Well, folks. After all anticipation and tease videos, the movie is finally out. Highlight for me is The Black Mamba killing Danny T. with a freakin’ basketball. Who knew? What’s yours?


    great movie

  • razz

    no more puppets… good work!

  • Laker8n4te24

    That was epic!

  • lakers

    really good! proud of kobe

  • http://thetruthrenaissance.wordpress.com/ BE_A_LakerFan

    Love it. Amazing. Brilliant.

  • Pb2000

    Niiiice!! Massiiiiive. Totally love it. (Could be me or could be pure coincidence– 2:46 to 2:54–Subliminal middle finger to the opposition and all the doubters out there)

    [3heat can’t stop the 3peat–Let’s go Lakers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]

  • daboss1848

    Mongoose defeats snakes. So do predators from the cat family: Tigers, Lions, Panthers.

    Almost forgot, Hawks can pick on snakes. Go Atlanta.

    • daboss1848



      maybe the Hawks could move to Anaheim and chnge their name to the mongooses! http://bit.ly/a6iLTr

  • Gugy

    Kobe did a good job, I am impressed.
    Now I want to see the whole Lakers team play with the same attitude of this movie from now on.
    Come on Lakers!!!!


    Danny T.? Oh I get it all mexicans know each other!

  • Deemac1

    Classic line; “so why dont I just get back on the bus?” lmao