It pretty much goes without saying that Kobe Bryant is numero uno with Laker fans.

Some of us — like my buddie Kelley — take this to the upteenth level. Kel’ doesn’t like Kobe, he <3s Kobe (yep, that one required the <3, instead of love). His man crush on the Black Mamba knows no boundaries. In fact, Kelley will literally keep Kobe’s stats during Laker games. We’ll get a stop and it’s not, “Eff yeah good freaking stop!” No, Kelley will instead focus on the rebound Kobe just grabbed, and say something along the lines of, “Yeeaahhhh Kobe’s got three boards, seven more for a triple-double!” Seriously, that’s pretty much a real quote.

Anyway the point is we all love Kobe, and I see no reason why we can’t all enjoy some more Kobe Kontent.

Did anybody think that the Zoom Kobe IV, would not only be as cool, but be as good of a hoops shoe as it was? I mean seriously, the ZK4 had to be one of the better looking modern day sneakers, (realistically no modern day sneak will probably be as good looking as the old school ones, they’re just too techie now) and perhaps the best shoe I’ve ever hooped in (so responsive, so quick, so comfy, so great, and I swore I busted more turnaround fadeaways on my friends than ever before…then again that still wasn’t a lot).

My personal favorite of all the plethora of colorways that the ZK4 came in was the ‘Inline Home’. I loved how it incorporated the purple, and the black, to match our Sunday uniforums, but didn’t go overboard with Laker pride so that you could sport them — sans Laker gear — while walking down the street too.

I think it’s safe to say that these sneakers will hold a special place in ours and Kobe’s heart for years to come, because these were the kicks he won his fourth ring in.

So what does Nike do for an encore? Well logically they progress to the Zoom Kobe V, and some early pics have surfaced. Remember last year’s ZK4 Chaos? Some of you TLN readers were probably even fortunate enough to get your hands on a pair, but if you didn’t the Joker inspired colorway is making a comeback, and with a vengeance! These are pretty insane, and I’m sure reactions will be mixed, but how about the blood speckle pattern on the outsole?

I’m sure you are curious about all the techie stuff that these shoes possess, but it looks as if the shoe is composed primarily of flywire, and rumor has it that this year’s edition will possess a full length phylon midsole, instead of the lunar foam loaded forefoot of last year (as good as the Kobe’s were, their one weakness was the lunar foam giving out after multiple uses). Anyway you can probably expect this shoe to be even lighter, and even more responsive; no way Kobe Bryant allows Nike to sleep on this year’s Kobe, or else he might go back to Adidas and whatever the hell these are.

And I know all of you are wondering what the ZK5 looks like in Lakers’ colors, so here are the new Zoom Kobe V‘s in full forum blue, and gold regalia. I don’t know if I like them more than the ZK4s, but I do love the snakeskin pattern on the flywire.

Last month Kobe was featured in Italian Men’s Vogue, and this month he’s featured in GQ. In both magazines Kobe’s looking pretty bad ass in suits most of us will never be able to afford (in the first photo of Kobe, he’s rocking a $2,390 Gucci suit), and I must say way more so than he normally does (I don’t know for sure if this is Gucci too, but I do know that he is usually rocking Gucci). Also, you may notice the watches Kobe’s sporting in these photos, they are $25,000 Nubeo watches from the Kobe inspired “Black Mamba” line. I’ve already copped mine, when are you getting yours?

Of course, what accompanies the photos in GQ, is another, “I used to hate Kobe, but now that he’s a champion again, I begrugdingly have to like him.” type articles. But if you’re looking for a good Kobe article they are out there, and probably none more so than this damn well written Esquire feature.

It does however, look like Kobe is finally starting to turn the corner. He’s no longer the player everybody loves to hate, but the player that more and more people are beginning to love and finally fully appreciate (okay, that wasn’t an intentional player hate/appreciate rhyme I swear).

And I’m glad, because it’s long overdue.

You know what else is overdue? The un-deifying of Michael Jordan. Finally, we’re starting to get glimpses of the real Jordan — like his Hall of Fame speech — and this interesting little clip of what his Airness is really like.


  • brilliantn

    i got the red and black IV’s.. they are amazing.

    • http://LakersNation Marwan

      I got those too. Man they are so comfy I love to play ball in them. I simply cannot play without them on.

      Although the Zoom Kobe V dont look as good as the Zoom Kobe IV, Im still gonna cop em and play in them. Kobe’s shoes are the best shoes today, Jordan’s shoes were the best back then. I love Jordans and Kobes.

  • Matt from Dallas

    wow i never heard tht chamillionaire story b4, MJ sounds like a fuckin dick lol

  • imfasterthanur

    LOL. nice article.

    And good quote.



  • Short Dog

    That’s right. Kobe is numero uno with the REAL Laker fans. So true. Jordan lovers need to stop hating on Kobe. It’s bad for your health. Go watch reruns on NBA TV or youtube if you miss that lame-queers.
    AKA Laker Fan Only