Interesting tidbit. I think T-Mac would be a great addition; would love to see the Lakers reach out to him – thoughts?

ESPN: Tracy McGrady (30-year old 7-Time All-Star) is interested in playing for the Lakers. But so far, there have been no initial talks between the Lakers and McGrady’s camp.

  • Louis

    oh ho T-mac wants to jump on the Lakers band wagon. I actually don’t mind this as long as we’re not paying top dollar for im because this isn’t all-star T-mac

    • i0ioooooi0i

      and only if ron ron can teach him how to play some defense lol

    • Marwan Marzina

      He doesn’t want to jump on the bandwagon, if you know anything about TMAC, its that he has a brother-like relationship with Kobe and TMAC has wanted to play with Kobe for years now. He didn’t just decide to play with him now that he’s a 5 time champion.

  • gus26

    i think mcgrady is a great last resort… there are about 200 differnt free agents this summer… its all about the putting the right pieces to the puzzle together… blake was the perfect addition in the back court quite guy who will know his roll… not sure how mcgrady fills in character wise… i mean if we can get him for cheap and maybe a team option for a second year and maybe even a third year team option then yeah why not… but i doubt tmac’s “camp” gives the lakers that much power… and thats another problem… when a guy has an entourage or “camp” its not a good thing… these guys fill mcgrady’s head… tmac probably thinks he comes on and starts at sf…. i don’t know… i trust mitch now and we haven’t reached out to him yet its for a reason…

  • Marwan Marzina

    What I think TMAC should do, get his agent to call the Lakers management and tell them that TMAC would like to play for the team that way, Mitch can start negotiations as soon as possible so we reach an agreement as soon as possible.

    • ricky

      You make a great point, if T-Mac is so desperate to join up with Kobe and the gang, it’s his “camp’s” responsibility to reach out to Mitch and let him know. I think adding T-Mac for veteran’s minimum would be a great idea. If he can stay relatively healthy and give the bench strong 15-20 minutes a night, he is worth it. Plus, his desire to win a championship will help add fuel for the Lakers to 3-peat.

      I believe in Mitch and I’m sure he’ll do the best he can to strengthen our bench. We don’t need 3 superstars, we have 2 and a group of solid, veteran role players who sacrificed for the greatest goal.

      LAL 3-peat! Go Lakers!

  • LAKERS2010champs

    get tmac and mike miller. make it HAPPEN mitch gogogo

  • Matt from Dallas

    Bring me THE MAC!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ricky

    This off season looks to be promising because we are building upon our success by improving our roster even more with solid role players who compliment our stars perfectly. Steve Blake was a great first addition. Derek Fisher must re-sign no matter what. Sign a few more veterans who were great, that want to win and you create something even greater. Add to that our two solid draft picks and we’re in the making of a really deep roster in preparation of a three-peat!

    • Drake Ramoray

      I agree!

    • stucktrader

      and unlike the Mail-Man & the Glove experiment… The Mailman wasn’t bad – he just got injured…. T-Mac will come off the bench NOT start, which would be a luxury at the vet minimum.

  • Drake Ramoray

    If Raja Bell doesn’t accept the remaining $1.8 of the MLE, I guess it’s worth the risk for T-Mac. I really think we should also sign Kurt Thomas for the vets $1.35 million as our insurance big man.

  • Jonathan Hernandez

    the original espn article though doesn’t state that T-mac is interested in the Lakers just says the two sides haven’t contacted each other. And you can say that for just about anyone.

    Like…The Lakers and Adam Morrison haven’t contacted each other.

    Either way, I hope both sides do contact each other soon.

  • Sean All Ivy

    I think it would be a solid pick up and if he is making plays he could help Kobe cut down his regular season minutes. When our starters are out they would look like: 1-Blake, 2-Sasha, 3-McGrady, 4-LO, 5-Pau or Bynum (Since Phil likes to keep at least one of them on the floor).

    That is a legit second unit on paper. Hopefully they mesh.

    • ricky

      Man that’s a nice bench rotation. Looks so nice gotta post it twice!

      Pau or Bynum

      This is for sure legit!

