The man is a true basketball guru… Here is his take on both trades:

Sports Hub LA: “It’s a strange trade. Shaq sure misses a lot of games. He’s not a very good defensive rebounder, or offensive rebounder for that matter. He does rebound his own misses a lot.”

  • IMmichael

    lol tex just basically said shaq sucks



  • maccassedy

    lol dats my nigg tex

  • Ryan

    haha Tex doesn’t like shaq cuz zhaq called him and old bastard in his last year as a laker

  • LAKing

    Tex Winter is right. Shaq’s done and the Phoenix Suns are done as well for going with this trade. It’s over, there’s no chance they’re going to beat the Lakers or the Spurs.

  • k0be da 1 andonly

    PHX Give Marion and BAnks for no one…………DIVISION CHAMPIONSHIP HERE WE COME!!!!!!!!!!

  • gugy

    Guys, This trade might be the best revenge we can get.
    Shaq will sink the Suns and hopefully we will beat them in the playoffs so it will be double sweet!

    I appreciate Shaq on the Lakers, but since he left he has been an complete ass about Lakers fans and FO and also Miami fans and FO. Seriously, why he would say now that he will give his best for Nash? Why he did not give his best for the Heat in the last couple of seasons?

    Shaq is a bitch and he has no loyalty or respect for any team he played for.

  • Remy

    Ok…i’m getting worry here, at first i thought this trade will help us, but now i’m hearing alot that this trade will benefit the suns, cuz shaq what they’re saying is that the suns won’t involve him in the offense that much…all he needs to do is get the rebound, turn, past, and let the other 4 suns player run and if they can’t get anything, they’ll reset into their half court offense….what does everyone think about this??

  • laker in AZ

    suns will not be successful. Mike D’Antonio is going to be complaining soon enough that he wants shaq out.. with nash aging.. i doubt he’ll stay after this year…

  • BEC

    Tex is right on the money. Suns want shaq to be a defensive presence, grab rebounds and block shots, but shaq can barely even jump, how do they expect him to grab reb or block shots? They want that out of shaq but they get rid of kurt thomas whos exactly that and they give up marion who gets two blocks a game, a great defensive player, and a guy who grabs 10 boards a game. It makes no sense getting a 36 year old shaq. Tex said it right one of shaqs biggest strengths was his raw power and without that now hes nothing more than decent, not a force you really need to worry about anymore. But then again we’ll just have to wait and see.

  • AndrewT

    Shaq doesn’t rebound as well as Marion. He averages about 2.5 rebounds less than Marion per game. He also can’t jump for rebounds anymore so Lamar and Bynum should be able to wrestle it away from him.

    Also, if the Suns want to reset that’s fine, they’ll have to wait for Shaq to lumber up the court which slows down the game. If they go fast, as long as our guys hustle back they’ll be facing a 4 on 5 situation against a giant Lakers lineup. They’ll know how it feels to have one person missing on offense (ala Kwame). If it’s on the fast break and they miss the shot, they’ll get killed by defensive rebounding.

    That’s assuming several big things. Shaq will have to get back from the injuries that are plaguing him. He’ll need stamina to play more than 30 minutes a game. The Sun’s aren’t deep, if Shaq can’t play good minutes or the crucial minutes they’ll have a giant hole where Marion used to be. He’ll also need to stay out of foul trouble, which might be pretty difficult guarding a front court of Lamar, Bynum, and Gasol.

    They’ll try to save Shaq for the post season by playing him for light minutes during the regular season but that might backfire. He’s not a natural fit for that system, and the Western Conference is tough. The Lakers are 2 losses from falling out of the playoffs. They’re also 2.5 games away from a 1st seed. If the transition isn’t smooth or the Suns lose an important player to injury, they’re window could set before the playoffs even begin.

    In reality, Shaq is going to be more of a problem for the Spurs than for us. I’m more worried about Shaq pulling a Spurs and purposely injuring Bynum or Gasol on purpose.

  • lakersforlife77

    If shaq is as “motivated” of an individual as everybody claims him to be then how come we didn’t win in ’04 with malone and Payton. The fact of the matter is the heat championship was lucky(In fact he can thank wade and the refs for that chmpionship, mostly the refs :P). I appreciate shaq for what he did for us, but ever since he has left he has done nothing but irritate me. It all started in that abysmal finals series that we lost, and then preventing us from getting optimal value in a trade for him, forcing us to take the heat deal. To hell with shaq, I have little to no respect for him anymore, and he will eclipse the suns in phoenix. I can’t wait til Bynum shows him how old he really is.

  • BEC

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    I like how you touched on the suns playing shaq light minutes which is funny because how do they expect shaq to really gel and gain chemistry if hes not playing a significant amount of minutes with the team, half the season is alrady gone. Its going to be tough, they have to adjust a lot of what they do to accomodate shaq and shaq being injured playing limited minutes its going to be hard to gain consistency. But then again we’ll have to wait and see.

