Lakers Examiner: What a difference two weeks makes. On Saturday, April 24, the Los Angeles Lakers were embarrassed by the Oklahoma City Thunder, 110-89 in game four of their first round playoff series.

The ensuing banter was apocalyptic: “The Lakers are done!” “They just don’t have the heart!” “Kobe’s not himself, he doesn’t have it anymore!”

Fast forward to last night, May 10, when the Lakers dominated the Utah Jazz, 111-96, to complete the second round sweep and solidify their sixth straight victory. The Lakers clicked on all cylinders against the Jazz (Ron Artest bombing threes…and actually making them for a change), using their size and length advantage to its fullest.

The ensuing banter has shifted dramatically: “The Lakers are just more talented than anyone else!” “Kobe’s got the magic back…best player in the league!” “I don’t see anyone who can beat this team!”

Don’t get me wrong, I had some of those same thoughts while watching the Lakers’ nearly flawless performance against the Jazz, and the word “sweep” even came into my mind when I thought about the upcoming series with the Phoenix Suns.

But then I put down the Kool-Aid and snapped out of it. If you asked any Laker fan who they would NOT want to see in the Western Conference Finals, it was probably the San Antonio Spurs. Something about that team, a veteran, well-coached machine with winning playoff experience, just gives the Lakers a hard time.

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  • ohBreeeezy

    my prediction is Lakers in game 5

  • Laker4 Life

    The suns are a great team, but the lakers are just too talented with the twin towers plus kobe, artest, fisher and odom, lakers are unstoppable. Especially, the way they are playing right now says it all. This could be a short series if the Lakers dominate the paint like they did against Utah and defend the three. Lakers will make it to the finals for the 3rd straight year and they either will play celtics or magic because the cavs are done.

  • JFK-analysis-at-TLN

    So reading this was a waste of time. Basketball is about match-ups.. It’s just that simple. The VERY OLD Spurs were not not going to beat the suns- the spurs have not played too good all year…
    As for the LA vs Suns series.. I would not be surprised if we swept this team- if they win two games i will be surprised. Our bench is the only concern.

    Too Big, Too Good, Too Focused, Too Talented.
    Plus KOBE is in revenge mode.. Too bad for the Suns

    • Joselio Nimasaja Anicar Tado says:

      kobe is in revenge with the suns, lakers need to watch out though cuz orlando has revenge on them

  • trippleocho

    I agree with these guys^^^. We have too much for the Suns and the only concern is the bench, and like JFK said Kobe is in revenge mode. Ain’t no way in hell is Kobe gonna allow the Suns to win this series.

  • justdogm1

    maybe the whole team should take those GAY PHOTOS !! sure made kobe step it up.

  • lakerman1

    I want to hear the excuses about Lebron’s play last. I did not once see the look of concern in his eyes it was like he was just going through the motions. If that is not a sign he wants out of cleveland then i do not know what is. Anyway Kobe our true warrior will wreak havoc on those who call themselves Suns. ( and deep down inside i am glad to see the Cavs go down ).

  • ochoX3

    Suns in 6.

    • lakerman1

      The world is full of dreamers

    • KaPau

      It’s good to dram sometimes, you have been lucky enough to have home court, but now you are the lower seed, there’s no way in hell Kobe and the gang will let the suns win a game in LA, plus LA knows how to win in Phoenix something the Suns haven’t done yet this year or last.

  • Scott Forrest

    Lakers 4-1.

    It all comes down to Bynum this series.He needs to put up 20pts./10-12 rebs per game.

    • Joselio Nimasaja Anicar Tado says:

      i doubt bynum will get many minutes since phoenix is too fast for him, they can put him in 4 short periods of time to break down the suns defense though

      sasha should get some minutes since hes faster than artest

  • JOSH IN DA 310

    Sun17 you are fucking piece of shit just like your City and team. Get the fuck out of here you little bitch and go be a pest to your own little piece of shit Suns website. You wish you could be in L.A and cheer for a championship team and how many championships does phoenix have by the way?? Get outta here you bitch before you get raped. In the words of “Iron” Mike Tyson: “I’ll Fuck you till you love me bitch!”

  • GameTimeLA

    Revenge should be in all of the lakers who where there when the Suns kicked our butts in 7 games years back…. Hey, atleast i am…. hahahahahaha
    I knew this day would come


    • Joselio Nimasaja Anicar Tado says:

      thats only like half of the lakers
      (that team that lost had smush and kwame, good too see them gone)

  • http://lakersnation showtime4eva
    • http://lakersnation showtime4eva

      • http://lakersnation showtime4eva

        i’ve always had the back’s of purple and gold.remember when the celtics used to come to town and magic and the lakers overcame that team.the pistons tried,we won!shaq and kobe,,did’nt let us this group has a chance to make it’s own chapter in our great history! go lakers!! let’s get that ring again! an i don’t care who we play for it.

  • kwame4mvp

    Fairly confident Lakers will own in 5 games.

  • BE_A_LakerFan

    I can’t wait for this series. I’m not worried about Los Suns! I still hate them from years back. I’m tired of all these commentators and experts saying how great the Suns are. Respect the Champs!

    Go Lakers!

  • Betto

    It’s funny how every nba sports analyst either on Tnt or Espn and the internet sports media (since I don’t read the papers) says that if Bynum doesn’t have good games in this series, the Lakers might lose. We all know that Bynum only had 2 good games at Staples in that series and the Jazz still got swept. The only advantage I see for the Suns like the Utah Jazz, is on pg. About the “ask any Laker fan about who we didn’t wanted to see was San Antonio”.. Are you serious? #7 San Antonio? Wow and LoL
    The team we didn’t wanted to match with was the #2 in the west, The Dallas Mavericks, not only were they playing well after those trades they made but they had the best road record in the league. Lakers not only match well with the Suns like the Jazz but we have height advantage, I say either sweep or Lakers in 5.
    Oh and can someone here on TLN take off that Nation poll, Lakers vs Jazz predictions? Everyone already know that the Lakers swept them, it’s so like in the past..

  • keepon_keepinon18

    The Spurs team the Lakers weren’t wanting to meet in the Conference Finals wasn’t the one the Suns just swept. That must be the first realization. Second, meeting the Spurs in the Conference Finals wasn’t supposed to be a bad thing. It also wasn’t supposed to be a good thing. The Lakers were supposed to be challenged in that series, not lose.

    The Suns seem to be playing welling but having beat a weak, overachieving Blazers team and a tired, old Spurs team. It seems to me like the Lakers (as long as they play as they need to) will be in a whole other league for the Suns to face.

  • willmo

    lakers in 5. too much height, too much kobe and you live by the 3 you die by it. lakers vs celtics in the finals.