      • stucktrader

        yup starting: Fish/Kobe/Ron/Pau/Bynum… Bench#1: Blake/Sasha/T-Mac/LO/Gasol Bench#2: Sasha/T-Mac/Walton/LO/Bynum… Bench#3(small) Blake/Sasha/T-Mac/Ebank/LO… I would still like to have Bell on-board… So, the team can end up being: Fish/Blake/Kobe/Raja/Sasha/Ron/T-Mac/Walton/Ebank/LO/Pau/Drew/DJ(who else is cheap and plays with energy)… They still have one emergency spot open.

        • stucktrader

          Obviously if Raja is in the mix… then it does get more complicated for Phil… but he knows that he needs to rest Fish & Kobe for the Finals

  • jayo

    We still need another big man and Fish/T-mac. Kurt Thomas would be a great insurance addition and really cant go wrong with T-Mac either. Something tells me that if Fish doesnt accept the remaining $1.8 of the MLE the Lakers will target Tracy and let Sasha be the middle guard. When Kobes resting he’ll be out there and when Blake is resting he’ll be out there.

    • ricky

      What some fail to understand is that the Lakers are able to re-sign Fisher without affecting the MLE. Fisher has bird rights with the Lakers and can be re-signed at any cost. The only obstacle is how much the Lakers are willing to pay and for how many years. That simple.

  • KB24LordoftheRings

    looks like lakers are doing some posturing with tracy mcgrady. they want him to sign for veteran’s minimum


    If Tmac would like to sign for Vet Min then I think we should get him. But anything over the Vet Min amount should be allotted to Fisher.

  • 09-10-11champs!

    Look, we got an exellent guard with Blake.
    We were going to sign Miller supposedly, right? that means we were going after a wing player to give Kobe and Ron more rest.

    Lets say the Lakers traded Blake for Farmar, so no big change there.

    They didnt get Miller, but TMac can sure be picked up.

    He made 23 mil last season, I dont think money is an issue here, he admires Kobe, and if he wants a ring, here it is!

    Get his agent to call LA, and tell Mitch: TMac would sign for the vets minumum right now if offered.

    Now, I am not like some people here wanting Tmac, bell and miller at the same time, because its not realistic. but I really, really like the idea of Tracy in a purple and gold uniform :)

  • Sir

    C’mon Mitch, get this done! It would be great for our bench!

  • Toby

    it has to be done
    you have to do it
    dont worry about miller
    t mac could be X factor of whole competition
    gets on well with kobe
    and could cause havic off the bench
    sign blake t mac shaq
    and resign brown and powell
    line up will be as followed
    6th man odom
    7th man/x factor T mac
    8th man/role player shaq
    9th man/role player steve black
    10th man shannon brown
    11th man walton
    12th man shannon brown


    • Jeremy

      First off I think that line up would be completely impossible to obtain. There would be too many egos for one team and if it was possible then too many distractions. That line up would be similar to when we had Kobe, Shaq, Malone and Payton. Yes we made the finals that year, but we were far from champions. I still don’t think Kobe and Shaq could co-exist on the same roster. Kobe (our leader) would not want him here. However I do agree with us re-signing Fisher and Brown. Rather than T-Mac, I believe Raja Bell would be the smarter choice…less ego, better defender, better outside shot and doesn’t require the ball to be in his hands to be productive.

  • http://lexworld Lex

    What happen to some high executive with the LAKERS saying the deal would get done by the end of july and that it was a done deal? is this website making up #hit or what

  • teddy wilson


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  • TheLakerGenera11

    meh… i read evry1’s comments but only a couple of ppl pointed out the reality n that is 1. We need big bodys, 2. This is not All star T mac this dudes Knees are in worst shape then Kobe’s Im on the East coast I’ve seen alot of T mac games i heart t mac this guy is really really good but his body is TORE up. 3. Chemistry is a dangerous thing to play wit nation we start adding these pieces n then these guys may or may not b on the same pg to win a title they might want to make highlights..Mitch is really workin hard in the lab so that he doesn’t make this an allstar team wit classless plyers so we’ll see. Oh n 1 more thing T mac has no explosion can’t play back 2 backs n is a defensive liability so scream @ me nation do we really want someone like that???

