Lamar is getting love from everyone. Good for him, he deserves it!

ESPN: Kobe Bryant and Derek Fisher might be the guys dominating the huddles for the purple and gold, but Odom has shown another side of himself for the red, white and blue. “He has [embraced it],” [Chauncey] Billups said. “He really has, man. He’s come and he’s taken the challenge of being one of the leaders of this team.”… “It’s been easy to talk to [Odom],” [Kevin] Durant said. “For a guy who’s won two championships in a row, he might come in and think he’s better than everybody else here, but that’s not the case with Lamar. He’s totally the opposite. He’s been a great, great teammate so far, always encouraging the young guys and telling young guys what we need to do and it’s going to be good to have him over there in Turkey.”

  • 242LakerFan

    This is good. I hope this translates into a more aggressive (or at least less passive) role on the Lakers team in the fall.

  • imfasterthanur

    This is going to be a great experience for Lamar. Hopefully these leadership qualities transfer onto our benchmob 2.0

    • enrique

      lamar, is agressive, but this will make him more agressive, but other players need to be more agressive so kobe can miss a few games at the beginning of the season recovering, and then when he is back, limit his minutes so the team stays agressive

      • babak

        why would he miss acouple of games? i heard he will be ready by training camp

    • Dave

      Let’s quit with this bench mob stuff.

      New group, new identity. With exception of Sasha and Luke (if he returns) – everybody is new to this version, including Odom who was not part of the BM. The bench mob was Turiaf jumping up and down with Farmar + Sasha playing within their abilities.

      It’s the best unit we’ve seen in a decade when we had Horry, Fox, BShaw, Devean and DFish on the bench.

      • Dave

        Oops…. and Salley. Who can forget the important 100 minutes John Salley put in that year! Spidey.

  • Jack Y.

    Lamar brings a lot of behind-the-scenes quality to the team. I don’t think a lot of people understand that it’s a big sacrifice for him to play as a role player, when he can be a starter on most teams. Additionally, it’s not easy for ANY player to be coming off the bench on a consistent basis.

  • Laker_rights

    If their listenin’ to him, they’re gonna lose!!!!

  • hehatemealot

    Lamar being a leader is like having France lead us into World War 3.

    • team_me


  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    getting away from BRYANT is the best thing for everyone on the U.S.A……Lamarr proves it.

    • 242LakerFan

      *** Laughing hysterically ***
      Happy now?
      Like the three stooges in Miami who would be sulking over their silver medals if Kobe hadn’t won that game against Spain.

      • NBAmazingKB24

        well said!

      • PRLaker

        amen brother!

    • LAL_24

      LeBron cant do it with out Kobe :)

  • Kisofdeath

    We all know as laker fans that Lamar is vocal. He’s always leading the pregame huddle ups!!!