Hey kids, it’s your old friend Varsityoptimism here, and no it is not October and no you are not hallucinating. I am here to dust off the old Pre-Game pen to breakdown the U.S.A. Screaming Eagles first Olympic match up against Host nation China. And after the stunning Opening Ceremonies that aired last night, if you do not have full-blown Olympic Fever, then you are not a member of the human race.

From the 2,008 light-up drums, to the kite flying Chinese Pop Star, to the spectacular and unforgettable torch lighting, I for one was stunned by the imagination, perfection and beauty that the Chinese were able to accomplish in what will be remembered as one of the proudest moments in Modern Chinese history.

Unfortunately for China, Sunday’s game with the Screaming Eagles will not be as triumphant. Yao Ming will finally put down Sichuan earthquake hero Lin Hao and suit up for the Chinese National team’s first contest.

Also lacing up them shoes for China is newest Laker Sun Yue, who will meet new teammate Kobe Bryant for the first time on Sunday.

As far as actual basketball goes, look for the Screaming Eagles to DESTROY China. Aside from Yao, China does not have another player in the same category that the United States roster is crammed with.

So, you ask: “What should I expect?”

Expect a slaughter. Expect Kobe to play lockdown defense. Expect LeBron to throw down some insane slam dunk. Expect Michael Redd to gun some threes. Expect Carlos Boozer to poke Zhu Fangyu in the eyes and expect Tayshaun to use his lanky arms to rip out Wang Lei’s armpit hair.

Expect to see Kobe & Co. make a statement at Wukesong Indoor Stadium that says: “We are NOT messing around. We are in it to win it.”

More so, expect the Screaming Eagles first victory on the road to Gold.

So let out your best eagle scream and get ready for some entertaining basketball.


Varsity’s Olympic Musings –

While watching the ol’ Parade of Nations during Friday’s Opening Ceremony, I noticed that the female athletic delegations of most these countries are ridiiiiiiiiiiiculously attractive. Australia and Slovenia were cute, but it was Croatia that stole the show. Hammer Throwers Ivana Brkljacic and Sprinter Danijela Grgic head up what I will refer to from this point forward as the Croatian Cute Crew. We here at TLN will follow all activities and achievements of the Triple C for duration of the Beijing Games.

Varsity Challenge –

Prize: One of those suuuuuuuuper cool light sticks that all the kids at the Bird’s Nest were waving around.

Name all the Olympians who are competing in basketball that were selected as their country’s Flag Bearer.

Bernie Mac
October 5, 1957 – August 9, 2008

  • http://lahoopsblog.wordpress.com Tim M.

    “the female athletic delegations of most these countries are ridiiiiiiiiiiiculously attractive.”

    oh man! i was thinking the same thing.

  • http://myspace.com/sonicussj Whatsa

    Manu Ginobili(Argentina), Dirk Nowitski(Germany), Yao Ming(China), Andrei Kirilenko(Russia), and former Indiana Pacer/Golden State player Sarunas Jasikevicius.

  • six45ci

    Bernie Mac will be missed, ive been following this guys career for a real long time now. he will be missed in the black community, he will be missed in the comedy community, he will be missed in the performance community, the guy was just really talented, and knew how to make people laugh with his antics. R.I.P. Bernie. thanks for all the laughs, and all your characters.

  • varsityoptimism

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    way to be on topic?

  • alex

    varsity optimism for president!!!


    STOP DIRESPECTING COMMENTS ABOUT BERNIE(RIP),those are great comments by six45ci and someone has to be the ignorant,DAMN!We know it’s off topic but this is not a,obviously good topic if we’re shout out…RIP BERNIE MAC!!!


  • lakerferlife7

    this is a laker site not a bernie mac sight

  • pr0mega

    its not a Bernie Mac site but by Varsityoptimism putting the RIP and dates on his article, it makes his death open for discussion and it is totally relevant now. Pay respect.

  • vida8

    hehehe hey VO can you also put the time just to make sure what time the game starts ;) thanks

  • varsityoptimism

    7:15 A West Coast live, and i think they’ll replay it all day

  • Freshh

    It’s not showing up on dirrec-tv guide :[

    Channel and time for west coast?


  • Freshh

    i got it

  • CalLaker

    What channel is it on live? It seems to be on tape delay on the west coast on NBC.

  • http://TheVerveNerve.com Billy Kupchak


  • joseph

    As much as i hate the fakers and kobe, well lets put aside our diff. whether your from LA or Beantown and be in the spirit of the glory of the Olympics.. So Im wishing kobe and the rest of team USA Goodluck and its time to bring home the gold… baby!!! where it truly belongs!!!

    So eat sh!t dimsum boys hahaha… and its time to free Tibet!!

  • Michael_23

    OH MAN. I thought this game was gonna start 7:15 pm pacific time ‘LIVE’ But I was browsing through ESPN and the game has already concluded. (Browsed site at 10 am) I’m beginning to hate NBC showing this delay on television late. Can somebody give us a live time on how to watch? And what time? Damn it …

  • berks24

    USA won by 32!take a look at the chinese squad shoes are almost uniform,and guess what it is?” hyperdunk” is all around the league.kobe no 1 in china!
    does anyone here wore the shoes?how does it feel?

  • berks24

    i am a bit empressed by sun yue!nice black on d12!

  • http://www.thelakersnation.com Fred A.

    I can’t wait until the USA vs. Spain Game!!!!!!!!!!
    Kobe-Gasol!!!!!!! :)