You would have never been able to tell it was a rainy day in Beijing, China. Inside, it was intense and had a championship atmosphere. On the court, it wasn’t much different. The game started with Yao hitting a three-pointer and the China started out hot. They hit their first four threes and kept pace with Team USA for the first 15 minutes.

Then, Kobe and USA went on a run. Sparked by defensive stops, Team USA seemingly had 5 dunks in a row and opened the game to a 12 point lead going into the half. In the half-court set, Team USA struggled mightily. They had many turnovers and missed just about every three-point attempt. Their offense came on the fast break and off the offensive boards.

First-half notes as I’m watching…

  • Wade looks like the 2006 Finals MVP again, hitting fade-away’s and finishing in the paint. He even got a great steal.
  • LeBron had an amazing oop dunk from Wade and continues to dominate international basketball.
  • Dwight must make his free-throws since he gets fouled almost every time he touches the ball.
  • Kobe struggled from outside the paint, and even inside the paint he got blocked by Yao. Hope he has a better second-half.
  • Sun Yue, the soon to be Laker matched up against Kobe and played pretty well I thought. He hit a couple big three-pointers and looks to be the perfect role player for the Lakers next year.
  • Great Coca-Cola commercial featuring Yao and LeBron.
  • NBA on NBC theme song is back!
  • China had 4 NBA players on their roster: Yao, Wang ZhiZhi, Yi Jianlian, and Sun Yue.

The second-half was all Team USA. The team played better defense which of course led to tons of fast breaks and easy dunks. Key in the game was the USA defense holding China to only 34% FG’s and forcing 18 turnovers.

Second-half notes as I’m watching…

  • Kobe continues to struggle from downtown in the third quarter (1-7 threes). But he sure knows how to dunk.
  • Sun Yue with the block!
  • Yi Jianlian had an amazing tip dunk off Yao’s missed jumper.
  • Team USA outscores China 25-11 in the third quarter.
  • Yao gets hurt briefly, but comes back strong. It is great to see him healthy again.
  • China is down 32 with 3 minutes to go and fans still go crazy when they score. If this was L.A., the stadium would be empty.

Now, the bests of the day…

Top 3 Team U.S.A. Performers –

1) Wade looked AMAZING today. He did not miss a shot and basically played flawless basketball. 19 points on 7-7 FG’s.

2) LeBron had 18 points on 8-12 shooting. He played great on both ends, especially with his 3 blocks.

3) Chris Paul did just what Team USA needed off the bench.  6 assists and 2 steals.

Team USA Smush of the Day (Note: STD denotes the Laker that played the poorest): Carmelo didn’t look too good today.  Didn’t make a FG all game.

Key Play of the Game: LeBron’s one handed alley-oop dunk from Wade on the break.

What to Look for Next Game:Look for an easy win vs. Angola as the team looks to get some better completion later in the week.

Game is Monday @ 5:00 AM (unless tape delayed?) on NBC.

  • Ayaz Bhaiyat

    Im tired of the NBC delay, us in the West Coast are suffering. Great game, I woke up too watch the game online, and it was Great. Sun Yue will be good hopefully. Has lots of Potential.

  • Thomas

    Before the US/China game and I was watching the Spain vs. Greece game and if the US has the same halfcourt problems they had against China they will have a hard time with Spain. I haven’t seen Argentina or Lithuania play but the major thing that the US needs to improve on is the halfcourt execution. Good game though. Fun to watch…

  • iskerfan567

    how did sun yue play

  • lskerfan567

    can you put a boxscore

  • RD

    SUN YUE is BEAST! this guy has potential. and his block on dwight howard was awesome!

  • Tired of so called KOBE fans !

    Will u guys get it together…either leave the bus or stay on it tight …..

    Anyways Good game espeacily second half….

    Good game USA.

  • yash

    [Comment ID #48482 Will Be Quoted Here]

    It says it on the pic. Next to the flags

  • lakerschamps09

    sun yue played great.. but howard was wayyyy more of a beast than cp3 and u know that…. but yea some great dunks by kobe and lebron…

  • Russ Ahi

    I’m pretty sure the next game is Tuesday, not Monday

    also, does anyone know if the game is at 5:00 am or 8:00 am ???

    The west coast doesn’t get to see any olympic events live, so i’m wondering what time we’ll get to see the next game…

    some help??? thanks

  • Sako

    Team USA Smush of the Day (Note: STD denotes the Laker that played the poorest)… Laker?

    [Comment ID #48488 Will Be Quoted Here]

    what he meant is the statistics

  • ricky

    you can watch the basketball game from westcoast live on

  • Whatsa

    China was shooting the lights out in the fist half man.. brazy.

  • zgum

    sun yue played well.. impressive…

    let give this kid a try this coming season…

  • lakerschamps09

    the game is tuesday 8 am eastern time…so 7 central… 5 pacific

  • Russ Ahi

    are you sure it’s 5:00 am pacific???

    cause they said the game today was 10:15 am eastern time, but it ended up being 10:15 am on the west coast too…

    I woke up at 7:00 to watch, but found out it was later….

