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Twitter: If T-Mac gets buy out with Kings, he privately hopes to sign with Lakers or Cavaliers for the playoffs, source close to him tells Y!

No evidence Lakers would have interest, but Danny Ferry kept an eye on T-Mac this season. That said, unclear if either team would want him.

  • zaytoven


  • Marwan Marzina

    Well Cavs probably won’t be able to get him because they just got Jamison and probably will sign Ilgauskas but with the Lakers…. I don’t know….
    I mean he was great in the years before his injuries but now he just goes down with something new.
    If he plays at least 3 or 4 games with the Kings, I will use his performance in those games as judgement on how I feel about him.
    But seriously, it looks like he wants to go with the 2 teams because those are the 2 that will meet in the Finals (dammit Celtics, get to the Finals and rematch us) and he wants the best opportunity to win a ring before his career is over and it looks like it is close to being so with the injuries and the aging. Right now, we don’t need him and Cavs don’t need him either.

  • ricky

    Lets get a deal done for Chicago to get Kirk. I’m sold on him being a good fit for our team. We need to trade Morrison and Sasha for Kirk, then if and when T-Mac is bought out, he signs with us for the veteran’s minimum to win his first championship.

    Artest/McGrady/Walton (out with injury)
    Hinrich/Farmar/Fisher (decrease minutes)

    • ricky

      If McGrady can play a solid 15-20 minutes, we will beast every other team. This team on paper and in person looks like the the most legit deepest and talented team ever!

  • LC09

    idk if us gettin tmac wud actaully happen but i think if hes out there then go get em..luke is out for yr prolly, ammo aint gettin no playin time..
    we have tmac on da team wats da worst that can happen??? give em a chance u neva know wen he mite b helpful

  • lakers0828

    A great Dream But I doubt LA will Take On another Major Superstar if anything LA wont Make a trade just on well they have performed with out Kobe I Honestly Believe the Only other trade out there right now is the Celtics who have yet to finalize there deal with Nate Robinson so Kirk hinrich well just have to wait till the end of the season

  • wait

    Even if we wanted T-Mac, who the hell would we give up to get him? Sasha? Luke? No one wants them.

    • LC09

      lmao buddy read the fu kin article.. no where does it say that we get tmac by trading for him…he wud get bough-out by da kings n then we wud resign him..lmao

      • wait

        I can’t read, I’m dyslexic.

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        • PLG

          no it means that the kings buy him out, which means them paying him the 20 mill he has left on his contract. after that he’s a free agent and can sign with any team. the only thing is that tmac may need to take the veteran’s minimum or a lower paying contract

          • gus26

            they actually would pay him less than 10 million to buy him out he was scheduled to make 22 million for 82 games and the rockets have already played 53 games.. its only about 8 million to pay the rest of the season considering he’ll make a little over a million for the vet min he’ll give that much up.. so he’ll probably take like 7 to 6 and half million for a buy out..

  • Ariunbat

    We can give up Ammo, Luke for future first-round pick or cash. Then sign T-Mac for veteran minimum salary. We need to get big man. T-Mac can play big
    @wait lmfao.

  • lakershow2010

    t-mac could start at the point guard position..perfect position for the up and shoot, and just play defense


      LMFAO!!!! T-mac play defense ROFL!!!!!

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    • http://yahoo jaydubb415

      I’m right were you are get t-mac or get someone or something hell trade some body but antwan jamison that’s all you got cleveland i could see them losing 2 orlando or atlanta but on the t-mac thing sac hates the lakers and i doubt if they would do any thing 2 help us win.

  • kisofdeath

    interesting. i think we’ve all seen the T-mac and stephen A. interview

    who would you like to play with?
    Kobe bryant

    If kobe asked you to come to LA and win a championship, would you?
    (something like) when i’m done here, i might have to take you up on the offer jelly bean

  • stucktrader

    well, the Cavs are possibly better than the Lakers. the thing the 2nd half of the season will show is if they have the necessary chemistry.

    the rest period for Kobe is good. if Lakers keep winning with Kobe sitting out… that would be unbelievable.

    T-Mac has incredible length. If he can D-up and knock down the open 3… He would be worth the one year.

    imagine the possible line up:
    T-mac, Kobe, Artest, Lamar, Pau/Bynum
    Farmar, Brown, Powell, Pau/Lamar, Bynum
    … that just seems so unfair…

    People been talking smack about Walton… but he can knock down the 3… ok D… great in the triangle.

    Ammo can go… and sad to say Sasha…

    it would be weird to get T-mac AND Artest playing on the same team again… wearing purple and gold.

  • stucktrader

    Kobe resting has really benefited the team being ready to play… hard… and not watching Kobe… They seem more focused.

    Now with the Cavs trade (which was obviously good for them). May be a good thing for the Lakers. They know they have to play to Kobe’s level every night… especially on the road… knowing that the Cavs will likely win the East.

    I, like most were hoping for a Boston payback.

