Traylor completes a workout for the Lakers. He participated with players that were ten years younger and managed to stay with them – good news for a big?

O.C. Register: The NBA journeyman has just worked out for the Lakers at Hangar Athletic Xchange in Hawthorne, looking for another shot at the NBA and couldn’t hide his excitement. A team, not just any team either, was giving him a chance.

With Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak watching, Traylor participated in drills alongside players 10 years younger and managed to stay with them. Kupchak, while declining to comment on individual players, did say they “all looked good.”

  • xtro

    Redemption Song for Robert Tractor Traylor!

  • Smush Walton

    So is Traylor going to be this year’s Mbenga/Newble/Karl signing (i.e., someone to occupy space on the bench all year?) We seem to sign one or two of these types each year.

    This is not the kind of “improvement” Phil said we needed in his Game 6 post game press conference after our collapse against Boston. Very discouraging.

  • Daryl Imhoff

    I agree the Lakers need improvement as mentioned by Phil post game 6.
    However, improvement can come from within. Players can improve and the Lakers are a young team. Perhaps Mitch and Phil see something in Taylor that’s worth giving an opportunity to a guy that has to this point not taken advantage of his talent and his previous opportunities.
    Signing Taylor to a min contract sure beats paying K.Brown 4 million.
    As of now the Lakers only have 11 players under contract.
    The Lakers are very crafty at looking like they are going to one thing, while really doing another. This whole work out thing may be just that.
    I think the players the Lakers have under contract are better than anyone else has under contract. The chance of signing any other player that will contribute significantly is very small.

  • LakersFirst

    This is why the teams don’t like going into luxury cap territory … because there is very little flexibility to sign anyone or make any trades. I hope Laker fans are learning.

  • GT

    who is Taylor? Don’t you mean Traylor?

  • GoLakers2008

    Just give this guy a change…I bet you that this guy is way tougher that Vladi, Luke, Gasol and Odom together. Remember he is 6’9″ 300 pounder…will take a lot of space at the post. I use to play college ball w/ guys that big and is a nightmare trying to boxing out a guy that big…

  • Michaelmichael

    yeah man we will need a big body rebounder and i bet he will have energy because he gets a 2nd chance

    he can be a rebounder shot blocker and cause lots of problems to centers

    i like tractor traylor

  • alex

    taylor? dont you mean traylor?


    “My name is Bryan not Ryan”

  • kobe124

    Sign this guy, he might hurt other people like Garnett!!!!
    Traylor aka Tractor will clean the court up for Bynum to work faster and better. :D
    This guy is a gangster and doesnt care about going to jail, as long as he hurts Garnett in the

  • yellowpurplefever

    Give him a chance, I know he can rebounds better than Mihm. He can take Ronny’s spot at PF/C. If I recall, he can shot the 15 footer. Sign him for cheap 1.2 mil and Mbenga 1.2 mil. He’ll be our Enforcer/Thugg. We’ll say goodbye to Mihm.