L.A. Times: When told of Lakers Coach Phil Jackson’s recent comments about his beloved triangle offense, Tex Winter smiled, laughed and then acknowledged that there was some truth in the statement.

“Tex is foaming at the mouth down there in the coaches’ office right now,” Jackson said after a recent Lakers game. “He wanted his money back at halftime. Now he wants to make sure that we take the triangle offense out of any connection with him.”

Winter, the guru of the triangle offense, the man who once had 57 consecutive years of coaching before taking one year off, has not always seen the Lakers run his offense with the precision that he likes.

“Sometimes it looks more like an obtuse triangle,” Winter said.

Keep in mind, Winter admitted, he would like perfection, even though he knows it may not be obtained.

“No, they’re doing OK,” said Winter, the Lakers’ basketball consultant. “It’s just a question of staying with the offense, staying with the principle of the offense. Sometimes we get away from it, give up on it too soon.”

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  • http://TheVerveNerve.com Billy Kupchak

    waaay too soon, in fact :cool:

  • Logic Guy

    THE TRIANGLE OFFENSE- An efficient but complex way to kill time while waiting for the 24 second clock to get past the midway point to start some real offense. Jordan (privately) hated it and did not use it in the fourth quarter. The most overrared hoax ever perpetrated on the basketball public. How difficult is it to get into pick and rolls out of this thing? Players are intimidated into saying good things about it but you will not find any enthusiasm. You don’t see anybody trying to copy it do you? No one will read this because they don’t have enough interest to look at comments about such a dull anti showtime subject!!!!!

  • as1084

    the triangle is ancient….this isnt the same NBA tex!

    • cg75

      sorry as1084, it may be ancient but thats the offense that took a team to NBA finals 5 times in this decade and 6 times in the 90s.

  • jsmvs

    Phil Jackson is a lucky man… he has a genius in Tex Winter as an aide and mentor… he had all-stars and future hall of fame players in Pippen, Jordan, Kobe and Shaq…. he’s even got the team owner’s daughter… now he has Pau Gasol, his ride to his next championship ring…

    But I prefer the likes of Don Nelson, Larry Brown, George Karl and even Mike D’Antoni who takes on mediocre (even less) teams and turn them into playoff contenders…