I would’ve liked to see him in a pre-season game. Atleast gotten an idea what to expect from him if he did ever sign with the Lakers.

Crienglish.com: A senior official with the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team has confirmed that Chinese player Sun Yue will not appear on the NBA teams line up in the coming season, website cn.yahoo.com reported.

Mitch Kupchak, general manager of the Lakers, said on Sunday that no contract with Sun has been signed, he will remain in his current team, Beijing Aoshen, for at least one more year.

Sun was picked by the Lakers in this June’s draft.

Kupchak said the club will keep a close eye on Sun’ s performance in China’s domestic league over the coming months, this observation will play a crucial part in the club’s final decision over Sun’s transfer.

  • daboss1848

    Can someone clarify the rules re: draft picks picks. I thought if they are signed to play in pre-season and are cut, then the team loses its rights to the player; whereas, if the player remains overseas, he remains property of the team for several years.

  • lakerfan81

    daboss that is correct. I believe if a player signs a contract and comes to camp then he either has to be on the team (though he can still play in the D league) or he has to be cut in which case he becomes a FA.


    all i know is that i’m not losing sleep over a second round draft pick who doesn’t want to sign. most late first rounders never contribute anyway!!!

  • http://cokespill.com/english/band/jonny.html joninjapan

    we keep his draft rights for at least a year… as long as we keep him overseas we own his draft rights. . its most likely that he’ll join us next year or the year after

    and it was nothing about him not wanting to join us, he’s simply not ready.. and we dont have room for him at this point

  • foxxy