Kobe & PhilAlthough we’ve been getting a few comments on how this will never happen and its just a fantasy, I just want to thank everyone who has supported the site in its 2 day existence.

I’ve been looking thought some of the reports on the site and I see a good amount of people who have thrown up a link to this site on their MySpace, forum sigs, etc. A few blogs have posted about us (although pretty much calling us crazy!). But we’re all loyal fans and we want to see changes made. I’m doing this because I hope it can somehow help the Lakers organization but rallying up the fans. The one thing I noticed while at one of the Playoff games this season was that many fans were sitting there wanting to cheer for this team and dieing to see something to cheer for. Unfortunately that really didn’t come.

Its been great seeing Lakers fans support the “KG movement”. I myself am huge Garnett fan, always have been. Seeing him miss the Playoffs now for 3 seasons is painful as a KG fan. If a deal for Garnett doesn’t happen, it wouldn’t upset me VERY much, as long as this team has improved during the off-season. At the end of the day, that all we as fans want.

Anyway, just wanted to thank everyone for the support! Bookmark the site, let it be known… we want Garnett. :-)

P.S. If anyone here has their own blog/site and is interested in exchanging links, please e-mail us with info! GetGarnett@gmail.com.

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