    I really dont wanna wake up at 5 am so can someone let me know FOR SURE what time the game is on tuesday?

  • Ignard

    One thing I can say for sure is that Sun Yue is better than Coby Karl. He played well considering he had KOBE on him.

  • Ignard

    Oh and he might even be a better defender than Sasha. I don’t know, what do you guys think?

  • David

    Little off topic. But did they use the NBA on NBC theme song?

  • lskerfan567

    sashas D iz overated, we overate alot of things like…..

  • lalball81

    [Comment ID #48501 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Yeah they used the NBC theme.

  • Sako

    [Comment ID #48502 Will Be Quoted Here]

    its not an overrated defender, if anything he’s underrated, why else do u think people keep hitting him? he’s not a lock-down defender, but he’s an annoying defender, get’s inside people’s minds and pisses the hell out of em.

  • Sako

    *he’s not an overrated defender… big mistake

  • Fred A.

    I think I found a good trade that maybe would turn heads:

    I feel this would make all 3 teams even better.

    They will be getting some promising point gaurds for the future to come. Conley/Wade/Beasley/Marion/Blount seems pretty darn good to me!!!!

    They will be getting some more low post help in Haslem to help the up coming MAYO, a 3 point threat in Radmonivic, a promising forward in Lasme, and a good passer in Walton.
    Critt/MAYO/Gay/Haslem/Milicic sounds good!!!!!!!!!!

    Finally we get our once suprise possesion in Marc Gasol. We also get a maybe? next James Posey in Walker.
    Then sign Newble and Karl to the D-League. :)

  • Sako

    [Comment ID #48507 Will Be Quoted Here]

    1) how can Antoine Walker be the next James Posey? he’s older than him and he’s very washed up (like he was a good player back when he was a Celtic, takes terrible shots and misses most of em.)

    2) we lose, Miami and Memphis get toooo much, if we’re gonna do it, at least let us get a first-round pick from each team.

  • kb24 4life

    [Comment ID #48497 Will Be Quoted Here]

    the game did start at 7 but it was tape delayed on nbc… i woke up at 7 and i watched the game on dish network.. but idk if it will be again delayed by nbc…

  • MambaKB24

    [Comment ID #48501 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Doug Collins was confused hahahhaha
    and btw, everyone whose excited about Yue, dont get your hopes up
    hes gonna take coby karls roster spot and will get similar minutes beind fish, and farmar
    he does play 3 possitions tho, but i think the lakers will use him as a 3rd point
    after all, they do call him the “Chineese Magic”

    who cares anyways, i just think the NBA should use the NBC theme song, even if they playoffs are on TNT or ESPN

  • Kobe2k9

    I can’t stop watching that game it was sooo electric, I like how Sun Yue got banged on twice by Kobe and Bron, but for anyone who wants to know the westcoast schedule for prelims its
    AUG. 12, 5AM VS. ANGOLA
    AUG. 14, 5AM VS. GREECE
    AUG. 16, 7:15AM VS. SPAIN
    AUG. 18, 5 AM VS. GERMANY

  • Kobe2k9

    I just saw that the Angola game will be on USA network live so maybe the others will be live on USA Network too so thats good, but same Pacific times I gave, according their website

  • Imadogg

    Sick game to watch, so much fun. Haven’t seen this many nice jams in a long time. Kobe’s shot was WACKKKKK but I’m so glad he unleashed the driving, DUNKING Kobe. If anyone saw them warming up, Kobe did a *perfect* windmill, full extension with the arm, looking like vintage Kobe/VC… damn!

    Kobe and Lebron esp. were bringing out the highlights, just about the whole team was. That oop to Bron was WIDUHWUDFBVYWBV MIND BLOWING. Wade is indeed back.

    And Sun Yue got dunked on by 3 people (Kobe, Lebron, Bosh)… at least it’s practice for the NBA season.

    Btw Yi’s putback right ON Melo was ill.

    More to say but I forgot it all.

  • Fantastic5LAL

    Sun Yue looks good

    the only thing is, it seems like he gets tired to fast and ends up standing around a lot on offense. Who knows? it might not be him, maybe thats just China’s offense

  • Russ Ahi

    so…from what i’m reading, this is what it looks like…

    the game one Tuesday (august 12th) vs. Angola
    will be at 5:00 am (pacific time) /8:00 am (eastern time)
    on the USA network

    is this right???


    DWADE looks like the best player out there on the Olympic team. Some ignorant people where saying that he was lazi last year even though he was playing injured. Yes, I am talking to you Lakersfirst. He had surgeries to help him recover from knee and shoulder injuries. Lakersfirst, Start apologizing.

  • Ignard

    I’m still trying to figure out how that trade would help the Lakers? Marc Gasol didn’t look all that impressive to me.

  • do_it_mitch

    where can u see the highlights?????????????