ESPN: The Los Angeles Lakers should know by now not to expect any pity. The Lakers surely understand that they traded away their rights to sympathy, maybe permanently, when they shipped so little to Memphis and stole Pau Gasol.

The infamous foul that wasn’t called on Derek Fisher in the San Antonio series won’t soon be forgotten, either.

So …

As unfair as a fuming Phil Jackson found the Game 2 free-throw count — and as frustrating as it had to be for L.A. to fall just short after Sunday night’s epic fourth-quarter scramble — this is the Lakers’ reality:

No one with a neutral interest in these NBA Finals is bound to feel sorry for the Zen Men, because the Lakers wouldn’t be here without the midseason gift of Gasol from the Grizzlies. Or because they clinched a series-turning road win over the savvy Spurs on a non-call that the league later publicly acknowledged as erroneous.

Or because the Boston Celtics happen to be outplaying them in so many categories.

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  • LAkers

    fuking eastcoast bias fags`


    THEY DID EARN IT!Have they been watching the season,38-10 free throws,OH THEY EARN IT IN MORE WAYS THAN 1!

  • lakerschamps08

    thats fine.. but i hate the words less aggressive, which means not going to the basket ORRRRRRRRRR in other words cant get a call for the team less aggressive or in other words the refs r going for the home team(them). thats 2 words that need to stop being used cuz gasol was aggressive like at the end of the 1st half he got hacked like 3 time but no call… or farmar driving in and they just spin his arm ohh yea thats not aggressive…. thats all crap why cant a writer come out and say it the other team(them) got more calls…

  • Lane

    Can’t let the refs concern you. Sometimes the calls go your way, sometimes they don’t….


  • sharky

    The Lakers “stealing” Gasol is not okay, but the Celtics having KG gift wrapped by a former Celtic is fine?

    The NBA is an east coast league, indeed.

  • LakersTickets

    When you’re in foul trouble it’s hard as hell to be aggressive. WTH
    This is BS. We can be aggressive if they would stop calling ticky tac fouls on us.

  • Showtime

    I agree with Sharky. Did the idiot who wrote the article know that it takes two to tango. Memphis had a GM who was willing to trade Gasol for anybody (Chicago did not want to go over the luxury tax threshold) and then blames us for it. The Celtics traded Al Jefferson and trash for KG and no one opens his mouth.

    Haters keep on hating the Lakers so you can keep on living.

  • xtro

    I hate ESPN. They all biased mofoz!