Maybe it’s just us, but are you guys DISSAPOINTED in the Suns? I really wanted them to be taken out in the WCF’s. To bad they are on the verge of being SWEPT out of the post-season; not even a Smush Parker run Lakers’ team had that happen to them.

Good luck and good night Shaq.

  • e-bucher


  • lakerfan81

    Love the picture. As much as I would love for the Lakers to get revenge on the Suns in the WCF, I couldn’t root for the Suns. I don’t like the Spurs (and they are going to be harder to beat) but I really hate the Suns.

  • Lakerfan101

    hahahahah, that picture is so funny!!!!

  • BEC

    Id rather have us play the spurs than the suns. Spurs will better prepare us for a finals matchup with Boston. We need to learn to play with a true defensive team.

  • playdefense

    how dumb are they looking with that shaq trade now? last year the suns were much more competitive in the playoffs with shawn marion.. the only reason they were elminated was because of the suspension of amare. what a dumb trade. good for the lakers tho.. i hate phoenix.

  • gugy

    I think is safe to say Steve Kerr is a moron!

    Shaq is swallowing his words and the rest of the Suns are paying for their Karma.

    F U C K the Suns

    Amare, Nash, D’antoni, Brll and Shaq. Bye bye you will never win a championship with that team

  • west213

    hahahahahahh fat asssss suns…

  • west213

    the fish should be nash…

  • FlowDesignz

    lol i love that pic

  • 007

    I felt the Suns were better with Marion. Yes, it’s true that Shaq gives them an inside presence but Marion gave them a 3-4 second fast break that most teams in the NBA could not contain very well.

  • Los Angels Lakers Blog

    haha, hilarious!!! Great photoshop work… mad props!

  • kobe-drew-pau-l.o.-fish

    another reason whyshaq sucks

  • denver_luvs_kb24

    hey send that pic to the TnT studios…lol


  • nyla

    Love it! haha

  • Ignard

    One question. Didn’t the Lakers make a run at Grant Hill last Summer?

  • Tim

    yeah but grant hill isnt a reason why the suns suck, the reason why is the trade for shaq

  • Ignard

    I’m not saying he’s the reason they’re losing, it’s just funny that he chose to go there instead of here because he thought he’d have a better chance at winning a ring with the Suns.

  • RD

    and the saddest thing about this is that shaqs contract is ridiculous! when he’s getting paid that much, playing the way he is, being 100 years old, it looks like the suns wont be able to make any drastic improvements to their team during the offseason. well, boo whoo! too bad for them! lol. go lakers!

  • gugy

    Shaq trade to the Suns was the worst trade in history of the NBA.

    Patt Riley as a Laker for life figure out a way to s c r e w with the Suns for many years to come and at the same time help his team the Heat. He is a genius and Steve Kerr a moron!

    Shaq will not win another ring and the Suns will never win a championship with Nsah and Co.

  • KONG!

    Great pic!

    Looks like the Big Cactus took a bite of the Big Tuna!

    You suck shaq for even thinking that you would win another championship.

    You’ve always been carried by great shooting guards but now you don’t have one and your flaws are exposed!

    Just do the suns a favor and retire or give back some of that $$$ that you haven’t earned

  • Sako

    What are you guys talking about, Snaquille O’Meal is a baller… SNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAQ!!!!!!!!!

  • west213

    he was a baller……now his a ballsack…..