This is a masterful article for those poor, twisted, conflicted souls who still think they should hate on Kobe Bryant. Read up, enjoy. As another NBA season is now behind us and Kobe Bryant has picked up his fifth title, his place in history is up for debate. Bryant who was once the clear cut poster boy for the post Jordan era of the NBA, is now the most polarizing figure in all of sports. Millions of people love the Lakers star, and millions of people hate him, but every basketball fan has an opinion on Kobe and are pretty passionate about it. It has gotten to the point where when someone asks whether or not you are a Kobe fan, it almost defines you as a person. It’s like asking if you are a Democrat or a Republican. While trying to debate Bryant’s place among NBA greats, I was amazed by how many Bryant haters there were. The number of haters was so great that I didn’t even find it fair to throw them all into one group. So just to be fair, I broke the Kobe Bryant haters up into groups so they are easier to identify.

When you ask most Kobe Haters (we will call them KH for short) to talk about Kobe, the first thing you will hear is, “he’s not Michael Jordan.” What exactly does that mean? Jordan is regarded as the greatest basketball player who ever lived – is not being better than him a bad thing? I wonder if I brought a 7’6” man into these peoples living room if the first words out there mouth be, “he isn’t the tallest man to ever live.” I’m guessing they would be thinking more along the lines of, I don’t know if he is the tallest person to ever live but he damn sure is tall, and if he isn’t the tallest person ever, he sure is close. Saying Bryant is no MJ really isn’t saying anything, its just ignoring who he is because of who he is not.

Then there is the group of haters who always seem to think Kobe is the second best player in the league no matter what. Let this group tell it, Bryant has been the second best player in the NBA for over a decade, but the number 1 player changes every other year. Somehow the number 1 player always seems to fall down the list but Kobe just never moves up. There was the he’s not better than Iverson debate that lasted for a couple of years, then there was the he’s not better than Tracy McGrady campaign which was followed by he’s not better than Steve Nash era — hell even Chris Paul got his name mentioned for a year as the one guy in the NBA who is better than Kobe.This is the fan who has become a diehard Cavs fan out of nowhere. He is the same guy who years ago said that if Vince Carter or Tracy McGrady ever played with the best center in the NBA they would win a title too. His favorite line use to be “Kobe will never win without Shaq”, but he never seems to remember saying any of that. He often has a lot to say in the regular season, but not so much in the playoffs.

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  • imfasterthanur

    A well-thought out piece. I can identify AT LEAST 5-10 people within each group via facebook Status updates alone. lol

    Well done.

  • Chris Manning

    It’s a great point on how the #1 player is always changing while they keep Kobe at #2. Brilliant stuff. I love this article. So damn true.

  • LC09

    wow very good article.. but let them keep hatin tho, we’ll jus keep winnin ships its all good

  • Westcoast B!tch

    Great fucccin article. Fuccc the Kobe haters. Kobe’s #2 behind MJ and his career not even done yet.

  • trippleocho

    This is some good stuff. I laughed as I read this coz I know a lot of people who were described in the article

  • Be Strong

    I have Question, What is the point of HATING?

    • imfasterthanur

      It’s a defense mechanism to keep the success of other individuals in close proximity to our own accomplishments.

      If we (e.g. fans or players) can’t move up, we must bring others down to close the gap and discount our feelings of inferiority.

      That, my friend, is the purpose of “hating”.

  • lakeb

    this is a great article. im a huge kobe fan and it is unfortunate people hate on him. in the article he forgot to mention that there is a whole other group of kobe haters who hate kobe because of the Colorado incident. This is too bad because kobe would get much more love and respect and even more people would consider him the greatest of all time, but many people let their personal feelings interfere with the amazing things kobe has done on the basketball court. Kobe made one mistake when he was young (adultery) but take that away, this guy is a true class act. When his career is over and it is all said and done kobe will have a big collection of rings, trophies, the most amazing scoring performance in nba history 81pts, And will pass kareem and be the leading scorer of all time.

  • BJ (Yes That BJ)

    That was a dope article.

    props to Mark Grey

  • why

    kobe doesnt make his teammates better….explain to me how making your teammates winners isnt making them better…..Lebron, Nash,wade,paul all have this abillty to make their teammates better but somehow this never translates into winning anything of importance…what player has become better after leaving LA.. gasol comes to LA now he is the best PF in the nba smush parker, kwame,Vlad,mihm,atkins, all looked like nba starters when they were lakers Now where are they

  • L.Alaker_show

    is so funny cause i could hear my neighbor hating on kobe right know he’s arguing with his friend about how kobe’s not even the best laker so how he dares say he’s the best ever funny shii there goin back and forth pretty hard right know

  • ShowtimeEra

    Those Haters need to respect Kobe’s game and what he has done for the sport. Ten years from now, people will probably be saying, Man he was a Hell of a player, and sure miss watching great talent like his. I never liked Jordan, but I respect what he has done for the league, a true legend!

