Photo Credit: The Associated Press

Nearly 35 minutes per game, and he’s still recovering from back surgery. Twenty points and 10.6 rebounds a night, and he’s not in game shape yet. An average of 2.4 blocks in 7 games, and he’s yet to be 100%.

So if this is Dwight Howard not at 100%, imagine what a fully recovered Dwight can bring to this Laker team.

Last year, Andrew Bynum put up big numbers here and there and the Lakers looked seemingly unstoppable in those games. But what separates Howard from Bynum is his ability to put up big numbers consistently. Dwight Howard has shown up and made an impact in every game so far. Not only has he been efficient on the stat sheet, he’s also shown a tremendous amount of effort in every game.

Dwight came to L.A. ready to win a title. It’s obvious he’s hungry for a ring and he’ll give everything he has in him to get it. He genuinely cares about winning and he’s ready to do whatever it takes, unlike Mr. “I’ll play anywhere”.

You can’t teach passion, and that’s exactly why Dwight and Kobe are going to get along: because they both have that passion to win. I expect this Laker team will be able to do what last year’s team couldn’t: bring the Larry O’Brien trophy back where it belongs.