Lakers Examiner: President Barack Obama recently picked the Los Angeles Lakers to beat the Orlando Magic in six games in this year’s NBA Finals.

This is actually more of an endorsement for the Lakers than you would think, since Obama is a huge basketball fan and correctly picked UNC to win the NCAA Tournament this year.

So, following in the footsteps of my bi-racial idol, I decided to put down my own set of predictions about this year’s Finals. Please enjoy…

  1. The referees will call a flagrant foul on Dwight Howard…before the tip-off. One of the officials will mistake Howard’s pregame greeting of Kobe Bryant as “aggressive behavior” and eject him before the game even starts. Of course, two days later, the league will downgrade it to a personal foul.
  2. Magic Johnson, covering the Finals for ABC, will optimistically look up from his notes everytime someone says “Magic,” only to realize they are talking about the team, not the Laker great.
  3. Lamar Odom will take his love of candy to the next level by arriving to games dressed as Johnny Depp in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

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