I thought it was essential to first and foremost take a time-out and thank the staff here at GetGarnett.com for allowing me to become part of this great team. I also want to thank the users that gave me tons of love on my article “Kobe Nation,” you guys are awesome.

Well now that I’m officially apart of the squad, I will do my best to put out my best work, and continue entertaining and supplying our loyal users with Laker related articles. Stuff that you can really sink your teeth into. Special thanks to Kam (hZm) and Jim (The Nugget), for taking the time out of their busy schedules and helping me become a part of the GG staff it is truly appreciated. (Be on the lookout for my articles they’ll be coming soon and often)

Till next time,
David Brickley

(Operation Keep Kobe)

  • $w@mz

    Kool dude ;)

  • Ryan Fuu

    Alright.. Congrats!! …. Kobe Nation had to be one of the best articles I have read on here so far… Iam looking forward to your work!!! …. Good job GG on going out and grabbing this dude!

  • punkjones

    Right on DB – you make a great addition here. Kobe Nation was excellent and nailed what a lot of us are feeling. Looking forward to reading some more of your opinions. We’re all bored just waiting around listening to nonsense about non-Laker knuckleheads like Johnny O as he calls himself. This guy’s been completely kept away from the Laker franchise ’cause no one seems to trust him and then he tries to drum up some pub by dropping this little nugget of how it’s time for Kobe to depart. Lame. I just hope what I’ve been reading on other sites might be true that we’re possibly holding on to Bynum in the JO deal which would be great. It’d be nice to hold on to him or use him in another deal. Also like what I’ve been hearing that the Lakers are possibly going to at least take a shot and trying to get KG.

  • Mr RiCo

    I hope KG comes to the Lakers, really! NOW is the moment of bliss!

  • DBricks

    Thanks guys, Ill do my best to supply you with some insightfull articles in the near future. Check out my recent one, I think alot of people are feelin my frustration as well.

    Much Love,