    As for the Lakers personally matching up, were just flat out better. We have more size, speed, and talent. With Bynum back, which looks good, I dont see the suns standing a chance, were too good and too deep.

  • C.Rang

    I admit that at first I couldn’t believe the suns would actually do this trade…but then they actually did….at first I was excited but at the back of my mind I couldn’t help but be a little apprehensive…there are a million ways that their gamble could fail but there is a way that it could succeed….Shaq could do what Shaq has done and get in shape and play like Shaq, not like Shaq of old but still like Shaq…many writers are starting to agree despite all of them admitting first that they couldn’t believe it at first… so what I am saying is that I don’t think we should underestimate him…

    HOWEVER…just like many may be underestimating the Suns I think the Suns are underestimating the West, not just the Spurs, Jazz, or Mavericks, but particularly the LAKERS. Now, the suns said they brought him in for defense and rebounds. Well the first depends entirely on how Shaq elevates his game cuz Shaq has never been the greatest defender…but rebounding really…regardless of how good Shaq gets at rebounding I figured that the Lakers when healthy can be the top rebounding team…Odom and Bynum were already dominating the boards before Pau came in…

    As far as matchups the first you have to look at (and perhaps the most interesting) is Bynum vs. Shaq. Some would say Baby Shaq vs Over the Hill Shaq but I’d like to think that Bynum has the potential to be greater via being a Kareem AB type player. Regardless, if we are to believe Mitch, who surprisingly now has my confidence, then a Bynum that comes back at full strength could no doubt be better than Shaq, rejuvenated or not

    —– (Shaq this isn’t the East where the only formidable stop for centers was in Orlando…now the Centerville train has stops in New Orleans, Denver, Utah, Houston, San Antonio (i think Shaq will guard Duncan even though he is a forward) and Los Angeles with one big one soon in Portland).—–

    Face it, Bynum has not been soundly beat by any center in the league thus far. On the contrary he’s neutralized if not defeated them offensively , though work still needs to be put in defensively. I’m not yet proclaiming him the best (Yet) but in a Bynum vs Shaq contest (leaving prospects and potential aside and just talking about the here and now) I’d easily take Bynum and if Bynum is doubled then all he has to do is kick it out to Gasol for the easy jumper.

    The other argument they offer is that bringing in Shaq will allow Amare to play the 4 so now we have an Amare vs Pau matchup….. interesting…however unless Shaq has the Garnett effect and somehow transfers his defensive presence and powers (despite the fact that he probably doesn’t have many unlike Garnett)to the rest of the team (including Nash who will be exposed even moreso for his defensive weakness now with Marion gone), then the Amare matchup will be one of offense vs offense (from what I’ve seen thus far, admittedly not much, Pau is not that great defensively though it is still too early to tell what he can achieve). Well, many might favor Amare just because of his explosiveness, but if he is at all favored, it is only by a slight margin…remember Pau has played center for a long time so its essentially as if Amare is still guarding the center type…also, Pau is quicker and more agile than most 7-0 footers so any help from O neal and Pau may be able to score and maybe even draw them into foul trouble.

    I guess from what I hear the other matchup would be Odom vs. Hill or Diaw . Well, I first have to preface this by saying that I haven’t followed Hill’s progress this season….Now that that is done, I have to ask…are you kidding me…An over the Hill Hill (Im sorry) vs Lamar Odom….say what you want about Lamar but he’s got tremendous skill and has come to play during the playoffs for the past two years. He’s beat Marion so he can easily beat Hill.

    Next matchup…Kobe Bryant vs. Raja Bell….I’ve already written too much….

    The last starting five matchup…Nash vs Fisher…Now I am a diehard Lakers fan but I do have to give Nash his props on this one and go with Nash for his excellence at point guard on the offensive end (though he lacks somewhat at the defensive end). Yet, I ain’t gonna short change D Fish either. Throughout the season we have seen that Fisher can shoot…sure he has his off nights, but Mr. 0.4 can also give you that clutch hot hand.

