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Andrew Bynum & Pau Gasol
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By: Alex Lambeth & Oren Levy

Mon., 9:50 PM PST — The Cleveland Cavaliers’ Andrew Bynum has been traded to the Chicago Bulls for Luol Deng, effectively ending the possibility of a Bynum-Gasol deal. Pau Gasol remains a Laker for the time being, with his name sure to emerge in trade rumors as the February 20th NBA Trade Deadline approaches.

Mon., 1:11 PM PST – ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne provides an update on the ongoing talks between the Lakers and Cavaliers–now in an “old-fashioned stare down.”

Although there was an unofficial deadline Sunday for the Andrew Bynum trade, due to his contract becoming guaranteed on January 7th, Shelburne explains theoretically the trade can still happen Tuesday if teams either waive physicals or get them done quickly.

Sun., 7:45 PM PST — Ramona Shelburne reports that the Lakers and Cavaliers failed to reach a deal by the end of Sunday’s deadline. Talks are expected to continue as the Cavs weigh other deals.

Sun., 6:30 PM PSTPau Gasol is in the starting lineup for the Lakers against the Denver Nuggets. It looks like the Cavaliers’ Sunday deadline will come and go with no deal in place.

Sun., 1:30 PM PST – Fox Sports Ohio’s Sam Amico reports the Lakers asked for the Cavaliers’ first-round pick, offered to swap first rounders, and also asked about Anderson Varejao. A deal has still not been met, despite Sunday’s “deadline.”

Also according to Amico, the Cavs scoffed at the notion of including guard Dion Waiters in any deal.

Sun., 11:15 AM PST — Yahoo Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski reports the Cavaliers are refusing to include Dion Waiters in a potential Pau Gasol-for-Andrew Bynum deal.

The Lakers are clearly looking for a valuable asset in return for Gasol, besides the immediate financial relief that this move would bring for Los Angeles.

According to USA Today’s Sam Amick, the Cavaliers have put nothing more than Bynum and a second-round draft pick on the table so far.

According to a person with knowledge of the talks between the two teams, the only asset Cleveland has offered as of Saturday night is a second-round pick, and that won’t be enough to get this deal done.

Sun., 10:00 AM PST – After Saturday night’s premature news break by Rick Schwartz, Pau Gasol remains a Los Angeles Laker for the time being. Schwartz reported late Saturday night that Gasol had been traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers for former teammate Andrew Bynum.

Here is Schwartz’s original tweet breaking the news.

ESPN 710, the flagship radio station of the Lakers, also picked up the story Saturday night, but has since apologized for the premature reporting.

ESPNLA’s Ramona Shelbourne shot down all rumors, saying the Lakers deny that the deal is done. She has been covering the story throughout the week.

Despite Ramona and others hearing otherwise, Schwartz continues to insist the deal is done.

As of now, Gasol is still a member of the Los Angeles Lakers. But, according to earlier ESPN reports, the Cavaliers hope to have a Bynum deal in place and finalized by Sunday.

A trade still may be coming, and if the deal does go through, the Lakers are expected to waive Bynum before his contract becomes fully guaranteed on January 7th in order to get below the luxury tax threshold.

The Lakers and Cavaliers had been negotiating throughout the past week, with the Lakers looking to acquire an asset in addition to Bynum’s contract. This deal will save the Lakers in excess of $20 million dollars while helping the Cavaliers push for the playoffs with Gasol.

If the trade is to be executed, at least one more Cavaliers player would have to be involved to make the salaries match up.

Stay tuned to for the latest on this developing story!

Sat., 9:50 PM PST – According to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst and Ramona Shelburne, the Lakers and Cavaliers made significant progress Saturday, on a deal centered around Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum.

According to the report, the Cavaliers hope to have a Bynum deal in place and finalized by this Sunday. The Cavaliers want to execute a trade by Sunday so that it can be completed ahead of Tuesday’s deadline for Bynum’s contract to become fully guaranteed—trades need 48 hours to be finalized so players can have physicals.

Sources say the Lakers are seeking a package in return for Gasol that would include a young player or a draft pick.

A Gasol-for-Bynum trade would certainly help the Lakers escape the luxury tax and, more important than the $20 million in instant savings, the Lakers would be easing the pressure of going into the repeater tax in either 2015 or ’16. If a team is in the luxury tax in four out of any five years, it triggers the repeater tax.

Whether Bynum returns to Laker Land, or Gasol dodges yet another trade rumor, it sounds like a resolution is coming on Sunday, one way or the other.



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