UPDATE: Eric Pincus of Hoopsworld chimed in, via Twitter, on the situation. It doesn’t sound like Spurs or Suns can even afford Odom:

  • unimpressed by LAT article suggesting the Suns/Spurs would try to make salary cap room for Odom at $10 mil per
  • suns would have to clear say $27 mil in salary – good luck there
  • spurs need to clear some $22 million at least – those are conservative numbers – to open up room for Odom at $9 mil starting

Here is some Odom news…

L.A. Times: San Antonio and Phoenix are interested in trying to sign Odom. Both teams are trying to clear salary-cap space to see if they can get a deal done with Odom, who is looking for at least a four-year deal worth an average of $10 million a year. Suns Coach Alvin Gentry is familiar with Odom, having coached him when they were both with the Clippers from 2000 to 2003.

  • LakersNo1

    oh no!

  • http://violetkanian.com Vee

    this really can’t be happening.

  • SweetLakerGirl25

    oh man dont go candyman

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=692278347 Young Im

    why would odom leave a team where he can win championships? he already said that he cannot picture himself anywhere else and would even take a pay cut to stay a laker… that just shows how much he loves to be a laker… the only way i think odom would leave is if he was paid a ridiculous amount, in the 15-20 mil. yr. range.


    Oh!No~I don’t want that happened!LAMAR don’t go anywhere~~

  • Jayswun57

    oh hellll nooooo! he’s my favorite Laker player. This would totally suck

  • 242LakerFan

    All this does is give Mitch an idea of the kind of offer he needs to make to LO. He does’t need to do more than come close to any other offer amd Candyman stays right here at home.

  • jonathan

    Spurs, with Duncan, Jefferson, parker, and manu all under contract? ok…

  • lainok

    we’ll be fine. both of our guys are coming back. I don’t know about shannon. but trev and candyman will be back. their tickets to the parade next year will be no good if they don’t come back.

  • Chris Brown

    From LA Times…

    Brown, 23, made $796,000 last season, well below the NBA average of $5.6 million. “Shannon would love to be back with the Lakers,” Bartelstein said. “He had a positive experience, a great experience with the Lakers. He loved being there. We’ll talk to Mitch and see how things unfold.”

    At least Brown is committed to staying. I feel bad for the dude. He got low-balled the first few years in the league. Remember, he was in the same draft class as Farmer and drafted before Farmer. I say $2-3m/yr is reasonable.

  • what will be

    Odom leaving would clear up dough to resign Brown. If Odom resigns cool, but if no that’s ok. I don’t care for his outside shot…

  • http://facebook.com k

    if we lost lamar the laker team would not be the same. there is no replacement for him.

  • Drew

    If This Is True

    Do A Sign And Trade To The Sun For Stoudemire

  • babak

    holy crap, imagine Tony Parker, Manu, Richard Jefferson, Lamar, and Tim Duncan. sorry lakers fans but theres no way the lakers can beat that unless they sign Kidd, and Artest. Man i hope Lamar stays, i know he won’t go to the Suns. We hate the Suns.

  • 7r@cy

    All Mitch have to do is offer LO a $8.5-9 million per year for 4 or 5 years with a no trade clause. He’d be crazy not to take that.

  • RJ

    odom is not leavinf

  • Joe Mama

    That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. The Suns? The Spurs? Did the L.A. Times literally invent that shit? Neither of those teams could even DREAM of getting under the cap to sign Odom. Why would the Suns trade Shaq, go into full rebuilding mode and then sign a 30 year old role player for $10M a year? The Spurs just traded away all of their valuable trading pieces to get Jefferson. Who the hell would they trade to make $10M worth of cap room? Tony Parker?

  • lakeshowdawg

    This is good… Odom makes 14 million a year now, so this would be a 4 million dollar pay cut if he stays with the Lakers, which would be free for Ariza who makes 3 million and is looking for an 8 – 9 million dollar contract. Basically the Lakers would need to free up another million or 2 to get Ariza and stay somewhat where they were last year. Still over the cap, but not outrageously.

  • WifelovesLuke

    ” what will be
    Jul 1st, 2009 at 7:17 am
    Odom leaving would clear up dough to resign Brown. If Odom resigns cool, but if no that’s ok. I don’t care for his outside shot…”

    So you didn’t like the 3 point shots he dropped on Orlando in game 5? You sir, are a sad little man. Letting LO go to keep Brown? Again, just sad. When you acquire even a shred of basketball IQ, come out of your mom’s basement. Man, ignorance must be bliss in your little world.

