The fan experience is a unique one.

None of us play for the teams that we cheer for, but we take the losses just as hard the players we devote ourselves to do.

Very few of us make any money off of our love for a team, but we’ll gladly spend thousands of dollars in our attempts to support one.

But if nothing else, being a fan gives us all memories in life that we can share with our friends, our families, and, hell yes, even the players.

The sixteenth Lakers championship is a special title, and a special memory. Special for Kobe Bryant, Phil, Jackson Pau, our Los Angeles Lakers, and it’ll remain special to me — and I’m sure to all of us Laker fans — forever.

It’s special because I’ll remember when I started writing for the Lakers Nation, and showing that even the Bay Area “Loves L.A.!”

Because I, and many others, called out Derek Fisher for being over the hill, but of course he spit it in our faces and showed why he is as great as he is. Thank you D-Fish! My friend Duane put it best, “There is no fear in the beard!”

I’ll remember how my homie Glen and I, would constantly yell at the TV screen at a certain Ron Artest, and wish that we still had Trevor Ariza still. And then he too proved the doubters wrong and led the Lakers in game 7. QUEENSBRIDGE!

We’ll look back and admire how Andrew Bynum, played through a torn meniscus and was a massive black knee-braced reason why the Lakers will raise banner number sixteen.

Of course I’ll reflect on how I was right about Kobe Bryant having a pretty serious knee injury, but how I completely underestimated that man’s will to get it done when it matters the most. No matter what. We still don’t know how much it was hurt, what surgery he’ll have, or how it’ll affect him in the long run, but I now — more than ever — realize that you can’t bet against “the heart of champion” (cliché as hell, I know… thanks Rudy Tomjonavich).

This playoff run had a lot of ups and downs, but there will always be Pau’s and Ron’s buzzer beating tip-ins, revenge on the Phoenix Suns, and beating the Utah Jazz again for the hell of it.

How about six straight 30+ point performances, or those daggers in Phoenix? “All together now” indeed!

Most of all, I’ll remember going over to my friend Kelley’s apartment, and watching the playoffs in a cramped ass room, but with a 50″ HDTV. How we would only wear certain sneakers, hats, t-shirts, etc… all in the name of superstition, or Karma, or whatever you want to call it (or in Kelley’s case, so that Kobe would have a monster game).

I’ll look back on this time of my life — newly graduated, but poor as hell, and without a real job — and think about eating way too many 99¢ chicken burritos from Taco Bell, and WAY too many Little Ceasar’s $5 pizzas while watching this postseason. How for games 6 and 7 Kelley decided to put his lucky Kobe hat and shirt away, because we all knew that to beat the  Boston Celtics, a monster Kobe game was going to do it — we needed the team to step up — and of course they did.

For me, it’ll be about my crazy as hell buddy Kione, bursting into tears after the final buzzer sounded and the game had ended. And how in that game we saw a Lakers team finally beat the Celtics in a game 7, by doing it “the Boston way,” and beating their asses with defense, rebounding, and grit.

These are the memories that makes being a fan rewarding. The bonding with your friends, the brotherhood you share while you watch the team you love beat their rivals for the championship, and the connection with a city on the other side of a state.

I love the Lakers. I love my friends. I love you, Lakers Nation, and of course “I Love L.A.”

Let’s remember this title, because even Kobe said “this is the sweetest!”

What will you remember?

  • StarneyBinson

    I’m from France, so I’ve had to stay up every game day, until 5 or 6 in the morning to watch my Lakers fight for banner number 16.

    I’ll remember this playoff run, and this year also, as an incredible one. I got my girlfriend (she is american and lives in the US right now) to become almost as crazy as I am for the Lakers (she bought a Pau jersey xD), and even though I was alone in my living room watching the Finals games (none of my friends here are Lakers fans), we kinda shared every moment of those games, knowing the other one was watching, an ocean away from each other.

    Thanks Lakers, and thank you too Lakers Nation – staff and community. It’s been a great, great year!!! Let’s keep the awesome work up and go for the 3-Peat!


  • baltimoresbest01

    I am studying abroad in Egypt and I was up every morning at 3-4 AM to watch the games and stayed awake until the night after. I didn’t miss a single class or game. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

  • alcuevas

    I remember drinking way too many beers during this last series because of my stress level. So glad it’s over so I don’t have to go to work with a hangover anymore. I also remember how high I jumped with all my buddies, with a knee injury by the way, and feeling no pain at all. Great times.

