Sunday, February 14, 2016
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Remember way back when The Lakers traded their star center Andrew Bynum to Philadelphia in the three way trade that landed Los Angeles Dwight Howard? Of course we


do, how could anyone forget?  Well, despite what many LA fans think about Howard’s sub-par play thus far, it’s still better than that of former Laker Andrew Bynum.

Bynum has played a whopping 0 games this season and is averaging a huge 0 PPG and 0 RPG.  Howard, while not playing to his full potential yet, at least has given it a go this season and attempted to help the team as best as he can.  While many fans of the purple and gold didn’t want to see Bynum go for Howard, we have to be thankful that Howard is at least healthy enough to play this season.  Who knows where The Lakers would be without Bynum or Howard this season, it’s hard to imagine they could be any worse than their current record shows but that would likely be the case.

The District Attorney of Philadelphia had something to say regarding Bynum’s recent lack of play via his personal Twitter account and (LarryBrownSports)

From what the Philly DA is saying, it sounds like he wants to investigate Bynum for fraud for his lack of playing this season.  Bynum is due 17 million this season and he hasn’t helped the 76ers one bit towards winning basketball games.  Considering $17 million is due to Bynum for playing basketball, which he isn’t doing, I think District Attorney Williams has a legitimate case.  I think it’s safe to say, no matter Los Angeles’ current situation, The Lakers received the better end of the deal, hands down.

However, based on the last tweet it completely sounds like this will never happen.  Granted I understand that the district attorney of a city such as Philadelphia has much more important things to worry about than an overpaid basketball player, he probably shouldn’t start the fire if he doesn’t intend to stoke it.  We’ll see if anything comes out of this but don’t hold your breath.



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