Hoopsworld: With the Halloween deadline approaching, the Los Angeles Lakers have yet to hammer out an extension with center Andrew Bynum. A source close to one side of the negotiations says both parties remain far apart.

While Bynum and his agent David Lee might settle for less than the maximum contract, the source indicates the Lakers aren’t even in the ballpark with their offer.

Bynum’s Side: It’s easy to give credit to the Laker brass (General Manager Mitch Kupchak, Assistant GM Ronnie Lester and future owner Jim Buss) for choosing Bynum at 10 in the 2005 NBA Draft. They were decisive and bold, giving Bynum a promise ahead of the draft that led to him shutting down his workouts with other teams.

Bynum might have gone higher to a franchise like the New York Knicks, Portland Trail Blazers or Golden State Warriors had he continued auditioning. The Lakers were an attractive option but in the short term it was a difficult transition for Andrew.

Despite overhauling the roster after center Shaquille O’Neal left town, the Lakers were still in “win now” mode. They didn’t necessarily have all the pieces yet – but Bynum was barely used his rookie year. He played just 7.3 minutes a game spread out over 46 appearances.

From Bynum’s perspective looking back, a less successful team might have given him more of an opportunity to play big minutes from the start. Lakers Coach Phil Jackson generally doesn’t like to play rookies. Typical to Jackson’s coaching “style”, he has questioned Bynum’s fire and ability to the media from day one.

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  • Michael_23

    I think you give him contract now, he’s worth 4 or 5 mil watching him during pre-season. 5 years that 25 mil. He should wait out til the season’s over and see if he’s worth the max 5 years 88 mil.

  • http://lakers.topbuzz.com Mamba2410

    Bynum should fire his agent and hire a new one, his agent is way too greedy…I bet it’s his agent that wants all of this money he’s going to get in his possibly max contract!

  • KOBE2K9

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    Wait that doesn’t make any sense you can’t give him a 25 million contract now and then next year give him another contract its one or the other, but the Lakers should be patient and F his agent for now and deal with it next summer because then we will have an exact idea of who Bynum will truly be for the next coming years.


  • daboss1849

    Give the boy some Obama bucks!!!!!


    i like bynum, but we have to see if the knee will hold up. i mean we have to give kobe $ im sure he’ll get over 100 mil then bynum wants 88+ mil. we cant win with just two of them. ariza last year, odom and others. all we gonna have is walton vlad rad, sasha and farmar and some bench players. i wanna win for the next few years. not just 1 and done. so the buss family needs to make some wise decisions.

  • Geloman

    I say max him out now. That shows good faith and support which in turn develops trust and commitment to the team on the part of Drew. He will feel valued and committed for years to come and eventually have his name retired in the rafters alongside the other Laker greats including Kobe and maybe Shaq.

  • Drake Hunter

    There’s no need to max out Bynum right now because he becomes restricted next year so we’ll match whatever offer he gets. Make sure he’s totally 100% and plays a full season before we make a big decision like this. He’s good but he did only pay less than half a season. Like everyone else he needs to earn the big bucks and management is doing the right thing. We took our time with his injury so we don’t need to rush his contract. We know the Lakers will never let the kid walk but lets not hand him the contract on a silver platter just yet. Bynum said it himself, if he does what he’s suppose to do, the contract will come!

  • http://www.go2act.cn go2act

    I think the Lakers was very kind to Bynum. So I think he need to consider this before the contract.

  • Laker Realist

    [Comment ID #52885 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Thank you. You are correct. Why max him out if he’s going to be a restricted free agent. If he turns out to be “all that” then we match any offer. This dude may be injury prone or just be soft.

    Let him play out the season (or at least 1/2), assess what he his value is to the team, then make an offer. Screw the good faith stuff. Everyone is looking out for themselves.

  • sketch

    we all love bynum and we know that this is the place he wants to be. we know that we don’t have to sign him yet because we can always match any offer that are presented to him at season’s end. we keep talking about not offering him the max and we are definitely wise in not doing that just yet, based on what he himself had said. in the article where jermaine o’neal was talking to bynum about his knee, bynum admitted that there was still some swelling and that “he still has a little bit of something going on”(about his knee). that tells us right there that he’s not 100% yet. we can all see that by his play…he’s not as explosive, he’s still somewhat tentative, he’s definitely not as quick, his height of jump is not as it was, etc… but we all know that it’s coming though. even if the lakers don’t pull the trigger first which i don’t think that they will, someone else will need his abilities and will offer bynum the max at season’s end (his best chances of winning a championship lies with us though…gasol, odom, kobe, and franchise, can’t get any better for him anywhere else). then we will eventually have to fire that round, it’s inevitable, but at least it will be postponed. i do think that bynum’s got things to prove, but i don’t think that he even needs to prove that he’s 100% before someone else throws that max bid into this ebay auction of bynum for grabs. they that amare’s come back from knee surgery and came back with a vengeance, and that all bynum needs is some more time. so, all this talk about not giving bynum the max is useless chatter on our part, i believe…because we all know that someone else will and we’ll have to match it. so david lee just sit back and shut up and stop rattling your saber because we all know that you ain’t got much more than a pocket knife. bynum will get his max, and you will get your max cut too you greedy SOB, and we will get the all star caliber center that we’ve been waiting for and everyone in los angeles will get to enjoy the joy of celebrating our lakers dominating the f’in celtics in the finals for another championship title!

  • Logic Guy