not rocket science.

    Whether he gets traded or not is a completely different issue. If he is not making the grade as compared to others in his same position with similar salaries then we should ask for a trade. No need to belittle a man that has dealt with an extremely personal loss in recent time and call him all types of names. What type of men are you?

    You talk of him being professional, well gentlemen look at your own damn selves before you talk down on another man.

    What’s next with you so-called fans talk about D. Fish?

  • portman

    i love every player on our roster. (and ronny is still a laker. he is. atleast in my heart.) so lamar don’t average 20-10, nor 15-8, but when he said he would take a pay-cut just to retire a laker. that’s a laker right there for me.

  • Smush Walton

    Yeah, we better just bring back Kwame, Smush Parker, Brian Cook, Coby Karl (he certainly has been through so much personally), Gary Payton – how could we have even let them go in the first place because after they were are all Lakers and we are all loyal fans that love our team, worshipping them through thick and thin, good times and bad, in sickness and in health? And with Vlad, Luke, and of course highly intelligent, fundamentally sound, totally focused and dedicated Lamar how could we do anything less than win the “ship” every season, just like we did last year when our team leader Lamar, who has been through so much personally (and wants to be a Laker for life!!), played a vital role in the Lake Show winning the “ship” by being a straight up mismatch every time he stepped onto the floor against the overwhelmed Celtics. Just look at how he dominated the series and how he gave the Celtics fits throughout! They just couldn’t figure out how to stop this dynamo. Not even double or triple teaming him could slow him down one bit as he shredded the befuddled Celtics. And how can we forget the way he just shut down whoever he was guarding? And the best part was how after being blown away by the Lamar led Lakers KG was reduced to tears and left screaming “HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE!!!”

    Is it any wonder when given the Series MVP trophy Lamar graciously thanked his long time fans “Lakers4life, TrueLakersFan09, portman, somuchhaters, and of course BIG Johnson” and then stated “mark my words, we will win it again next year!, just like we did my prior three years with the Lakers because I am Lamar and I will take a pay cut to be able to retire a Laker!”

    Yeah, unfortunately, the world is filled with mind-numbed idiots. Just look at all those hapless Clipper fans!

    WAKE UP!

  • brojan73

    He is what he is….the walking mismatch without the mental game. He’ll dazzle you, and frustrate you even more. People are wasting their time waitng for LO to be LO.

  • odom wall mike