Taiwanese animation studio New Media Animation have shared their hilarious depiction of the Lakers’ hiring of Mike D’Antoni. NMA has been known for its sarcastic takes on NBA news stories, previously depicting Amare Stoudemire punching a fire extinguisher.

The video ruthlessly riffs on the Lakers’ hiring of D’Antoni instead of Phil Jackson. Jackson is shown serenely levitating in a room with multiple championship trophies. As Jackson shows off his 10 rings, the narrator says, “Anyone with half a brain would have hired Phil Jackson to coach the Lakers.”

Jim Buss rides a school bus named “Short Buss” and picks up D’Antoni (who is using a walker) at a nursing home. They arrive at the Staples Center with fans demanding Phil Jackson.

Once inside Staples, the Laker players are described as “aging” by the narrator and are slowly making their way across the court using walkers.  In its conclusion, Metta World Peace beats up a fan after being pelted with a tomato.

It is no doubt that Laker fans have been on a roller coaster with the slow start to the season, the firing of Mike Brown and the hiring of Mike D’Antoni. For now, at least they’ll now have something to laugh about.