  • LAL_24

    can someone send this to espn, “Cavs Fans”(i say ” cause pretty soon theyll be Bulls Fans) etc….but he missed two the Colorado crap….and the they are still stuck in the past and they are in denial that Jordan isnt the best anymore

  • gameplan

    1984-1990 who they have? magic, isiah, bird, kareem. Did jordan won that era?
    90-99 malone?barkley?granthill?stockton?kemp?payton? are this players labelled 2nd to jordan? that is why he won six rings.
    00-010 who do we have?
    Iverson, nash, jkidd, dirk,carter, tmac, lebron, howard, wade, bosh,shaq, duncan, ginobli, parker, roy, carmelo, jwill, durant, amare, KG, ray ray, pierce, and many more. Some of them won consecutive mvp’s, finals mvp’s all star mvp’s, some of them labelled better than kobe.
    who is the other mvp’s on jordans era? stockton/malone sharing, did barkley won?

    The game has change, jordan reign with the isolation, and kobe beats the zone jordan had 10 scoring( ballhog) title but he has pippen in the 90’s. Kobe has 2 scoring(ballhog) title, but no one on his team wants to win.
    that’s my argument!

  • bdmf

    I swear I could have written this article.
    this guy read my mind

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  • justdogm1

    kobe is to basketball what adam sandler is to movie making.everyone knows kobe has never had an ORIGINAL MOVE..all copied….HASN`T PLAYED DEFENSE IN 5 YEARS..COULD GO ON AND ON..

    • 242LakerFan

      And that’s the problem; you DO go on and on. You haven’t made sense yet, but you still go on and on.

    • bodybags

      every nba player learn moves from past nba players dumbass if you want originality watch streetball guess what faggot?I just Dogged you bitchass

    • HATER

      Thats cause KOBE is a student of the game and is always learning just like he had to learn how to play with multiple injuries. As for copying others is a way of showing respect for his predecessors who had certain moves that just dominated in the past and obviously are still working on others. KOBE is the BEST! RING, RING, RING, RING, RING!!!!

  • BE_A_LakerFan

    That might just be the greatest piece of writing since… since… maybe ever lol. Seriously, that broke it down in a way I could never imagine. Beautiful.

  • RealTalkLA24

    1st it was Kobe can’t win without SHAQ, then it was KOBE is a ballhog, then it went to KOBE doesn’t make his teammates better. After he won a ring without SHAQ it was well look at the team he has, Lebron or *insert name here* could win with the same team. Now it’s he’s not even close to Michael Jordan. I’m waiting for the next new KOBE HATE QUOTE.