  • what will be

    [Comment ID #77783 Will Be Quoted Here]

    hahaha. Nice try. I have said all along let LO go and bring in Artest, and if you do that you could sign Ariza as well as Brown. I also have said it’s going to be tough to sign both Ariza and Odom, but they still might. If Odom goes the Lakers could have room to sign Artest, Brown, and Ariza. I have also said I would let Odom go if you could sign Kidd and Artest… If you would rather have Odom over those three… Well you know the saying If you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all so I’ll leave it at that in regards to you…


    I want Odom back as much as the next guy but you guys gotta remember the regular season when he would basically show up 1 out of every 5 game. No offense to the true fans, but it seems like you guys started watching Lakers only when the playoffs began and that’s why you guys want Odom back, because of a good playoff run. The truth is, he’s not as committed during the season and isn’t really focused in my opinion. I would want him to stay but that doesn’t mean give him a huge contract. Maybe a 4 year, 5 year if he’s lucky. And no more than 8-9 mil since that would be pushing it. You guys also gotta keep in mind about his age. He might start getting injury prone later on, or even in this coming season.

    Trevor on the other hand, play with full energy and hustle all season long and pushed even harder for the playoffs. He will probably end up with a 7-8 mil contract.

    The GM and CFO have to asked thenselves this: are these the players that they will be building a dynasty with, or will the core be interchangeable for more/better role players to play alone Kobe/Pau.

  • what will be

    [Comment ID #77788 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Bingo!!! You nailed the nail right on the head. If it means losing Ariza, see ya odom…

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #77772 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Easier said than done. Lakers are on a tight budget (already over the luxury tax) and Ariza needs to be resigned.

  • RJ


  • Minorkle

    I don’t care
    How many agents they sent
    Morning came and morning went
    Pick up your money
    And pack up your tent
    They ain’t goin’ nowhere

  • ricky

    In my opinion, if the Lakers want to continue their winning ways, they will need to resign Lamar, Trevor and Shannon.

    Lamar: 4 years, $8-10 million
    Trevor: 6 years, $6-8 million
    Shannon: 2 years $2-3 million

  • lakers4life.

    i like that pay cut lamar is willing to take..isnt he gonna be making the same amount?

  • louis kim

    to Fluke ,
    1 out of every 5 games? are you kidding me?… did you see LO when Bynum went down?. check his game logs…and even if you are calling out the fairweather fans that say he only showed up in the playoffs. Isnt that what we truly need anyway? what says that we dont make the playoffs next year? we always make the playoffs…i wouldn’t care less if he didnt show up for any of the 82 season games as long as he shows up where it truly counts… you sir did not hit the nail on the head

  • http://www.whoisepik.com Mr.E

    thet 6 game road trip….only loss in Cleveland’s home court(up till then) you guys remember how Lamar went out of his mind awesome in that game?? Cavs didn’t know what was
    going on….

  • Dub_G

    haha i agree with you, he did not hit the nail on the head, oh another thing you muhfukcas call yourselves laker fans, youre more like cock riders only riding on a players cock when they do good, like odom you guys didnt like him before but now that we won the championship youre all up on his jock, and sasha youre saying trade him now but the year before when he was hitting all his shots you were riding his cock too, as for me im a true laker fan i dont care if theyre not doing all that great, we didnt need machine to hit the shots for us im just happy to be a 15 championship banner hanging laker fan

  • what will be

    [Comment ID #77854 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Man get it straight, it’s not about being a Lakers fan or whatever the hell you’re trying to say… The point is are you willing to Keep Odom if it means losing Ariza and S. Brown, I’m not…and I don’t think PJ is either… Didn’t Ariza leap frog over Odom as a starter…It seems PJ wasn’t too high on LO’s game either…It’s going to be even tougher to win it back to back next season teams are going to be going fierce at the Lakers, Boston, the Cavs etc. Odom is a great player and all but the team is going to have to have the mind set of warriors, and Odom just isn’t that… Artest, Ariza, are…and the Lakers big 3 are Kobe, Pau, and Bynum, all the rest are role players…

  • lakerferlife7

    you didnt watch lamar in the playoffs what will be