Phoenix Suns wouldn’t part with Amare even if it could land them Kevin Garnett. Heck, I don’t blame them, they have great chemistry and their is no reason to tweak with it.

ESPN: Stoudemire came back from microfracture surgery on one knee and an arthroscopic cleanup of his other knee to earn first-team all-NBA honors. Still, in the days leading up to this year’s draft, there were rumors he would be part of a blockbuster trade that would bring Kevin Garnett to the Suns.

He said he was assured by the Suns that he wasn’t going to be traded.

“They all called me, [general manager] Steve Kerr, Mike D’Antoni from the coaching staff and certain players,” Stoudemire said. “They told me it was all rumors. There was no thought of me going anywhere, so I’m back at it again and next season going for a championship.”

  • magicbalala245

    hell yea i guess that just mean KG has more chances of coming TO LA screw glen taylor we all know he is still working tha phones for a trade with KG and he knows this year is the make it or break it year or KG is gonna opt out right after the season come on people think if he really wanted to go to the suns why didn’t he call steve nash when he was suppose to come to LA earlier he called KOBE tight think people think KG is coming TO LA

  • IE Laker

    At the end of the day, it will come out that all of these non-KG-to-Lakers rumors (Amare, Chicago, etc.) were generated by Minnesota in their hopes of trying to start some buzz to create their dream trades. Minnesota knows that KG’s contract is prohibitive and there are very few teams that actually take that financial commitment on.

    Not only did Taylor and Buss talk, but it was reported by ESPN that Kobe and KG talked about coming to L.A. Wolves know that they have to move him (regardless of what the fans think) or they get nothing which the fans will love even more. They just continue to hope against hope that some miracle non-Laker deal will materialize.

  • LakerNation1

    I never believed the Suns wanting to give up Amare. i mean…WHY? the suns is an AWESOME team and i hate them so much. but i cant deny talent and im a fan of Barbosa. why fix something that isnt broken?

    KG to LA would make me cry…seriously. but if KG doesnt want to go, loyalty can hurt you sometimes my man….

  • RoeBoat

    DUH what since would it make to do that.That would be worser than the Shaq trade.I don’t know if anyone agrees but the longer this Garnett trade goes on makes me want him less.Just get good role players.Go for Head and Bonzi.Webber for a year just for some veteran presences.Then we are better to me and would still have trading pieces.Call up the Bucks and get the Big guy Yi.Trust me if the FO pushed as much as the Bucks did for him we could force a trade.QUESTION?????.If he went back to China why cant we just sign him instead of him waiting until next years draft.Someone explain him not playing for a team he doesn’t like instead of signing were he wants to go.

  • schnide

    whatever happened to the head-cook deal anyway?

    bonzi agreed to stay in houston
    webber ain’t coming to la
    apparently yi doesn’t mind staying in milwaukee so much anymore, its mostly his agent thats still trying to get him moved

  • ray

    the lakers HAVE to get garnett now. if he opts out of minny next year, he can go to phoenix w/o phoenix giving up anything!

  • Another_LAL_Fan

    I know the major topic here is Garnett, but someone there hear on the AM 570, from Los Angeles, that Lakers are going after Cliff Robinson?
    I mean, I didn’t hear that, but I found something about that on a site, and I’m just cheking if that’s true…
    I didn’t put the link here because I’m from Brazil, and the site is from here!

  • LAKobe4Life

    I think everyone knows this already, ever since Phoenix first popped up in the headlines when they were going after KG. KG to the Phoenix Suns is 110% Guaranteed to NOT HAPPEN.

  • ray

    it can happen if kg opts out

  • Fatty


    Clifford Robinson to LA?

    Somebody reported it here, then it was repeated. Was never substantiated. so apperantly not true.

  • Another_LAL_Fan

    Thanks there Fatty!

  • Jay

    Amare is so useless without Nash