Tex’s value to the Lakers can’t be measured.

Before the game against Portland on Saturday, Tex Winter, wearing a black Lakers jersey, paid a visit to Phil’s office. He had some words with the coach and then asked to speak to the team, and his words to the team…

Twitter: There is no substitute for hustle, but if you don’t hustle there will be substitute

And as surprising as it sounds, it actually got to the Lakers with Lamar grabbing a career high 22 rebounds and the Lakers flying everywhere to get every loose ball possible. The man that brought the triangle offense to the Lakers brings much more to the team, the love for the franchise and years of dedication to help make this franchise what it is today, along with his vast knowledge of the game.

  • lakerman1

    Words of wisdom from a great man. Now the team needs to take care of San Antonio tonight and let Kobe keep resting until after the All Stars.

  • LD24

    This sounds more like a threat. Either way, it worked…

  • 242LakerFan

    Whatever it takes, because this team has been uninspired for the last several weeks.

  • Anthony

    I hate to be a downer, but how long are they actually going to keep up the hustle?

    Hopefully they’ll spread it over the season as opposed to a couple games.

  • Byneazy17
  • http://lakersnation showtime4eva

    thank you for everything tex

  • LC09

    thats great advice tex awesome… but y aint da shoutbox workin

  • Gino

    tex is frikkin’ awesome. he’s like the dalai lama of basketball with his knowledge and wisdom. should be a no-brainer to be in the hall of fame.