Here’s a small blurb from East Valley Tribune about the Suns thinking of inviting Mihm to their Summer games in Las Vegas:

East Valley Tribune: … the Suns also might invite free agent center Chris Mihm to Las Vegas, but only for a workout session in front of the coaching staff.

Mihm, who is likely to be seeking more than the veteran’s minimum contract, averaged 10.6 points and 6.3 rebounds in 59 games with the Los Angeles Lakers in 2005-06 but missed all of last season with a right ankle injury that required surgery in November.

  • NY Kobe Fan 8

    take him he sucks

  • lakersforlife77


    this is a joke right…..

    oh wait………

    They’re seriious???

  • Rpoc

    They wouldn’t even play him. He would be a cheerleader.

  • kgmvp

    I´m all good if phx gets him but i would suggest to shop him for a good player rather than he signs with phx and we get nothing.

  • David

    What is with Phoenix anyway?? Every player that we are interested in or have, they’re all over.

  • Ian

    serious! like everytime i look at the news and possible trades, the suns are like right there wanting to get the players we are thinking about. its like they have a tracking device on everything the lakers talk about.

  • AP43real

    Phoenix i’m really starting to see red when i see your team being involved in EVERYTHING L.A. does, I hate that damn team with a passion!!!

  • punkjones

    Fine, let them have him for 30 million and they can do the experiment of finding out if he can still actually play. Bye Chris.