The Christmas Day game is just days away, I thought it would be appropriate to write about 12 things that we of the Lakers Nation may be wishing for, or maybe just 12 things we can be thankful for during the holiday season…

12. Ron Artest isn’t Drinking Hennessy During Halftime

First, I can’t believe he would actually say that. There is a such thing as TMI (to much information), Ron-Ron, and that was the definition of it. Sometimes it’s best when an athlete doesn’t talk, or in Ron Artest’s case, doesn’t record music either.

But I must say, we can all be happy that Artest has made an “angelic” transition into our team. I love his 4.0 APG, and he is is only going to get better within the offense. And I’m really going to love him if he locks down King James on Thursday, and if he does that we should all pour ourselves some Henny’ and drink to Ron’s D! Ron, you can join us if you like.

11. The Lakers D

Speaking of defense, I’m sure we’re all very grateful that The Lake Show are holding their opponents to 94.5 PPG, which is good enough for 5th in the league, while also holding opponents to an NBA best .423 from the field, and a very surprising league leading .297 from downtown (I know I was surprised, too). I’m sure this makes Phil Jackson very happy, now if only we can get our free throw defense up!

Note: I was watching a game one night, and ABC cut to one of those wired clips of Phil, who said, “At least our free throw defense is exceptional tonight!” This is a true story. I tried to find a YouTube clip, but there isn’t one. I know some of you saw this. My homies and I can’t be the only ones, right?

10. I Really Wish Kobe’s Right Hand to Heal… Badly!

Is Kobe Bryant going to have a right hand when he’s done playing, or is he going to look like Johnny Unitas or Ronnie Lott, with gnarled or missing fingers? What’s crazy is those dudes played football! That’s a sport where players are routinely getting their hands smashed between collisions, so it kind of makes sense that Ronnie had his finger smashed off in a game. Kobe hoops though, doesn’t this seem like an odd phenomenon?

How many other players have had two avulsion fractures, multiple torn ligaments, and multiple dislocations on one set of fingers? And how many of them had it happen to them on their shooting hand, in back-to-back-to-back season, while leading their teams to two — possibly three — NBA Finals, Olympic gold, MVP, and a NBA Finals MVP?  Hell most players probably wouldn’t even play.

This is why (as a former football player) I’d say Kobe would make just as good an NFL player as LeBron. In the NFL you have to play hurt all the time. No NFL player goes through an entire season completely healthy, and Kobe has shown the necessary toughness to play at a high level, regardless of injury. That said, I’d still rather see Kobe at 100%.

9. Shannon Brown in the Dunk Contest

Shannon’s great for one “WOW!” moment in a game. Now if only we could get him in the Dunk Contest… and hopefully against LeBron James. Can you imagine if Shannon beat King James in the Dunk Contest? Would that be a bigger upset than Tyson vs. Douglas, Pats vs. Giants, etc…? Shannon over LeBron in the Dunk Contest FTFW!

8. Kobe Bryant in the 3 Point Shootout

Okay this one is a bit ridiculous, but Kobe almost entered two years ago, but the finger kept him out; besides last year it was a joke. The winning guy made like 15 shots.

You’re telling me Kobe doesn’t rain in more than that from downtown? Also, if Kobe were to win that would give him one thing on his resumé that Michael Jordan never had. If you don’t recall, Jordan entered it once and got smashed by his own teammate, Craig Hodges You know that killed him. I’m sure the next practice he played Hodges one on one, and did not let him score once.

7. The Re-Emergence of THE MACINE

Okay, maybe I don’t want this.

6. The Re-Emergence of the Stench Bench!

We all want this.

If that includes Sasha’s return to form (shooting ill-advised threes, and getting crossed over by Ray Allen) then so be it. I mean the bench didn’t contribute a whole hell of a lot of points last year and we won the Championship, but it’s always harder to repeat, and we’re going to need our beloved Bench Mob. Maybe they need more Ammo? Anybody, anybody? No? You’re telling me Adam Morrison getting more minutes isn’t what the bench mob needs… really?

5. Kobe’s Second MVP

Steve Nash really has two MVP’s to Kobe’s one? Has anybody ever really considered Steve Nash better than Kobe? Did you know that in Phoenix they call Steve Nash the “Two Time?” Seriously? Two time robber is more like it.