  • Melanie Young

    What won’t I remember?? This was inded the sweetest championship I’ve been apart of. I Love My City, I Love My Lakers individually and as a team..They made june 17th, 2010 the best day of my life..I will forever ride or die for my LOS ANGELES LAKERS..SEE YALL AT THE PARADE

  • AFRA
  • Josh Herrington

    I will remember this being my first time being a resident of The Laker Nation. I love you guys, I think this was my best and most memorable year yet.
    I’m 15 and a PRETTY active basketball player. Making it to the NBA is a long shot, so I began banking on indulging myself into the art of sports medicine. But after this year of posting comments on my favorite and most visited website, I think it would be immensely heart-warming for me to write about what I love; The Lakers.
    I have no clue how to even begin doing so but the idea is a start. Back to the remembering, I’ll remember telling my friends that The Lakers will repeat ALL because of Ron. Now, I almost bailed on him at times in the season, I kept to my word, and just like Kobe did in game 7, I trusted Ron would take us home. He did. I didn’t count on, however, all of the ups and downs this season would go through to get there. Those moments have mad it all the sweeter and thats memorable enough for me.
    Like I said, I love you guys and all Laker fans and will continue to be posting throughout the years.
    We need a new slogan for The Lakers for next year.
    One To Take Mike To Dinner? Hmm. We’ll work on it. =D

    • kobez

      Yeah, man I love this site and all the lakers nation

      PS: How did you get a picture by your name when you comment?

  • kwame4mvp

    I just moved back to LA in March and the first time being able to be at a playoff game at a bar. I was with my girlfriend and my best friend who is also a die hard Laker fan. We decided to drive down to ESPN Zone in downtown LA to watch the game. We barely made it 45 minutes before tip off and had to pay 30 dollars for parking in some far garage. We walked to the Staples center to see a sea of people ready to enjoy the game. During the game, we watched on a fully packed bar/restaurant with the place being packed to the max. Laker fans everywhere and screaming and booing during every possession. When the final buzzer sounded, everyone was jumping up and down as if they were a little kid again. We then crashed the streets of LA only to see hundreds of police on horses and bikes. It looked like something out of a movie. I saw drunk men calling 911 because they were thirsty and one man getting hit by a police car and was knocked out on the ground. Just pure pandemonium for the next couple hours. I can truly say that this was the best experience while watching any Laker game ever and I am happy that I was across the street when Kobe won his 5th!

  • LakerMarc

    Absolutely! I love the Lakers and was a very critical fan this year, especially, but only because of the love I have for this team, my Lakers. They taught me alot this year, and showed me a grit I hardly thought they had. All Season, there were inconsitencies to the point of embarrassment, and the leagus noticed it. I know it wassdnt by design and the Lakers grew as well. This way we all learned simultaneously, just how great they are, were, and wiil be.

  • LakerMarc

    And as for Denver and their now annual Hating fest (this year Aflalo), tweeting al that garbage only makes you look worse. Instad of making your coach’s misfortune in health help motivate and quide the team, YOU FOLDED AND BROKE DOWN! Not the heart of champions and certainly not Championship character.

  • 242LakerFan

    I am a Bahamian who has been a Laker fan now for thirty years and ten Chips. I’ll remember this as the year Kobe became the GLOAT. I’ll remember sitting at home alone because my aunt (the only person I know who can claim to be as big a Laker fan) and I have jinxed the last two playoff games we watched together (game 4 in 08 and game 6 v Houston last year) hoping my heart didn’t explode in my chest watching game 7 and the utter elation as the clock reached 0:00 and we had done it! I will remember a game unlike any other I’ve ever seen in a Final and, of course, the fact that we won it. I’ll remember RonRon’s crowning moment, the Rise of the Machine, another dagger from Fish and Pau’s gloriously tough play in q4. I witnessed the 5 Showtime wins, the 3-peat and last year’s triumph and vindication for Kobe, but I’ll remember this one as the sweetest yet.

  • Zac

    I jumped in the pool to celebrate, and my two baby daughters follwed me in right after! good times Go Lakers!

