Last Saturday, before we played Portland in ‘Rip City’ I read that Kobe was a no go.

As soon as I read that I knew we were going to win.

I know, I know, yeah right. But seriously, I did.

And no, I don’t think we’re better off without Kobe, or some asinine idea like that.

It’s just that I knew what Pau, Artest, Lamar, Shannon, Fish, Farmar, and etc… were capable of, and I thought that they would relish the opportunity to prove that they could win a game on their own — and they did!

I’m sure we would’ve been thrilled to just get the one victory in Portland, but then we put the hurt on San Antonio too; and I’ll be honest, I had no idea that was going to happen.

Anyway, I’m sure you all remember when I wrote about how Kobe should sit right? I pretty much got destroyed in the comment section, but its okay because I feel a bit vindicated.

Like I said: We are NOT better without Kobe, but we may be better without a Kobe who is so beat to hell he can’t even get open for a shot (I’m referring to the Denver game, and I know Kobe was burning down the Staples Center in the first half, but in the second half he was moving around like he was forty-five).

I hope Kobe doesn’t play on Wednesday either, and I’m pretty sure none of us want him participating in the All-Star game.

True, Utah is a supremely tough place to play, but it hasn’t been any tougher than the Rose Garden has been to the Lakers. Plus a victory against the Jazz, would give us three in a row, and three in a row against three quality opponents.

Just think how much guys like Shannon, Farmar, Sasha, Luke, Powell, Ammo (okay maybe not Ammo) — and to a lesser extent — Lamar, Pau, and Artest (would also include Bynum, but as we all know he’s went down. ..again) would benefit from winning three without Kobe.

Actually, it’s already paying dividends: Instead of having Kobe continuously bail us out, we’ve actually bailed ourselves out.

Hell, Sasha Vujacic even looked like ‘The Machine’ again… eh, sort of.

Don’t get me wrong, I love watching Mamba rip the heart out of the Celtics, but I love watching the Lakers hoist up trophies more; and if Kobe’s extended absence helps that cause then I am all for it.

I mean, we know Artest has been struggling to find his role, but in the two games without Kobe he’s been great.

We knew we had yet to see the best of Pau, but on Monday Pau assumed the Kobe Bryant post-facilitator role, and played a great game (aside from the five turnovers).

Lamar is always Lamar, but 22 rebounds against Portland. Amazing!

We are not better without Kobe, but this time without the Black Mamba may make us better.

  • Laker Vader

    Well put.

  • KBloyalist

    artest played better in memphis too w/ kobe. he just miss the 3 so don’t tell artest is better w/o kobe…

    • Green Flannel

      he didn’t he just said he is playing well with out him so far, i think he is coming together.

  • let kobe rest!

    Let Kobe rest
    give tha ball to lamar and lets throwback to 1986

  • B Holland

    Max you a liar. If you knew we were going to win you would have withdrawn all your money and headed to Vegas. You also would have borrowed money from all your friends and put that money on the line.

    But I get what you say. Lakers without Kobe had better ball movement and showed how talented they are. I thought they had a good chance to win against the Spurs. Jazz will be alot tougher.

    • Whatsa

      Did you even read the article he was referring to and the comments that he mentioned..?

  • xoxox

    Dude, dont look at the Lakers current situation like that. Kobe has always been the big brother in the family, sometimes shit happens, Kobe got hurt so the other brother, the younger ones have to step up and show their big brothers that they are all grown up. Thats all