Saturday, February 13, 2016
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Photo by USA Today

As the Lakers prepare to face the Golden State Warriors at Staples Center tonight, there will be a new (but familiar) face prowling (maybe sometimes sitting) on the Lakers sideline tonight.

There is a new sheriff in town, & his name is Bernie Bickerstaff.

Bernie is going to be laying down the law in La La land at least for the next 48 hrs or so. He has the dubious task of playing stand in coach until Mitch & the Buss boys figure out who will be the real coach the rest of this season. We don’t know who that guy is going to be, although names galore have been flying around all day. Whoever it is, I’m sure the announcement will make a big splash in the Laker pond. It won’t be a little ripple, it will be a wave any surfer boy or girl would proudly want to jump on & ride.

It will be gnarly dude.

But let’s get back to Bernie’s big night on the town. The upstart Warriors from the Bay are here. They come in with a winning record (3-2), a hunger to hang another L on the Lakers, & head on out of town. With all that said, I thought I would introduce everyone to our new coach. He may not have the title long, so here goes. Bernie Bickerstaff.



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