It’s completely absurd that Nash beat Kobe in ’05-’06 NBA season, and people are talking about Nash winning again this year. The good news is Kobe is looks like the early front runner this year, and if we finish with the best record in the league, he’ll probably get it. (I have to admit LeBron’s numbers are staggering. You will have no gripes from me if LeBron wins it this year. In the words of King James MVP’s t-shirt, “Check My Stats”).

Also, Kobe’s 3rd in the NBA in steals right now, with around 2.2 SPG. Now I know he probably won’t garner as much attention for Defensive Player of the Year this season, but I think he ends up leading the league in steals, he might have an outside shot. We Lakers fans can hope, right?

4. Contract Extensions

Phil, say you’ll be back please, and maybe you’ll make it easier for Kobe to sign that contract extension. I do not think I need to say anything else other than that.

3. Derek friggin’ Fisher

So Fish’ struggles to guard any point guart with even a little quickness, and he still drives to the hole with every intention of bricking a layup and getting fouled. He’s also a dead eye clutch shooter.

Lost within both of the Kobe buzzer beaters, were Fisher’s big time shots to keep those games close.

This guy has to be entering the Robert Horry, “don’t let that guy get the effing ball when the Lakers need a big shot” status. No matter what Fish can, or can’t do, he is money during crunch time. I <3 Derek Fisher.

2. Kobe’s December Buzzer Beaters

I seriously wished Marv Albert did every game. I would have died to have heard: “Here’s Bryant for the win? YES! At the buzzer! An incredible shot by Kobe Bryant.” Maybe one of you talented video editors can dub some Marv action over the two Kobe shots. Nevertheless, those shots don’t need any commentary for me to go nuts every time I watch them.

Seriously, after the shot over Wade I literally jumped up and down in a circle like Reggie Miller, after he pushed Jordan and drilled that dagger three. I wasn’t nearly as excited for the second one, because it just looked so easy. It was like: there’s Kobe, there’s Kobe getting to the elbow, there’s the shoulder fake, and there’s the ball going into the hoop. Okay let’s go home.

Only Kobe can make a buzzer beating shot look so routine. Plus, it probably didn’t hurt that he had already made a miraculous one two weeks earlier, but yeah how ’bout that Mamba?

1. A Lakers Win Over Cleveland

Oh, how we all remember last year. What beats opening presents with loved ones? Opening presents with loved ones, and then watching the Lakers beat Boston! A great great day indeed.

Let’s hope we Laker fans are blessed with another extra Christmas present, when we take on Cleveland. I don’t even want the game to be close. I hope Kobe takes LeBron in the post and abuses him. I hope Shaq gets two early fouls (so likely) and then gets demolished by Bynum and Pau. I hope Ron Ron forces LeBrick to shoot 5-25. I can’t wait.

Lakers FTW!

  • BE_A_LakerFan

    Good article man. Can’t wait for the game Friday. We got this.. Lake Show!

  • 09champs!

    Loved it!

  • Aaron2416377

    I rather cum on Clay Aiken’s face instead of watching the Lakers game, you know you can’t hate on Clay.

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    didn`t the kobe MISS the game winner in regulation aganist the bucks,?he`s a rat .steve nash makes his teamates better, 2 MVPS, jordan every year without a doubt won it…your boyfriend kobe is lucky to have one…

    • Aaron2416377

      Didn’t NAsh miss the game winner vs the Blazers at the end of regulation nigga?

    • some guy

      Boo hoo… Between the shot over D Wade and the 2 shots against the Bucks Kobe ONLY shot 2 for 3 on game winning shots. What a loser! I mean, if you don’t go 3 for 3 when everybody knows you’re taking the shot and they play 2 guys on you and you have a broken finger on your shooting hand then you must really suck…

    • some guy

      For the shots he took with the pressure on down by one, he was 2 for 2. The one he missed wasn’t a make or go home shot. Hey why don’t you let us know who your team is and who your favorite player is and tell us why he’s better than Kobe. You sound like a SmellDick fan to me. You and your faker cry baby Paul Pierce and your walking douche bag KG who acts all hard and drops a million F bombs while wearing a sweater vest

      • some guy

        True, the Celdicks suck, wannabe CP3. Rondo should learn how to shoot.