    The last matchup is the one of the Benches, with our top in the NBA bench with Phoenix’s nearly nonexistent bench (or rather just Diaw, Barbosa, and Skinner). The first two are definitely to be feared, particularly Barbosa, but even a Suns fan has to admit that they hardly have a bench. So they say that Shaq is gonna play limited minutes…so who is gonna fill in for him…Brian Skinner, is that their answer…I know many of you may not want to remember Kwame so quickly but at least he was a big body and a relatively formidable defensive presence compared to Skinner…and even if Shaq plays extended minutes we also have another weapon….RONNY…With Ronny now having limited minutes there is no doubt that he can perhaps be the defense to Pau’s offense…Ronny’s pure energy can defend and has come up big in some games this year do to his hustle and monster blocks…we also have our own array of shooters in sasha and farmar who have started to pick up rhythm from the outside (maybe radmanovic can do the same by the end of the season)….we also have the defensive-marion-lite-grant-hill-posterizer Trevor Ariza….which I guess segues into my last point…

    Say what you want about Shawn Marion and the chemistry issues that caused his departures a la 2004 Shaq, but he did indeed do the dirty work for the suns on both ends, particularly defense. As a Laker fan I had grown to dislike him for this reason. Herein, however, lies the biggest gamble of the trade as several have already cited. If Shaq gets healthy, they may break even on the offensive end IF (big if) Shaq’s outlet passes, Steve Nash’s assists to Shaq under the basket, Amare’s newfound 4 freedom, and Bell and Diaw’s wide open jumpers all succeed. However, what they lose on defense is perimeter defense. Just to add it all up…Raja Bell, I suppose their default best defender now will still have to take on the NBA’s best player in Kobe, Nash will still play spotty defense, Amare will still play spotty defense against the quick Forward/Center Pau, Hill or Diaw will somehow try to guard Odom, and Shaq will somehow try to neutralize the blossoming and 15 year younger Bynum.

    I’ve tried to keep the Kobe talk to a minimum just to show how formidable the Lakers are now but in addition to the rest…WE HAVE KOBE BRYANT….One writer said that Suns saw the Lakers one Gasol and raised us one Shaq…well I’ll see your supposedly hulk-like “Don’t get me angry I win championships when I’m angry” Shaq and raise you the NBA’s best player, Kobe the Black Mamba Bryant, out for blood and ready to leads us to Lakers Glory.

    GO LAKERS!!!!!!


    If you watch the suns play, their offense is simple:

    the shooters set up around the arc, and nash will run a pick and roll with amare.

    nash will then:

    – penetrate and kick
    – roll and lobs to amare
    – or drives and lays up

    D’antoni will have to change the offense or else Shaq will be in the way!!

  • marksss

    shaq sucks

  • KB24RULEZ!!!

    Just Trade Kobe For D.Howard and then trade Lame-ar-O-Super-dumb for CP3!!!

  • rion
  • lakerfan81

    I still don’t get this trade. When I first heard about I thought it was hilarious. But then I thought well I don’t know. But the more I think about the less it makes sense. Its kind of one of those trades that theres a 99% chance that it blows up and is one of the worst trades ever, but there is still that 1% chance that it works out and Kerr looks like a genius. The biggest problem I have with it, is D’antoni. I don’t think he will like it at all and he will have to restructure the whole offense. I really don’t get it at all. Smells like desperation.

  • ek

    Forget the Shaq to Suns trade….What do you guys think of this? Since Marion just got traded to Miami does Pat Riley really think Marion will stay with the Heat in the long run? Marion can be traded straight up for a player with the same or close to 80 percent of the players salaries. I say we make Marion a Laker and Odom back to the Heat!

    “HEAT and Marion: In acquiring Marion, the HEAT actually added to this season’s payroll. In fact, if Marion does not opt out of his $17.8 million contract Miami has pickup an additional $1.6 million for next season as well.

    The team won’t gain any financial benefit until the summer of 2009, where O’Neal was schedule to earn another cool $20 million.

    Considering there are so few teams with cap space this summer (perhaps the Atlanta Hawks, Philadelphia 76ers, Memphis Grizzlies, etc), there’s no guarantee Marion will look to free agency. If he can lock down at least a guaranteed $45-50 million, it’d probably be worth it – but would he be open to a pay cut down to $8-10 million in the first year?

    Do the HEAT look at Marion as their long-term acquisition to play alongside Wade or are they in fact rebuilding?

    Coach Pat Riley can be quite proactive when he puts on the General Manager hat – would he be willing to quickly re-route Marion for expiring contracts and draft picks to make sure the opt out is no longer a HEAT issue?

    Interestingly enough, HOOPSWORLD reports Marion could already be involved in talks, perhaps with the Dallas Mavericks and New Jersey Nets in a multi-team swap (although owner Mark Cuban refuted the idea).

    While the rules are easy to misconstrue, Marion can be traded at any point until the deadline. He cannot be packaged with another player. For instance (and completely made up for illustration purposes), the HEAT would not be able to trade Marion and Banks together to acquire Kevin Garnett.

    In a similar nonsense vein, Marion can be traded straight up for someone like Baron Davis – or for a combination of players as long as the salaries match.

    There is a loophole to get around the trade restriction: if the trade financially can be broken down into separate transactions. For instance, Marion for Antawn Jamison and Banks for Brendan Haywood is a completely a fictitious scenario that technically works under the cap rules.