  • Robert

    Kobe is to be admired for doing something that nobody else in basketball is doing, or has ever done. He has kept totally focused on basketball, in the face of ‘mostly’ national scrutiny and attack.
    “Internationally”: Kobe is loved around the world (proof: #1 selling jersey – and remember China Olympics? Nobody there cared about LeBron, but they MOBBED Kobe).
    MJ, Magic, and LeBron NEVER faced this. Basketball players (and players from other sports) are entertainers, but are judged and scrutinized for their talents in addition to their personalities. Imagine a popular singer going to a city, performing, and everyone in the stadium ‘booing’ them. It’s unlike anything else in the world.
    The same thing that we’ve all heard – performers work off the ‘high’ of audience support, can be something that actually affects someone’s performance. Usually, a ‘singer’ or ‘band’ performs to an audience that wants to see them. If you don’t like the performer, you just don’t go. You wouldn’t pay for a ticket, just to go and ‘boo’ them.
    It’s different in sports, because of course teams have to play in opposing fields. But add to that the ‘hating’ of performers, in particular Kobe. He is obviously talented, and people around the country (in other parts) actually hate him. Did anyone HATE MJ? I don’t think so (maybe Detroit fans – but Celtic fans hate the Lakers – that’s more or less understood).
    The categories of Kobe-haters mentioned in this article, who don’t even KNOW about Kobe, have thoughts about him. Again the Colorado incident didn’t help. In fact, I can bet you that many people who were upset about that secretly wished that Kobe’s game would start to be affected. AND, they were secretly happy that the Lakers didn’t win the Championship (when Shaq was there) after all that.
    This is like the current crop of “Tiger-haters”. Tiger is clearly the best golfer that ever lived, and will ever live. Now there is a collection of Tiger-haters who secretly wish that he doesn’t get back to form. But he is getting there. Hopefully he took some advice from Kobe about this.
    The point is, is that in the arena of performance and accomplishment, WHO OUT THERE can say that during the process of achievement, that having the support of someone, be it family, friends, groups of people, etc., didn’t help you get there? Time and again you’ll see people winning awards, that tell of the support they had, and the patience through all this.
    Now imagine that you have the support of the WORLD, who loves you. Then, you have MJ. Everybody likes Mike (I’m sure there are haters … but if so, few).
    Now imagine that you have the HATRED of many in this country. Then you have Kobe. HOW DOES HE DO IT? He rises above the HATRED, and (perhaps) even rises above the support. He is ABOVE that.
    That is a lesson for us all. What beats in Kobe’s heart, is a dedication to his PURPOSE. He is gifted, and EVEN THEN, strives to be better and better, play harder and harder, be as best as possible, and after that, be even better, AND, in the face of ‘serious’ haters. WHO ELSE IN THE NBA embodies that? ….
    … crickets chirping. Shaq ‘wasted’ his talent. He could have surpassed many centers. He was simply the most dominant center who could have ever lived, but he didn’t push it to the limit like Kobe.
    In the end, I predict people in the future won’t even realize or know what Kobe hating is (unless ESPN tries to change history that way). I think even ESPN will have serious regrets about not riding the Kobe wave, and paying too much attention to LeBron.
    The WORLD is witnessing the greatest player of all time. PLEASE REALIZE THAT. Enjoy it. Ride the wave. This will be the last chance for that.

  • BigSal

    Sometimes I wonder if we laker fans expend alittle too much energy trying to defend kobe.

    • 242LakerFan

      The sad thing is that we have to.
      No one says you have to love the guy, be a shill for him, or even a fan, but why do these people have to hate?
      I grew up in the eighties, “hating” Larry Bird, but that was not this kind of hate, merely a reflection of the fact that I “loved” Magic and the Lakers and he was the “Anti-Magic”. Hating bird was just the flipside of loving Magic. Looking back now the hate is gone and I respect what Larry did, along with Magic.
      But this is different. They don’t hate Kobe because they love a rival, it’s mostly just because they hate him. It’s not reasonable in any way.
      I feel sorry for most of them because it’s very unhealthy.

    • Robert

      Good point 242! And see my comment below. I have plenty of energy to expend to defend Kobe because … well precisely because of what 242 says – we HAVE to.
      The evil haters that are hating on Kobe have to be balanced out by people like us. We KNOW the truth. We have to stand tall w/Kobe, and keep reminding everyone of his greatness, while all those pundits out there are screaming.
      Kobe helped defeat the ‘evil’ Celtics too. For this, he should have a temple in his honor. As the basketball legacy of the universe reaches back into the archives of the 60s, we find that this rivalry explains what is good about sportsmanship, and what is bad about it. The Lakers have always represented was is good about it. The Celtics have always represented was is bad about it (cheating, taking rules to their negative limit, etc.). The Lakers have played ‘fair and square’ down the line, and this year is no exception.
      And at the head of this – is Kobe. He is the heart and the head of the Lakers (ok, maybe the left ventricle and Fish is the right ventricle). Kobe drives the team, to do it the best way, and with the best talent out there.
      He not only deserves our support, he deserves to have US defend him to the lamestream pundit nay-sayers, so our voices will be heard.
      I can speak about this forever, and I will.
      KOBE FOREVER !!!!

  • Robert

    Nahhh … I’ve got plenty of energy to do that. In fact, I have enough energy to do that the rest of my life!
    KOBE FOREVER!!!!!!

  • bodybags

    ESPN love to belittle kobe we all know why?2003 but i could give 2 fucks about the past watch wherever lebron go espn will follow i truly lebron sold his soul for fame and i hate michael Wilbon he said after the finals kobe will never be able to surpass the legends but a couple months ago he said lebron could be the greatest of all time it shows how bias they are but guess what we gonna keep winning it just motivates kobe to embarass them

  • trash

    LAKER NATION GO TO and see what the celtic fans are saying about us . I say we go on there and talk shit about them.