      • Observor

        woooohh there dude…..kobes my fav player in the ever…but dont hate on Garnett…hes been real forever 2….and thats Kobes homie

        chill on him at least

    • Eidraq

      so mj only played 5 yrs in the nba?

    • http://LakersNation Marwan..

      Hahaha, Paul Pierce made “Best Playoff Drama” on Yes, it is what it is, all drama, acting, bull.. you get my point.
      Celtics are overrated.
      -Pierce is a cry baby when he loses, showboater when he wins.
      -KG like some guy said, cant stop swearing and will pick a fight with anyone just to show how tough he is, and when he tried it against Odom, it backfired on him. Hahaha.
      -Rondo is a wannabe tough guy/ CP3. Disrespectful to the better players, i.e. slapping Kobe’s hand away when Kobe was helping LO up.
      -Allen is the one I like the most from Celtics cause the guy has a heart and although he bleeds green, he isnt a faker, or a wanna be tough guy.
      -Eddie House wines about a slap to the head but doesnt wine when he is fouled hard. I dont know where to begin with that.
      -Shelden Williams speaks for himself.
      -Kendrick Perkins is a shorter version of Shaq. Also a technical foul machine.
      – Rasheed Wallace, technical foul machine also, with a big ego, picking a fight with refs too.
      Anything I missed?

      • The Milkman

        Don’t forget Marwan….along with Perkins being a technical foul machine, he looks like Hellboy…..I mean his resemblance to the general supposed look of Lucifer is ridiculous hahaha.

        • http://LakersNation Marwan..

          Hahahhahahhah… he is funny though, this one moment when Rondo had a hard foul on Brad Miller from Bulls in playoffs, a reporter asked Perkins about the foul and Perkins says “I didnt even foul him though, Rondo fouled him” It was funny the way he said it. But what you said was funny.

  • KING

    Lakers FTW!!!… games on friday tho not thursday

  • iamthetie

    Seems kinda crazy, but I’d like to see Sasha return to form too. He doesn’t look comfortable shooting the ball anymore and his shooting ability is really his greatest asset.

    • some guy

      His shooting ability is his ONLY asset…

    • http://LakersNation Marwan..

      Nah I think he will wake up some day and realise “Holy crap, I am in a slump” and will work harder to get back and prove haters wrong. He is a gym rat and he drains them in training, just like Ammo, the best shooter in training, but when it comes to the games, all that goes away. Just give them time. I also heard during the Spurs/Blazers game, they were talking about Greg Oden’s injury and saying “when you have a knee injury, you never come back the same”. Thats what happened to Ammo. He was a hot shooter, but he went down with the ACL injury and now hes not the same. I’d give him time if it means he goes back to the way he shoots, I can wait, but not too long.

  • http://LakersNation Marwan..

    Is it true that David Stern will let Shannon Dunk or was it a joke? Because if its true, I’ll twice as eager to watch the Dunk Competition now, last year was boring.

  • short doggy dawg

    All I want for Christmas is for the Cavs to wipe the floor with the Lakers(Paper Chumps)

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    hey marwan is it hard to type with kobe balls down your throat?

    • http://LakersNation Marwan..

      Yeah, its as easy as having your mom’s vajayjay in my mouth.

    • http://LakersNation Marwan..

      What so I am a true fan and defend my favorite player and that means I have his balls in my mouth? What, do you have Lebron’s balls in your mouth by ridiculing Kobe, or do you have Pierce’s greens in your mouth? Im not going around on other sites to bad talk other players but I stay here and not talk bad about other players til people like you come on this site and talk bad about Kobe, which then makes me talk bad about Lebron or Pierce. If it wasnt for people like you, I’d be more of a Lakers fan than I am a Celtics hater.

      • short doggy dawg

        You’re an idiot.

        • KBGOAT

          Look who’s talking.

          • Ronin99

            2nd that!

  • Anna Gonda

    That sounds like my grown-up Christmas list too. Thanks Max! Hope we get EVERYTHING!

  • lakerbunny


  • kobe_mvp

    kobe the best this century and.. God gifted basketball player. God bless the Lakers.