    • Marwan Marzina

      You provided good points but you are looking at the dark side of things.
      1. We have 2 big bodies in Derrick Caracter and Devin Ebanks, who seems really happy that he is on the team and said he is going to work hard to make the team.
      2. T-Mac is currently in Chicago working with Kobe’s ex-trainer to get his body back in shape and if you know anything about the trainer, his work ethic is rigorous, he will make you work hard every second of the workout and this is bound to get T-Mac back in shape.
      3. If you watched T-Mac in New York, you know that he still has it. In his debut he had 26 points. He had other good games for the Knicks but this post isn’t about his stats, its to tell you that he still has it.
      3. The chemistry issue is what they said about Ron and it turned out the entire team loved him from Day 1. he wasn’t an issue at all.
      Give T-Mac a chance, would you rather bring back the 3rd unit that doesn’t contribute at all and complain about them instead?

    • byebyeluke

      luke walton must go..enough said!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jeremy

      I totally agree! We don’t need or want this cat on the team. There is no more bang for the buck we would be paying him. Not to mention once you are considered a superstar, I don’t think you ever loose that mentality. T-Mac would need the ball in his hands more than would be physically possible in our offense….give me a solid role player not a burned out, used up superstar!

  • TheLakerGenera11

    Oh n 1 more thing the beauty of the team that just won this back 2 back was that @ it’s core it was a team built from the ground up, Phil Jackson haters can’t say S**t b/c this team was a young team w/ only Kobe from ’05-’06 all the way to now so evry1 knows each other in and out, little pieces here n there high character additions Phil didn’t just get a gr8t team he wrked with what he had developed it and then Pau came along hehe…but this team trying to make it a fourth consecutive finals trip will be very different which is why i said mitch is wrking hard to not stir the pot..oh n I’m going on record 2 say if Shaq does not play in clevland he will be in NY or Dallas…just wanna be one of the first to break that news 4 ya.

  • rondo

    Is T-Mac healthy?

    • Marwan Marzina

      Yes he is. He is currently working out in Chicago with Kobe’s ex-trainer working on his conditioning. T-Mac said his knees are fine, just wants to come back into the season as if he hasn’t missed a minute.

  • xtro

    he wants more money though.


    Who would you rather have as a bench player…

    Personally I would rather have shaq. He gave our bigs problems and honestly, made them look puny when they were battling for position on the post. Yea, it’s cuz he’s fat but still gave our young bigs problems. Bench…
    bynum/gasol or


    • Toby

      sign both
      line up
      ron/t mac
      other bench players sasha and character

  • Laker s Army

    T Mac has nt done shit for two years. What do you guys think he can play at top level play.
    Look at Finley he bombed out Richard Jefferson also.
    Some guys just age and cant come to terms with it.

    • Marwan Marzina

      But with T-Mac, it wasn’t an aging issue, it was an injury that derailed him. He is on track now as he is working out in Chicago to get the right conditioning he needs. He seems dedicated to work for a ring. I wouldn’t mind having him anyway. He can provide scoring off the bench.

  • Wat

    Why are people not getting that we wouldn’t want to get him to come over here and be a superstar? We’d get him to give our bench some strength! Get it through your heads people! We’re not gonna have him come over and play 35 mpg, prolly somewhere around 20. He would be a great addition to the bench.

  • laker fan

    i like the talks, i like the possibilty of adding bell,tmac,or miller but damn there all small forwards, any thoughts on picking up back up centers or power forwards??


      Mitch please make it happen..get rid of that bum walton!!!

  • TheLAKERSwon09

    None of this matters if we don’t get fisher back… our captain and clutch playoff performer.

  • Kobe4Life


  • lakers0828

    If LA hasnt Made any offers Yet then its Probably not gonna happen

  • Lakers=beast

    hmm, very interesting, I’d love to see T-Mac in purple and gold, plus he wouldn’t be an injury magnet hence he would be on bench. It might not happen, but I would love to see T-Mac, and Bell as other new additions

  • Billy Kupchak

    consider it a done DEAL! :cool:

  • Bynum & Odom Is Overrated

    Noooo!!! T-Mac has a knee injury and he hogs the ball!!! Don’t pick him up!

  • AROD

    Just signed FISH!! We got BLAKE SMITH!! jus need to sign BROWN!! n if we can make an offer to TMAC!! He will have a BIG role off the bench!! ODOM and TMAC off the Bench.. SICK!!!

    TMAC is willing to take a pay cut and join his former teamate Ron Artest!! Why wouldnt Mcgrady want to join the 2 time Defending Champs.. He wants a ring and knows LA has the biggest chances!!

    SIGN TMAC!! and our BENCH problem could be solved!!
    as long as he doesnt get injured….