Thanks for the support, Eva!

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    • Michael24

      lmao…! shahahahahah thank you eva I love you!

    • nayrb_883

      for a minute there i thought it was real.. haha.. nice job though.

    • Kenny

      eva is hot haha :]

    • Billy Kupchak

      very nice photoshopping skills Chris! :D

    • Sopi

      should put “I love Kobe” instead.

    • west213

      squeeze them ( , )Y( , )

    • Lakers 24 7

      Eva’s always on her phone, who yall think she talkin to? Probably textin Popovich, yall know BIG POPP hittin that, thats why hes grown to love Tony Parker so much

    • Luis24

      LOL West!! I thought of was real too, till I saw the “Go” in silver

    • Michael24

      [Comment ID #37328 Will Be Quoted Here]


    • kb24 4life

      wow, shes one of the hottest women in the world… thanks for your support, lol…

    • MILO

      If i had the opportunity to go to Staples i would take a banner that reads when she came out on GoodDayLA last year she was disrespecting and saying to Steve Edwards “Who are the Lakers?” i personaly hate that bitch and i dont find her as fine as some of you lames here…There is a lot of hot celeb’s out there she’s not one of them!!!I like Angelina!

    • Thomas


    • double

      Tony Parker has it made… If only he were a Laker.

    • HereWeGo

      shes wack.. prolly doesnt even know whats going on during the game..

    • gugy

      I want to F U C K that B i t c h! She’s hot.

      Parker doesn’t need a ring, he’s got Eva.