Just incase you missed it, here’s Team’s USA Schedule: Download Team USA TV schedule.

Should be a fun few games if Team Red, White and Blue wins out, of course.

Also, The Lakers Nation will be introducing a new feature to their website one hour prior to the game scheduled on the 22nd (Venezuela/8 p.m. PST) that we hope will continue on ’til the end of the Lakers ’08 season.

Nothing to spectacular but we hope it makes your stay much longer on TheLakersNation.com!


  • ImmortalD24

    Can’t wait!

  • lakerfan81

    The roster does not make any sense to me. It is easily good enough to qualify for the olympics but I would hope that it was not the team they used in the Olympics. They have no interior rebounding or defense. They want a starting line up of:

    Kidd,Kobe, James, Mello, Amare.

    As far as i can tell that is a bad defensive and rebounding team. You think they would have learned from last time that Talent and athleticism is nit enough to win.

    Personally I would go with a line up like this

    Kidd, Kobe, Prince, Amare, Chandler. At least that way you have great perimeter defenders and a great interior defender/rebounder in chandler. Ii think that team coudl outscore and outdefend anyone. Throw in Mello off the bench with shooters like Redd and Miller you would be looking pretty good. I hope some different players come out for the Olympics. Garnett or Duncan would be great (so would Brand).

  • foxxy

    GO USA!!!!!

  • fatty


    I have the same questions you have.

    The top four teams advance in the first round. With Venezuela and Virgin Islands in our division that will be easy.

    The next round, we have no room to mess around with the top four advancing to the final round.

    Most teams don’t show their colors in the first round. Maybe that’s why Coach K is starting that line up? I can remember Puerto Rico playing us in the first round before and playing lousy then completely changing their strategy in the 2nd round and beating us.

    The big euro teams will give this line up problems. Argentina will give this unit problems as well. Brazil, less of a problem.

    In the end, the top two teams advance to the Olympics. Top teams are US, Brazil, Argentina, Puerto Rico, and yes, Canada. Canada just beat PR and Argentina in a tourney with a bunch of college guys playing for them.

    I’m hoping “home cookin” will help put us over the top. Whatever, can’t wait for the games. Its been to slow of a summer so far for me.

  • http://www.myspace.com/regg66 rpouncy14

    USA gonna be balllin!!!!!!