  • k0be da 1 andonly

    the sweetest one for me by far

  • In LA We Trust. (D UP LA)

    I remember waking up around 9am just to watch the game, cause I live here in the Philippines. I remember when I was on vacation waking up in the hotel room just to watch the LA-PHX game when Frye made his first 3’s of the series. I remembered the Slovenian war happened in the Staples center, then Kobe tapped Gentry’s ass. I remember when I was in my room, clapping and screaming when LA tied the game 64 a piece with a D-Fish trey. LO threw the ball to the other side of the court, Mamba chased down the ball and was screaming like a fan and got his fifth ring while Pau crying because of the hard work they did. Then Ron Ron, made the News Conference like the Ron Artest show. This is the sweetest, and the greatest. 1-2-3 RING!!!!! and how I wish it’ll all happen again next year. LETS GO LA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dim_dim

    ill remember watching every game, hearing all the crap when they lost, hearing all the crap when they won, seeing everyone say “lakers suck!” to the handful of laker fans in northern cali. ill remember checking this site daily to see the latest news on everything. ill remember everyone NOT talkin mess about the lakers after they won game 7. best day of my summer. Lakersnation is amazing. ill remember it forever

  • comeflywithme

    I’ll remember this forever.. the championship runs, the doubters, the trash talkers, the haterz, the failures, the hard work, the determination, the believers, the revenge, and most of all the success, the championships, the banner, the rings, I’ll remember it all, all of them.. and we ain’t even done yet!! next season, the drive for 3Peat will begin!!!

    123 ring!!!

  • Alan Chung

    I’ll remember how I would sleep only for the games that they lost. And I would be crazy hyper the days that they win. And this was all a coincidence.

    It’s not here yet, but I’m sure I’ll have a good time at Kobe Camp which I am going to this year. What a sad place it’d be if they’d lost. But they won!!!!! So yay!!! Happy Camp!!!!!!!!!!

  • 4Lyfe

    I’ve been a fan all my life – I’ve lived through ups and downs – but this was the sweetest yet! It was soooo good to watch us gel as a team and get the job done despite the stats everyone kept quoting about Boston and game sevens.

    It was double special because here in the Bahamas there is a huge LeBron following and once he went fishing this whole Island went green! Everyone became either a “Boston Fan” or a “Laker Hater”. But my nephew and I stood the course took the verbal abuse and watched the Lake Show prove to everyone what it really means to be Champions! Lakers For Life!

    I love this game – I love these guys – I love L.A.

  • echeverria.d78

    As a lakers fan this champion was sweet. But i pefer the 1985 and 87 win over celtics. We finally won against them on their floor.

  • Butch

    This was a magical series. I too didn’t want to jinx my Lakers, so I didn’t wear any of my Laker gear for game 7. I didn’t think I was superstitious, but maybe I am when it comes to my team. I hope Pierce now regrets anything he ever said bad about Kobe. Where’s his wheelchair now? And Kobe has every right to say, “Hey, Shaq! How’s my ring taste?”

  • 3-pEAT

    Thank you Lakers Nation for everything! :)
    This is the best fan website for the best team in sports!
    Magical season on how revenge was a theme as we exorcised the demons from lingering 06 playoffs and 08 too!
    COngratulations LA Lakers 2009-2010 World CHAMPS!

  • LakerNationCitizen

    Wow – most of y’all aren’t even from SoCal!! That’s pretty incredible! I’ll remember a lot with this one, just as much as I’ll remember the previous ones. This one being the sweetest because 2 years ago – Lakers Vs. Celtics, my boss asked me who is going to win. I said the Lakers – he said, statistics shows that the Celtics are highly likely to win. And they did. I was crushed and cursed the color green!

    And all the trash talking about this year being all about Lebron, NOT! It’s still all about the LAKERS!! 2-time champ baby!!

    But 2010 is all about the 2009 Champs that repeated!!!

    Anyways, I’m from SoCal – about an hour north of LA. Traffic – 2 hours, hahahaha. And as much as I hate that LA traffic, I love the Lakers more. GO LAKERS! 3-peat time baby!!!

    Have fun at the parade everyone, can’t make it this year!

  • KING

    damn… you described it perfectly… all i know is we won every time i wore my laker hat all day… thank me later