  • RiddlerLBcK

    Kirk that’s all I got to say, make that deal happen and we will be set for this and the next five years. Our only weak spot is that point guard position. Farmar and Brown are scoring point guard we got enough scoring everywhere else. We need a point guard for defense and to knock down open jumpers. Exactly what Fisher is doing but aot faster. Kirk is the perfect deal, Hinrich or nothing

    • lakerfan_4ever

      wow…finally someone using common sense…we have Kobe,Shannon and Vujacic(yeah I know) as SG, we are fine in that position,we need a faster PG and Hinrich is the ONLY ANSWER!!…
      Just because T-Mac wants to play with us,doesn’t really mean we need him.Our weakness is at the PG position: Parker,Rondo,Mo’ Williams,Derek Williams,Nelson all of them are faster than D-Fish…we don’t need Kobe to always take the assignment of playing defense on these guys,it wears him off towards the end of the game…but that’s the strategy of any team against us…we need a PG that plays defense and there are only 2 that will fit in the triangle: Hinrich and Harris…

      • gus26

        i love hinrich and thats my first choice.. but you brought something up that makes sense for us getting tmac.. IF we don’t get a player that CAN d up on those PGs that u mentioned then kobe CAN do it.. and if it does wear him down a little well tmac will be there to pick up those 10 to 15 pts that we need to get over the hump.. just a thought.. harris does not fit the triangle though..

  • Robert

    Remember, T-Mac was a superstar. So, I’m sure that if he ‘isn’t’ a superstar now, he is sure a lot better role player than 99% of the role players out there. He couldn’t be a role player on the Rockets, since he has history there. But, he could do just fine on the Lakers – learn a new position – fit into the Triangle. It doesn’t matter if he’s a PG, SG, SF, etc., if he can ball, he’d be good to go here.
    We still have 2 spots left on the roster, and 3 if Luke takes an injury leave. We should have someone in the wings to fill in any gap that comes along during the playoff run. T-Mac might fill in that spot fine.
    maybe we can sign Ilgauskas when he’s waived from the Wiz after 30 days. (just kidding)

  • Xtro

    That is if the queens errr the kings buys him out

  • http://57.amklac Charles Barkley

    someone that gets hurt more than the mamba, they can have a contest…………..golakers

  • onlyone laker fan in L.A.

    T MAC NOW . Kings buy his contract out and bingo he signs with us, Dump Luke off at his bad restraunt with Ammo and where set.
    Sasha just quit go with your Russian babe ,you cant hang in the NBA . Go back to Euro league.



  • Whatsa

    If you guys recall maybe a year ago.. TLN posted a video of an interview with T-Mac..

    The question was.. “if you were to play with one player who would it be?”

    him: jellybean

    aka KOBE BRYANT.

    If he gets bought out.. he should be signing with the Lakers if he wants that ring. And he better be down to get off the bench.

    • http://yahoo jaydubb415

      First whats TLN second how long ago was the interview third i wouldn’t mind us making a trade but when did hinrich become the answer to everything couple years ago you couldn’t pay no one 2 take him .This is the lakers we acting like we are in a free fall yea we need speed up there its still a long season you got injuries its not written in stone that we going 2 see cleveland jamison was the best thing 4 us yea he’s cool but he’s got miles on him tread on those old tires amarie would be a PROBLEM jamison please .lets stop this hinrich hinrich crap it ain’t happening NEXT.

      • BJ (Yes that BJ)

        @ jaydubb415

        here’s a link to the T-Mac x Stephen A. interview.

        oh and TLN= TheLakersNation

        • BJ (Yes that BJ)

  • Abs

    If he’s bought out by the Kings, why not? He’d be a great fit in the triangle for 10-20mins a night.
    As much as I’d like to see Hinrich in our starting line-up instead of Fish, I don’t understand how it’s going to save any money, even by losing Ammo or Sasha.

    • http://yahoo jaydubb415

      Yea fish is up there in age but that fish you’re talking about made a play in the finals that helped us win a title with out that three it would be a different finals yea we would of still won it but it would been a different series and i think it would of gave them hope .He could be a liabilty against faster PGS but fish always made a that one play that you look back and say that was the turning point .Its the sashas the farmars its those bums and fish will do it again this playoffs he’s clutch in the clutch plus he’s a lefty like me.

  • Sasha4Lvp

    if he agrees to sign for the vet’s minimum than I am all for it. odom and tmac coming off the bench would be a scary thought for other teams.

    • Whatsa

      Agreed. I’m excited.

  • PauLAsol

    Hes gone, knicks have him, im glad for him cuz he deserves to play.

  • getallthesupperstars

    just get leberon, garnett, chris paul, studimre, and brandon roy… hahaha lol…

  • barryc

    there might be enough touches in a game for tmac and kobe – and no one else. and can tmac actually adapt to the triangle offense? remember what happened when we signed payton, malone, et al? just didn’t work.