    There’s no 48-hour waiting period to trade a player after acquiring him, and there also is no limiting time period to make another trade. Urban legends like that come from are beyond the scope of this column.

    Considering the trade deadline is less than two weeks away and already the league has seen two monster deals, who knows what craziness will go down in the coming days?”


    Phoenix wants to be just like the Lakers,it’s obvious,SHAQ? They are trying everything they can to stop The Lakers from getting that ring while in the pursuit of one. Phoenix WILL NEVER(YES I SAID NEVER)get a ring with Shaq and here’s why,35 or 36,NO CONDITIONING AT ALL,does not like to run(which means Phoenix will have to slow their game down for him when he’s in),I can go on and on but at least Shaq can say “My greatest success will always be when I was a Laker whether I like it or not,I HATE YOU KOBE(STARTS CRYING).I’m not saying it’s over for The Diesel but the motor doesn’t run as good as it used to or as C.Barkley says “Old people don’t get better,they just get old”, sounds like good advice to me plus the deal worked out better for Miami.

  • ab4sure

    Winter pointed out that Shaq held up fine during Miami’s dance to the championship in 2006. “If he’s 100 percent, he’s a dominant center, no question about it,” Winter said. And there’s no question that O’Neal has a pattern of struggling in the regular season only to gain interest and motivation in the playoffs. Kerr and the Suns are going to have to remake their running attack to use O’Neal, but they’re counting on a motivated and ready Shaq come playoff time.

    Yes, Winter doesn’t think this trade will not work out. But he did have a qualifier. He said “if he’s 100%”. Well he probably never getting to 100% but maybe 80-90%. Who knows??? The Suns do have a famed training staff which has helped Grant Hill, Nash and others and that will be the key. Everything hinges on Shaq’s health. I do think with the addition of GAsol the Lakers should still beat the Suns. I would love to see a PO series between the two.

    Shaq is the big Eclipse. Perhaps it won’t be a Totally Eclipse of the Sun. LOL

  • BigThree2k8

    C.Rang – I know you want to put these 2 games out of your mind,(Especially the 110-91 beat down in your own building!!!) but your boy Drew had no answer for Kendrick Perkins. Say all you want that Perk sucks but I’ll let their stats and THE final scores speak for themselves:

    Nov.23 Bos 107 LA 94
    Perkins 21pts 9reb 1pf
    Bynum 4pts 9reb 4pf

    Dec.30 Bos 110 LA 91
    Perkins 7pts 7reb 4pf
    Bynum 8pts 2reb 6pf

    All good natured ribbing aside, hope AB makes it back 100%. Definitely like to see the Lakers-C’s rivalry back again. PEACE!

  • foxxy

    [Comment ID #25317 Will Be Quoted Here]YES,YES,YES!!!!!!!!!!

  • foxxy

    [Comment ID #25354 Will Be Quoted Here]ONLY LAKERFANS HERE BUDDY!!!!


    I don’t care what Winter says,no disrespect but Phoenix getting Shaq was a ‘B!@#$ move’ and even Winter should see that,I mean,even BARKLEY saw it. Phoenix or Steve Kerr wants to be “MINNY MITCH”,if they can get Pau then we’ll get…umm…ummm…Shaq! They really think they’ve trumped the Lakers by bringing in The Diesel but what happens when that same Diesel meets an even bigger Diesel with a better motor? If not even safe to say that Phoenix will see the Lakers in the playoffs. They’re already 1st place in the west,why would you slow your team down? They need to thinking about N.O.,San Antonio,Portland,Dallas and the rest but they made the trade because they know the history between Shaq and Kobe,TRUST ME, THAT’S THE REASON.

  • LakersFirst (Change) (Close)

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    You should worry about the health of the big 3. Ray Allen’s ankles will be giving him problems come April. I called it earlier this season, KG is due for an injury. He’s never been injured his entire career and now he has an abdominal strain, but this is the first injury (there will be more coming to KG).

    The celtics are going to fall apart like the Patriots did. All Boston is good for is watching them lose in the big games.

  • ab4sure

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    Do you remember who we lost the first game of the finals?? Malone… if we had him the series might have turned out differently. Shaq is rarely motivated during the season. BTW why don’t you check out the boxscores of those 5 games against Detroit. I think you might be surprised in those boxscores when you look at Shaq’s and kobe’s stats.

  • kilacrosova


  • Tex’s Neice

    My uncle knows his stuff. I miss seeing him on the bench. Only respect for Tex. I’m glad many of you agree. Keep a look out for more pearls of wisdom from the master of the BBall. Look at his record, Helped get the Bulls A FEW championships and got the Lakers started on their way back up.